Current amount: $1000


- this amount is reserved on our private wallet. We update this amount every time when our sources are updated. This fund is controlled and managed 100% by money-monitor TEAM.

- We cover the losses of investors who are our referrals on the first level. Our referral link (clear cookies (alt+ctrl+del) in your browser before using our referral link). You should see this message during registration (at bottom): 

Your Upline: mmonitor

- If you are an investor already but you don't have an upline or if you want to change it please contact with us.

- Only deposits placed on a daily plan will be secured (Sport Broadcasts) and only from initial deposits (no reinvestments).

- After the successful registration in our structure and after spending your deposit please contact with us and declare:

1) your deposit amount and date of your deposit

2) investment plan

3) your username in the program

4) your contact (e-mail and/or skype)

5) Your BTC wallet (to cover eventual losses)

If we confirm your data your deposits are secured!

- We count only these deposits which are made after joining to our SECURITY FUND.

- We will use this money only if Bizzilion receive a NOT PAYING status at money-monitor and in such case this fund will be distributed to our 1 level referrals only (via bitcoin payment system) in proportion to the achieved losses (we will contact with you and ask about your BTC wallet).

- The source of this fund: money from ads, money from referral commissions.

We can't guarantee that your loss will be covered 100%, but it happened many times in the past.

Money-Monitor online status: Bizzilion status

Any questions? Contact us!
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