• PerfectAdSolution review

    Hola mis amigos!

    There is nothing I enjoy more than coming back from holidays and finding out that not much has changed.

    Do you get those anxiety attacks while being away from home? That your house collapsed, your dog is now a werewolf and – worst of all – your line of work does not exist anymore? Plus, if you're in our line of work, there's always the possibility that some payment system decided to come out and proudly admit that it was all a freud or that some sort of agency decided that some currency is illegal. You know how it goes, amigos, right? Imagine my joy when I realized that things have remained pretty much the same and that websites such as PerfectAdSolution are still being launched every day. I mean, that's no wonder – people have always loved earning money just by surfing the Internet and watching ads.


    Thus, it won't come as a surprise that PerfectAdSolution is one of those programs that let your be a part of their revenue (revenue sharing called Perfect RevShare) and employs a matrix system (Perfect Matrix). However, before you do anything, you need to, let's say, buy in, to use the terminology usually reserved for casino patrons. Here, you have a monthly membership fee of $3. How do you become a member? It's not complicated: they require your first and last name along with your e-mail. The terms and conditions are also equally standard. You do not need to worry since the website is secured with Comodo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server certificate valid until May 14, 2015. What you might worry about is your eyes since there are just so many different things happening on the website. And some of them keep on moving. While the page is definitely not cutting edge, it works fine. I would, however, change the way the program is explained in "How it works" from the link that sends you to another website filled with nothing but .png format and some rather elaborate graph-like depictions since it feels a bit lazy, but maybe that's just me.


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  • Payza offer credit cards withdrawals

    We know you’ve been waiting for this feature, well now it’s here!

    Payza members in select countries can now withdraw funds from their Payza balances directly to their Visa credit and Visa debit cards. The Withdraw Funds by Credit Card feature has been fully restored and is available for Payza members in most countries no matter the account type. Check Payza’s Local Payment Options page to ensure that credit card withdrawals are available in your country.

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  • LAXO TRADE: 100th day online

    Today we have a little jubilee - exactly 100 days since we are online. It is a relatively short period, and in it we managed to become one of the leading online investment programs. We could not have achieved that without you support and, for that, we sincerely give you our thanks! For that special occasion we have decided on a small promotional bonus: all deposits today and tomorrow will receive a 10% bonus.

    The bonus will be added manually. We estimate that it will not take more then 12 hours to apply the bonus. After that, it shall be normally available on your balance and ready for withdrawal. This offer will be available until the end of Monday, which is to say until Tuesday the 29th at 00:00 hours. Consider that we are in the GMT time zone. We hope this bonus will provide some initiative for our inactive members, as well as ones that want to reinvest. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We would be happy to hear from you. Thank you for your trust.

    Link to the program

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  • Newsletter: ResortFinance, PaidVerts adds, Uinvest Compensation Fund

    Resort FinanceHola mis amigos!

    Lots to do, lots to tell. It has been of juxtapositions: silent and noisy, uneventful and difficult. As life is, I guess.

    Since there are three new programs, some important updates and lots of problems to discuss, let's just dive right into today's portion of money-monitor selected information.



    Since Paidverts has been having problems with DDoS attacks, it's been hard for you or for me to discuss the website in detail. This MyTrafficValue-related program is "an advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers". What does it mean? The program lets you earn by copying text about the ads and visiting the website for 30 seconds.

    First of all, despite suffering some sort of paralysis, the program's Facebook page was being updated rather regularly, for instance yesterday we were constantly informed in regards to the site's condition, so to speak. The admin let the users know when the page was down or up, or "finishing up the maintenance for the best security. Bare (sic!) with us. I will let you know once the site is up". Having ways of letting people know what's going on has always been something I consider important – Paidverts here is also on WhatsApp – even if Paidverts wants us to get naked with them, instead of being patient with them…

    The domain was set up May 30, 2013 an expires in 2015. Unfortunately no SSL certificate has been implemented yet. Money earned may vary from day to day, but what stays the same is the non-returnable amount of money you need to start investing, namely $1.00. There is no maximum or minimum to withdraw. As I mentioned in the very beginning, the website shares some common ground with MTV – it was "constructed via crowd funding from MyTrafficValue" – so it's only natural that they also share the same server, hence the DDoS problems as well.

