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Yes, that’s right, another week’s gone. Sometimes it seems to me that I may serve to you as a remainder of the time passed. It’s making me sad, amigos. So, let’s stay positive and imagine that I say this to you in a creepily happy voice: “Another week’s gone! Yeah!”. No, still sad. But, hey, at least Christmas is getting closer and closer. Are they playing “Last Christmas” at your malls and shops already? They should, in my humble opinion.

Other than getting older – hurray for that – not much has happened financially speaking. I think that I’ve taught you that’s it’s a good think over at No major disasters, no news flash about scams – that should make us extremely happy, amigos. Unfortunately, not everything is pink and sparkly today, but let’s not think about it before we really have to. First of all, let me introduce three new programs: Global On Fast (problem status), High Earn Investment and Supreme Riches (problem status). See? Even the names sound optimistic. But, to be completely honest, they always do in this business.



The problem with new programs is that – believe it or not! – they are new. I know, I know, it must have come as a surprise to you, but that’s the truth and somebody had to say it. What I mean by that – and I actually do have a point there – is that it’s just hard to write about something that barely started existing. Probably with the exception of cute puppies and kittens, but let’s not kid ourselves, what we can say about them usually consists of annoying sounds and faces and sentences like, “Oh, look how cute they are!”. Basically, that’s no Schopenhauer, right? Anyway, when it comes to two of our newest additions we have not even registered any payments so far, so it’s even more confusing to write about them. Still, Global On Fast, which page is currently unavailable making it even harder to review, is a company focused on “long-term and high-yield online projects all over the world”. From what we gathered, they offer plans that begin with $10 of non-returnable principal, they accept Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, but, really, that’s all I can tell you right now since is giving me some sort of message in Russian, which roughly translated amounts to “ domain name has been successfully registered and is ready for use”. Honestly. What I do know is that the server of this “successfully registered” website is located in Ukraine, which seems to be a more and more popular choice these days. If you are looking for some variety in your life, though, another program, namely High Earn Investment, is registered in Turkey and the server is located in the States. What’s different about HEI is that we get to learn the name and some other basic information about the program’s creator, which is a rarity of unspoken proportions in this business. Although the website needs some major work done (and some nice editing as well), it’s rather user-friendly and seems to be decently organized. As one may learn from the “Plans” section, High Earn Investment offers ten daily plans, which vary between 1 and 10% interest and $1-5000 investment. The downside is that they accept Liberty Reserve only, but the upside is that the principal is returnable. However, one should take into consideration the fact that the website is not protected in any way, which is disturbing since they ask you for your full name and address upon registration. What’s also disturbing is the fact that HEI shares its IP number with a significant number of different online money making businesses...

Our most impressive newcomer so far, Supreme Riches, has been online for less than a month: the domain was created on 3 November 2012 and a PositiveSSL certificate by COMODO was bought on 14 November 2012. If you want to become a part of Supreme Riches member base, it’s truly straightforward. You need either a Solid Trust Pay, EgoPay, Liberty Reserve, or Perfect Money account, and you’re basically good to go. SR offers not one, not two, not three, but six investment plans altogether. You can either earn 130% after 1 day, 75% daily for 2 days, 330% after 5 days, 750% after 10 days, 1600% after 20 days or 3400% after 30 days. It takes at least $10 to invest, this principal is “included in your account and it is not returned” and there is no compounding available. To add to this, you can invest up to $50000 and withdraw as little as one dollar, which process should not take more than 24 hours. When it comes to the website itself, there’s also not much to say, really. It’s functional, but that’s basically it. But at least it’s working, right, amigos?

Naturally, all of the aforementioned programs offer commissions for referrals: 4% in Global On Fast’s case, 5% in Supreme Riches, and as much as 15% as far as High Earn Investment is concerned. Interested?



UInvest has recently implemented a new Pre-Market Option, which should “allow VIP users to see all projects seven days earlier” than the regular investors. That’s a good idea considering the fact that some of the projects got sold out before we even got to write about them. One of the newest UInvest’s deal, a two-year Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing Project is now available: a share costs $2700 with monthly earnings estimated at $470. In other UInvest news, if you are an avid traveler, there’s a new contest for you which “gives you a chance to win an unforgettable trip to Panama with a week-long stay at a 4-star hotel Royal Decameron Golf Beach Resort & Villas”. “Decameron” is a rather strange choice for a hotel’s name, but it still sounds promising...



Strong Investment has introduced a new feature available for the members – they can now exchange their e-currencies “without any daily limitation”. This service is supposed to be “instant and [have] effect on your balance”.

A new option has been added to members area, you can exchange your e-currencies together without any daily limitation, service is instant and has effect on your balance. The ground rules allow for an exchange when you have “at least $100 in source e-currency balance”, the minimum is set at $50, exchanging Solid Trust Pay to Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money is going to cost you a 40% fee while exchanging Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money “together” is free of charge. To add to this, you can expect “20% reward” when you exchange Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money to Solid Trust Pay.



Felmina Alliance now allows for depositing and withdrawing money using Solid Trust Pay. Also, in case you were wondering, since Felmina “observes” official US and Panama official holidays, Thanksgiving is therefore included in the holiday plan and that is why no interest will be paid on this day.


Now comes the time for your weekly portion of bad news, amigos. I’m sorry about that, but you know as well as I do that it’s not my fault, right?


PROBLEMATIC PROGRAMS has officially become a PROBLEM to all of us. The payment have gotten extremely selective, which was kind of foreseeable since the newly implemented plan of theirs was suddenly amazingly profitable. At the moment, we’re still getting paid, but a lot of people have been waiting and waiting and waiting... All in all, it does not sound good, amigos. The website is still online but one may venture a guess that it’s just a matter of time.

Rise Capital is not fooling anybody anymore and has definitely stopped paying. Dollarinside, on the other hand, seems to love fooling around since one may find fake monitor statuses on its website while the truth is that the payments stopped. Not cool, guys.


To finish on a positive note, amigos, we survived another week! How amazing is that?


Yours truly,



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