• Hymarkerts forex broker review

    hymarkets reviewHola mis amigos!

    I truly hope you do not suffer from neophobia, because today we're embarking on a journey into the new.

    We've seen so many programs that amidst all that reading/writing we might have forgotten that there's a new frontier out there. I mean, it's not new, but new to us and to our service: a Forex broker. All we need to do now is jog our memory on everything we know about Forex since HY Markets is about to combine everything we've learned so far.

    HY Markets is actually the trading name of Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Limited. As such, the particular entity of HY Markets is a London-based company (28 Throgmorton Street, London EC2N 2AN, United Kingdom) with international offices in United Arab States and Hong Kong. The Hong Kong part is important, because – as I mentioned before – HY Markets is a division of The Henyep Group which was founded in in 1977 "as a member of the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange Society".

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  • 2-3.biz review

    2-3.bizHola mis amigos!

    In the world of ambiguity and double entendres, you have got to love simplicity. Sometimes it's cool to be normal and I believe 2-3 Percent Limited believes it too.

    With 2-3 Percent Limited you get what you see: 2-3% a day. The only catch is that it's not limited, because there are no restrictions regarding the earnings.

    Obviously, the "limited" part of the company's name refers to the fact that it is a British private limited company (Kensal Road, London W10 5BN) registered on September 25, 2015 under 9794473.

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  • FeonPay review - a few words about FeonPay

    feonpayHola mis amigos!

    As we know, all things come to those who wait. Firstly, you must have missed me and my reviews and here I am. Still don't believe that old saying? Not only have I come back but, since it's been a while, some things have changed. Apparently, nowadays you do not really need money. Did you know that? All you need is love. And feons. Yes, that's right amigos, feons.

    To start with, according to Feon Pay, our today's protagonist, "feon is the payment unit of the Feon Pay payment service [...] used for the allocation of the profit among all users of the system" whose course rate is "mathematically calculated due to further development and cross-currency exchange rates" and "changes every morning except weekends". A completely unique idea, Feon Pay combines the concept of community and crowdfunding with Monopoly. At least that is what comes to my mind when I read about a currency that's not a "real world" currency. But what is truly reminiscent of the real world conditions is that when feons grow all the participants get a chunk of the profit, meaning a share of the profit. As "the first crowd investing payment system", this UK-registered company (7 Water Street, Liverpool L2 0RD, company registered under 09780999 on September 16, 2015) wants to create "the largest payment service which is loyal to customers". Community, loyalty, innovation – this is what Feon Pay seems to be about.

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  • One day from Recyclix life

    Dear readers, please read this news dedicated to Recyclix investors.

    Last week, from September 22 - 25, we welcomed some of our partners who came to visit our head office and some of the production sites to understand more about the recycling process. Now it’s time to tell and show you what a day in Recyclix is like.


    Please meet our staff members who hosted the visit.
    Dmitri Paladi, Founder and CEO
    Mark Kowal, COO and deputy director
    Dmitry Makenyak, CDO
    Kirill Babin, sales office specialist
    Adam Skrzynecki, operations and CTO
    Valentina Dulko, office manager
    Renat Osmanov, logistics manager
    Klaus Heusslein, manager of the German customer department

    Please meet our staff members who hosted the visit.
    Dmitri Paladi, Founder and CEOMark Kowal, COO and deputy directorDmitry Makenyak, CDOKirill Babin, sales office specialistAdam Skrzynecki, operations and CTOValentina Dulko, office managerRenat Osmanov, logistics managerKlaus Heusslein, manager of the German customer department


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Last programs

  • Compound Fund

    November 27, 2015

    Compound Fund

    Status: WAITING

    payouts: variable daily

  • HELIX Capital

    November 13, 2015

    HELIX Capital

    Status: WAITING

    payouts: 0.60% daily; 18.00% monthly; 19.00% monthly; 20.00% monthly; 21.00% monthly

  • 2-3% Daily Limited

    October 26, 2015

    2-3% Daily Limited

    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 2.00% daily (mon-fri); 3.00% daily (mon-fri)