    As far as the user-type activities go, registering is a piece of cake, but you do need to "enter an accurate date of birth" since it's the "primary security question". What you need to remember is that you cannot view different ads at the same time, you need to pay attention to just one – true in Paidverts, true in marriage… Paidverts accepts payments via PayPal, Payza, EgoPay, STP, PM, Western Union or bank wire. Another important snippet of information is that cash-outs may take up to 7days. Patience is your friend, here, amigos.

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Last programs

  • Solar Income

    September 19, 2014

    Solar Income

    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 116.00 - 200.00% after 4 days; 103.00 - 110.00% after 1 day; 142.00 - 600.00% after 8 days; 220.00 - 1600.00% after 16 days

  • CryptoArbs

    September 19, 2014


    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 3.80% daily; 4.80% daily; 5.80% daily; 6.80% daily


    September 18, 2014


    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 3.20 - 3.60% daily; 550.00 - 800.00% after 55 days

  • invest-bank.biz

    September 12, 2014


    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 0.80% daily (mon-fri); 1.30% daily (mon-fri); 1.50% daily (mon-fri); 1.70% daily (mon-fri); 2.20% daily (mon-fri)


Program name Payment sent Amount Return of investment (%) Payment system
EU5.com 5 hours ago $ 1.30 2.6 %
CryptoArbs 5 hours ago $ 1.90 3.8 %
Solar Income 9 hours ago $ 1.50 3 %
FreeBitcoin 11 hours ago $ 0.14 0.28 %
EASTOIL LTD 12 hours ago $ 4.80 9.6 %
Laxo Trade 12 hours ago $ 1.60 3.2 %
Best Stock 12 hours ago $ 2.75 5.5 %
RemiTrade 12 hours ago $ 1.92 1.92 %
invest-bank.biz 12 hours ago $ 0.65 1.3 %
CryptoArbs 12 hours ago $ 1.90 3.8 %
Program name Date Update content
AlbionUnion 17 September 2014

Due the fact that AlbionUnion.com is licensed financial company, the current legislation obliges us to provide our customers the highest security authentication standards on client-server side. We are proud to inform all our customers, that we have just implemented the highest security authenticati... Read more »

ALTTRADE 10 September 2014

AltTrade has been operating and providing daily returns since May 2014. We are happy to announce a new deposit scheme and restructuring of investor returns. Blackcoin is now an acceptable deposit method and can be used just the same as Perfect Money, EgoPay and Bitcoin. All deposits are calculate... Read more »

PerfectAdSolution 29 August 2014

It's time to introduce the changes we've informed you about yesterday. RevShare will feature now 2 plans and we'll have 2 types of Membership: === Shares === $5.00 - Earns 3% a day(1 payment per day) for a total of 120%. 80% of it goes into Cash balance and 40% of it goes into Matrix balance. $25... Read more »

Program name ROI
Paidverts 606.64 %
UInvest 452.49 %
MyTrafficValue 386.83 %
EU5.com 257.20 %
Laxo Trade 226.20 %
Best Stock 210.80 %
Nano Industry Inv 194.20 %
RemiTrade 186.05 %
AlbionUnion 159.70 %
InvestFond 79.32 %
Program name Reason
Cryptory scam
Pirate Skull scam
Expo Inv scam
ResortFinance scam
PiratPocket scam
PunkInvest scam
IamFantomas scam
Komitet30 scam
BTChardMine scam
Chiganka scam
Program name Date Sent by Status
AdClickXpress 8 months ago NadineS closed
GulfInvClub 10 months ago archurst pending
InstaBank 2 years ago TJAlex pending
Secure-Inv 2 years ago Jmservicesllc98 pending
BIOFunds 2 years ago Jmservicesllc98 pending
Malaysian INC 2 years ago TJAlex unsolved
InstaBank 2 years ago coolsam98 unsolved
AdClickXpress 2 years ago wbrightfl pending
EuroTradeInvest 2 years ago oresta solved
EuroTradeInvest 2 years ago oresta solved

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    • ROI: 386.83%
    • Last payment: 2 weeks
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