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best hyip 2012As is our tradition, each year we select programs, payment processors, exchangers, forums and blogs that made a positive impression on us and, what is as much important, our very vocal users. It is not something we, Money-Monitor, take lightly and many factors are always taken into consideration before any decision is made.

Last year was truly turbulent: we have seen the birth and demise of many promising programs, we have witnessed a plethora of changes amongst the well-liked and respected payment processors, we have investigated the workings of the most popular exchangers, and have browsed and perused through an abundance of forums and blogs. Without further ado, we present to you the Winners of 2012 Money-Monitor’s Annual Awards!




A long-time number one on our list, a sage amongst the youngsters, UInvest has been active for a long time: with a domain registered in 2008 and a three-year listing on, it’s no wonder we go to UInvest when we need a long-term relationship. And so far UInvest has not disappointed us: with 322% ROI and a reliable system of payments, it’s hard not to invest in this online marriage. Becoming a UInvestor is more than simply choosing one plan and hoping it will be “the one” – since you can actually choose a real life business in which you invest, it is actually an ongoing business decision that involves constant research and forethought. Just like a true marriage.

And just like in a good marriage, we have no complaints about the support (an online chat, ticket system, phone support), the way it’s administered (weekly management chats ensure you’re up to date), the payouts (more often than not conducted efficiently and in a timely manner) or the way it is evolving (e.g. the GUN project, which stands for Global UInvest Network, the first Online Global Equity Exchange worldwide). We sure wanted to express all that feelings in person and it’s a real pity the promised conference did not come to life, but we hope that there’s always next year (new conference is planned on April 29-May 1, 2013) and that we’ll get to celebrate UInvest’s fifth anniversary together. Just like a real married couple should.





Life is rarely ideal, so when considering which payment processor was the best performing one in 2012, we had to ponder all the possible vulnerabilities. After many discussions, debates and fights, the award was finally given to Liberty Reserve. The category itself is rather controversial since it’s the payment processor that usually gets all of us most frustrated and impatient. Waiting for money is never easy, especially when the payouts seem so close, and yet so out of reach... However, we decided that 10 years without major drama is enough to earn one’s trust, and that’s the most important factor when it comes to entrusting your money to someone.

Change is good, but sometimes it’s best to follow the wisdom of “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and that’s what Liberty Reserve is all about: the stability of servers, high convertibility, low fees, almost ubiquitous acceptance by HYIP programs, anonymity and straightforwardness as far as signing up is concerned is what truly matters. Still, there’s a difference between stability and stagnation, which Liberty Reserve should take notice of and improve its crucial weaknesses: support, security, lack of transparency, unfulfilled promises of debit cards and a somewhat outdated system and website. It may not be all broken, but fixing it would be a true improvement.




“Tried and tested” should be’s motto. Or maybe “Tried, tested and improved”? When it comes to the five-year-old Lilion Transfer, it couldn’t have gone unnoticed that last year proved almost life-changing. Innovative and up-to-date, Lilion Transfer now offers not only the regular exchange of commonly known electronic currencies, but also such newbies as BitCoin or Facebook “likes”. With bank accounts in 63 countries, its own Monetto payment system and Anonima prepaid card, Lilion Transfer seems to have knocked the competition out of the contest. The support is getting better and better and, to top it all off, Money-Monitor has thoroughly verified Lilion Transfer’s offer. “Tried, tested, improved and recommended”?




In today’s youth-oriented culture, awarding “oldies” seems nearly rebellious. But it’s not out of pure defiance that one of the longest running online money making forums has been awarded this year. Call it loyalty, call it ageism, but with almost 500,000 registered users is an Internet heritage site. Despite its age, the forum and the moderators remain polite and friendly to all users, regardless of the seniority, and the page is still perceived as a virtual encyclopedia for all investors, fresh or wise.




Just when you thought you have figured out our way of reasoning, we award a relative newbie! has not been around long, with a domain registered 1,5 year ago, but we have already grown fond of its tenacity and spunk. The author, in their own words “an active HYIP player” of 7 years, is definitely not afraid of speaking their mind and is a direct opposition to anything relating to the term “sycophant”. When you want some attitude, honesty and uncompromising opinions, you go to According to the author, the blog is supposed to stir up some trouble by “bringing up exciting discussions and letting people think through interesting and sometimes provocative articles”. Consider this a mission accomplished!


We would like to congratulate all the winners and all the unaware runners-up. To quote the ever so quotable Frank Sinatra, “it was a very good year”. Let us hope the next one will be even better!


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