• One day from Recyclix life

    Dear readers, please read this news dedicated to Recyclix investors.

    Last week, from September 22 - 25, we welcomed some of our partners who came to visit our head office and some of the production sites to understand more about the recycling process. Now it’s time to tell and show you what a day in Recyclix is like.


    Please meet our staff members who hosted the visit.
    Dmitri Paladi, Founder and CEO
    Mark Kowal, COO and deputy director
    Dmitry Makenyak, CDO
    Kirill Babin, sales office specialist
    Adam Skrzynecki, operations and CTO
    Valentina Dulko, office manager
    Renat Osmanov, logistics manager
    Klaus Heusslein, manager of the German customer department

    Please meet our staff members who hosted the visit.
    Dmitri Paladi, Founder and CEOMark Kowal, COO and deputy directorDmitry Makenyak, CDOKirill Babin, sales office specialistAdam Skrzynecki, operations and CTOValentina Dulko, office managerRenat Osmanov, logistics managerKlaus Heusslein, manager of the German customer department


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  • Bargains Alliance hacked by GoldCoders?

    This is the information which we got from Bargains Alliance. What do you think about that?

    We are really sorry for all looses. We would never scam so early. Here is what happened. As we own script from Gold Coders, we decided to make some customization of script. During this customization, Gold Coders asked us to provide them password for FTP access. This was first moment when we provided these details to somebody.

    After few weeks somebody (Gold Coders) from IP with mozilla browser loged into FTP area and uploaded there two .php files (/profile.php and /asmon.php). Trought this the Gold Coders probably used our API details to withdraw money from our payment processors. So at the end we lost all what the members invested (around 8.000 USD).

    By this we would like to announce you that Gold Coders are not honest company. We suggest you to do not use their script, because you will get scamed.

    Anyway, few days before we told www.davidnews.com that we have this problem. David offered to us the unique banner 800*400 which probably can fix our cashflow. As we wanted to continue and believe that it would fix our cashflow we bought this advert. Anyway nobody came from www.davidnews.com during 1 week so we must disable withdrawals. After we asked www.davidnews.com to pay money from advert at the less to the members who get huge lost in our project.

    It would be honest from David Vonte, but he did not use this money this way. This was our second project and in both these project we got scamed by Gold Coders. We know that there are more project that god scamed like this (ArbitGo/RichPower etc.). And its true. Believe or not, but these project realy got scamed by Gold Coders. Regards Miroslav Podhorsky Owner of Bargans Alliance Inc.

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  • USD.biz review

    Hola mis amigos!

    With the summer solstice there comes a beautiful change in people's attitude towards life. Have you notice that? A certain sense of adventure, a certain optimism and mellowness, if you will, appears that remains within till, let's be honest, August.

    But for the time being, everybody's chill. Which is why I think it's the best season to introduce USD Business Limited. Not because it's in any way pessimistic, but because it's one of the most complex websites I've seen in a while. And for that you need the sense of adventure and mellowness at the same time.


    To start with, USD Business Limited is, in their own words, "involved in a wide-range of the business fields that are very close to the venture capital industry". The company has been operating since 2010, but was officially registered on the 11th May 2015 under number 9585111 (the document can be found here: https://usd.biz/docs/CERTIFICATE_OF_INCORPORATION.pdf).

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  • Recyclix interview

    Dear readers!

    Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Recyclix (Aliaksandr Suranovas - president of the company)

    Money-Monitor: I just need to address this right off the bat: I believe that you're our first interviewer residing in Poland. Does it surprise you in any way? Or do you meet a lot of people who are "in the business" in Poland?


    Recyclix: Poland indeed isn't as popular as other countries in the online business world, but it's mainly because we don't usually see a real working business linked with the online revenue share model that works as it should. It is a surprise by itself to be providing such services as we do and we are proud to put the words "Made in Poland" next to our project.


    Money-Monitor: My surprise at the Polish location also stems from the fact that investment products in Poland are quite restricted as far as all the regulations go and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority makes sure that you obey the rules. What legal measures have you undertaken as Recyclix?


