• USD.biz review

    Hola mis amigos!

    With the summer solstice there comes a beautiful change in people's attitude towards life. Have you notice that? A certain sense of adventure, a certain optimism and mellowness, if you will, appears that remains within till, let's be honest, August.

    But for the time being, everybody's chill. Which is why I think it's the best season to introduce USD Business Limited. Not because it's in any way pessimistic, but because it's one of the most complex websites I've seen in a while. And for that you need the sense of adventure and mellowness at the same time.


    To start with, USD Business Limited is, in their own words, "involved in a wide-range of the business fields that are very close to the venture capital industry". The company has been operating since 2010, but was officially registered on the 11th May 2015 under number 9585111 (the document can be found here: https://usd.biz/docs/CERTIFICATE_OF_INCORPORATION.pdf).

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  • Recyclix interview

    Dear readers!

    Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Recyclix (Aliaksandr Suranovas - president of the company)

    Money-Monitor: I just need to address this right off the bat: I believe that you're our first interviewer residing in Poland. Does it surprise you in any way? Or do you meet a lot of people who are "in the business" in Poland?


    Recyclix: Poland indeed isn't as popular as other countries in the online business world, but it's mainly because we don't usually see a real working business linked with the online revenue share model that works as it should. It is a surprise by itself to be providing such services as we do and we are proud to put the words "Made in Poland" next to our project.


    Money-Monitor: My surprise at the Polish location also stems from the fact that investment products in Poland are quite restricted as far as all the regulations go and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority makes sure that you obey the rules. What legal measures have you undertaken as Recyclix?


    Recyclix: The important thing here is the difference between the investment products and actual waste trade and recycling. The way we market Recyclix is to highlight the economic advantages and benefits of plastic recycling. There were several approaches to the legal side of our business including "Waste CFD's", but to avoid the complexity and licensing as an investment or brokerage firm we have decided to move on with a simple buy-and-sell concept, which can operate completely legitimately as a limited liability company that we are.


    Money-Monitor: And how did you end up with a company that deals with recycling? Are you a huge Al Gore fan or something?

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  • Recyclix review

    Hola mis amigos!

    I feel that throughout the years we've been together we have truly seen it all: investing in windmills, pirate coins, gold, silver, oil, wine, or restaurants. But still I feel that I was not ready for this: investing in waste.

    Yes, you heard me correctly. Waste. As in: garbage such as, for example, low-density polyethylene or polypropylene. If you are a Mean Girls aficionado, as I am, the term "plastics" obviously has just one connotation and it's, let's just say it, awesome. However, Recyclix, today's protagonist, "has been collaborating with the main suppliers that sell recycled plastic and manufacturing companies that stock on plastic waste for a long time so they will help you obtain large quantities of raw materials on a continuous basis from trustworthy and low-risk sources". So, I guess there is yet another usage for the term, right?

    According to the gods of the Internet, Recyclix, previously known as Franeks, is a Polish-Latvian limited liability company which operates within the business of revenue sharing. The domain itself was bought on February 09, 2015 and expires within a year. The website has been secured with COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server certificate valid until May 18, 2016. Let's just go to the signing up since, and I truly mean it, it is the simplest and quickest registration process I have even seen. Just enter your e-mail and password and you're all set. Honestly, that's it.

    You will be welcomed with pretty pictures and some basic explanations, such as "to start you need to make a DEPOSIT and buy waste, then wait until processing is over, and sell it to make profits". What's more, you do not even need to deposit your money right away, because you get $20 bonus "to become familiar with the system" with which you can "try to buy the waste and recycle it".

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  • Cryptoconomist interview

    Dear readers!

    Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Cryptoconomist:


    Money-Monitor: First of all, let me congratulate you on an awesome website. How long did it take you to create it?

    Cryptoconomist: Hello Dear Money-Monitor and our Members,
    I am really glad to answer your questions for the interview.
    I will try to provide exhaustive information about our Program and our Team.
    My name is Eller Otte, I am 31 years old,  with our team we have a great experience in such area as results you can see Cryptoconomist Limited Company. And Yes, I am main Administrator and CEO of  Cryptoconomist Limited Company.
    We have been working very hard to provide profitable strategy for long term operation. So, we have prepared a really good Company who still operate for a more than 320 days online. 