  • Traders Concept

    October 23, 2015

    Traders Concept

    Status: NOT PAYING

    payouts: 102.00 - 110.00% after 1 day; 112.00 - 160.00% after 4 days; 160.00 - 600.00% after 12 days; 400.00 - 3000.00% after 28 days


Program name Payment sent Amount Return of investment (%) Payment system
Poker Automatics 3 hours ago $ 1.00 1 %
AlbionUnion 3 hours ago $ 1.20 1.2 %
2-3% Daily Limited 3 hours ago $ 1.00 2 %
2-3% Daily Limited 2 days ago $ 1.00 2 %
AtrexTrade 2 days ago $ 0.12 0.24 %
Poker Automatics 2 days ago $ 1.00 1 %
2-3% Daily Limited 5 days ago $ 1.00 2 %
AtrexTrade 5 days ago $ 0.26 0.52 %
Poker Automatics 5 days ago $ 1.00 1 %
AlbionUnion 5 days ago $ 1.20 1.2 %
Program name Date Update content
MyTrafficValue 16 November 2015

Dear member, On 16th November we will be performing a partial debt swap on PaidVerts and a full debt swap on MyTrafficValue due to illiquidity caused by several third party causes in the past months. Due to this, cashouts have been rejected and returned to your balance and all balances will be swapp... Read more »

Merchant Shares 05 November 2015

Regarding Facebook Group/David Profile & Neteller Investment having problem while withdraw and reinvest with "there is no any account associated with your investment" As you all are aware of David Thomas facebook profile is inactive, and his post is deleted from facebook group. Some group of bad e... Read more »

Traders Concept 31 October 2015

Dear users, All Neteller, Payza and Skrill requests' deposits are in manual processing now. You will have your deposits in Monday. Please exuse us for delays. Best regards, administrators of traders-concept.com Read more »

Program name ROI
Paidverts 884.78 %
LucreLab 619.40 %
MyTrafficValue 484.63 %
AlbionUnion 342.30 %
InvestFond 270.62 %
Poker Automatics 263.50 %
AtrexTrade 148.10 %
Recyclix 73.88 %
Merchant Shares 55.48 %
2-3% Daily Limited 52.00 %
Program name Reason
UInvest scam
MLMCredit scam
USD.BIZ scam
Betting Place scam
Bargains Alliance scam
Prime Riches scam
Cryptoconomist scam
Twoy Pro scam
DigAdz scam
Ogden Organization scam
Program name Date Sent by Status
Poker Automatics 3 weeks ago scottfree pending
AtrexTrade 3 months ago cdaley2011 pending
AdClickXpress 2 years ago NadineS closed
GulfInvClub 3 years ago archurst pending
InstaBank 3 years ago TJAlex pending
Secure-Inv 3 years ago Jmservicesllc98 pending
BIOFunds 3 years ago Jmservicesllc98 pending
Malaysian INC 3 years ago TJAlex unsolved
InstaBank 3 years ago coolsam98 unsolved
AdClickXpress 3 years ago wbrightfl pending

Current Top Programs

  • Paidverts

    1. Paidverts

    • Monitored: 2 years
    • ROI: 884.78%
    • Last payment: 2 weeks
    currency currency currency currency currency currency
  • LucreLab

    2. LucreLab

    • Monitored: 9 months
    • ROI: 619.40%
    • Last payment: 4 months
    currency currency currency
  • MyTrafficValue

    3. MyTrafficValue

    • Monitored: 3 years
    • ROI: 484.63%
    • Last payment: 2 weeks
    currency currency currency currency currency

Random Articles

  • HYIP which stands for High Yield Investment Program is just what it sounds like, a program offering a high yield investment. HYIP's are offering probably the most profitable investments available today, much more than any bank or investment fund.

  • It depends entirely on how much you invest (obviously the more you invest, the more you make), and the daily percentage of the program (higher daily percentage = more money daily).

  • Autosurfs - are a similar type of site to hyips, but in order to make the ROI on your deposits, you must "surf" a pre-determined number of websites to receive you daily ROI (about 5 to 50 daily).

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