    Recyclix: The important thing here is the difference between the investment products and actual waste trade and recycling. The way we market Recyclix is to highlight the economic advantages and benefits of plastic recycling. There were several approaches to the legal side of our business including "Waste CFD's", but to avoid the complexity and licensing as an investment or brokerage firm we have decided to move on with a simple buy-and-sell concept, which can operate completely legitimately as a limited liability company that we are.


    Money-Monitor: And how did you end up with a company that deals with recycling? Are you a huge Al Gore fan or something?

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Last programs

  • ADPackInv

    September 27, 2015


    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 155.00% hourly

  • EMarkets FX

    September 24, 2015

    EMarkets FX

    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 1.00% daily (mon-fri); 7.00% weekly

  • MLMCredit

    September 18, 2015


    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 1.00% daily; 1.50% daily; 2.00% daily

  • Betting Place

    September 08, 2015

    Betting Place

    Status: PROBLEM

    payouts: 2.00 - 20.00% after 1 day; 9.00 - 110.00% after 3 days; 35.00 - 350.00% after 7 days; 90.00 - 950.00% after 15 days; 330.00 - 2300.00% after 30 days


Program name Payment sent Amount Return of investment (%) Payment system
AlbionUnion 6 hours ago $ 1.20 1.2 %
EMarkets FX 7 hours ago $ 1.00 2 %
AtrexTrade 7 hours ago $ 0.54 1.08 %
Poker Automatics 7 hours ago $ 1.00 1 %
Poker Automatics 2 days ago $ 1.00 1 %
AlbionUnion 3 days ago $ 1.20 1.2 %
AtrexTrade 3 days ago $ 0.28 0.56 %
EMarkets FX 3 days ago $ 0.50 1 %
MLMCredit 3 days ago $ 1.00 2 %
Poker Automatics 4 days ago $ 1.00 1 %
Program name Date Update content
Poker Automatics 06 October 2015

Congratulations! Poker Automatics is an officially registered company! Poker Automatics is an officially registered company since 2015. The company is officially registered in Belize. All certificates and documents verifying lawfulness of business are available at the website. The name of the compa... Read more »

ADPackInv 02 October 2015

Hello My Beloved members, I am informing you that now BTC processor is also available and next one we are working is Skrill. For your information there will be couple of processors: Right now we have PM and BTC Next one: Skrill, Neteller, SolidTrustPay, Payeer, and also Payza. We will be wor... Read more »

InvestFond 29 September 2015

We are pleased to inform you that payment system LiteCoin was sucesfully added in the list of available methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. You are welcome to use this amazing payment system! Read more »

Program name ROI
Paidverts 883.98 %
LucreLab 619.40 %
MyTrafficValue 480.23 %
AdClickXpress 397.26 %
AlbionUnion 321.90 %
InvestFond 249.02 %
Poker Automatics 227.50 %
AtrexTrade 131.20 %
Recyclix 73.88 %
Merchant Shares 33.88 %
Program name Date Sent by Status
AtrexTrade 2 weeks ago cdaley2011 pending
AdClickXpress 2 years ago NadineS closed
GulfInvClub 2 years ago archurst pending
InstaBank 3 years ago TJAlex pending
Secure-Inv 3 years ago Jmservicesllc98 pending
BIOFunds 3 years ago Jmservicesllc98 pending
Malaysian INC 3 years ago TJAlex unsolved
InstaBank 3 years ago coolsam98 unsolved
AdClickXpress 3 years ago wbrightfl pending
EuroTradeInvest 3 years ago oresta solved

Current Top Programs

  • Paidverts

    1. Paidverts

    • Monitored: 2 years
    • ROI: 883.98%
    • Last payment: 2 weeks
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  • LucreLab

    2. LucreLab

    • Monitored: 7 months
    • ROI: 619.40%
    • Last payment: 2 months
    currency currency currency
  • MyTrafficValue

    3. MyTrafficValue

    • Monitored: 3 years
    • ROI: 480.23%
    • Last payment: 2 weeks
    currency currency currency currency currency

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