    Money-Monitor: I just have to ask: why Cryptoconomist? How did you come up with this name?

    Cryptoconomist: The main objective of Our  team is to get the highest profits possible from trading on the foreign exchange (Forex) and Cryptocurrency exchange markets. So, our basic activity is Cryptocurrency market, so that’s why we were called our Company in such way. 


    Money-Monitor: Speaking of the origins, what made you think of entering such a line of business?

    Cryptoconomist: We have had a great experience in such area since 2009 year, for my team it’s a good opportunity to show their professionalism and provide excellent services to investors for a long time. 

    Money-Monitor: It has to be said that online money making has gone through some critical changes. What do you make of the current hyip situation? Do you still believe in this business?

    Cryptoconomist: We are still operating as usual and yes, we haven’t any idea to stop our work.
    So I think we can say that, I still believe that all this time when it is hovering at great levels should be good time to invest for long term perspective. We all know that we have a great company and our experience will help us for our long term portfolio. Have patience and invest in a profitable ways as long as possible. 

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Last programs

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    August 24, 2015


    Status: WAITING

    payouts: variable hourly

  • Bargains Alliance

    August 21, 2015

    Bargains Alliance

    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 1.70% daily (mon-fri); 2.10% daily (mon-fri); 2.50% daily (mon-fri)

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    July 05, 2015

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    June 30, 2015

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Program name Payment sent Amount Return of investment (%) Payment system
Paidverts 6 hours ago $ 10.00 2 %
MyTrafficValue 6 hours ago $ 2.20 2.2 %
Poker Automatics 6 hours ago $ 1.00 1 %
USD.BIZ 22 hours ago $ 2.20 4.4 %
Poker Automatics 22 hours ago $ 1.00 1 %
Bargains Alliance 22 hours ago $ 0.75 1.5 %
Poker Automatics 2 days ago $ 1.00 1 %
FreeBitcoin 2 days ago $ 0.03 0.06 %
AlbionUnion 2 days ago $ 1.20 1.2 %
AtrexTrade 2 days ago $ 0.60 1.2 %
Program name Date Update content
USD.BIZ 22 August 2015

We welcome all who have chosen USD Business Limited as a reliable financial partner and a stable source of passive cash flow. We thank you for your choice and during last two months of our online activity we made every effort to ensure your daily profits and instant payments in full. To date, our co... Read more »

LucreLab 18 August 2015

Hi! Behind us, the first and last swap. This is not a typical swap. You can choose whether you want to LC or Shares. I would recommend shares. Earnings from our businesses are not sufficient to cover of calculations. We do not need money, we need time! All users below 4 groups were given LC automati... Read more »

USD.BIZ 14 August 2015

there are almost two month have passed since USD Business Limited offers favorable conditions for investors. Using all the possibilities of forming a successful and profitable business, long experience of searching and funding of successful startups and projects, we try to propose the best condition... Read more »

Program name ROI
Paidverts 880.78 %
LucreLab 613.40 %
MyTrafficValue 473.63 %
AdClickXpress 397.26 %
AlbionUnion 303.30 %
InvestFond 227.42 %
USD.BIZ 209.60 %
Poker Automatics 201.50 %
AtrexTrade 116.12 %
Recyclix 73.88 %
Program name Date Sent by Status
AdClickXpress 2 years ago NadineS closed
GulfInvClub 2 years ago archurst pending
InstaBank 2 years ago TJAlex pending
Secure-Inv 2 years ago Jmservicesllc98 pending
BIOFunds 2 years ago Jmservicesllc98 pending
Malaysian INC 3 years ago TJAlex unsolved
InstaBank 3 years ago coolsam98 unsolved
AdClickXpress 3 years ago wbrightfl pending
EuroTradeInvest 3 years ago oresta solved
EuroTradeInvest 3 years ago oresta solved

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