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Resort FinanceHola mis amigos!

Lots to do, lots to tell. It has been of juxtapositions: silent and noisy, uneventful and difficult. As life is, I guess.

Since there are three new programs, some important updates and lots of problems to discuss, let's just dive right into today's portion of money-monitor selected information.



Since Paidverts has been having problems with DDoS attacks, it's been hard for you or for me to discuss the website in detail. This MyTrafficValue-related program is "an advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers". What does it mean? The program lets you earn by copying text about the ads and visiting the website for 30 seconds.

First of all, despite suffering some sort of paralysis, the program's Facebook page was being updated rather regularly, for instance yesterday we were constantly informed in regards to the site's condition, so to speak. The admin let the users know when the page was down or up, or "finishing up the maintenance for the best security. Bare (sic!) with us. I will let you know once the site is up". Having ways of letting people know what's going on has always been something I consider important – Paidverts here is also on WhatsApp – even if Paidverts wants us to get naked with them, instead of being patient with them…

The domain was set up May 30, 2013 an expires in 2015. Unfortunately no SSL certificate has been implemented yet. Money earned may vary from day to day, but what stays the same is the non-returnable amount of money you need to start investing, namely $1.00. There is no maximum or minimum to withdraw. As I mentioned in the very beginning, the website shares some common ground with MTV – it was "constructed via crowd funding from MyTrafficValue" – so it's only natural that they also share the same server, hence the DDoS problems as well.

As far as the user-type activities go, registering is a piece of cake, but you do need to "enter an accurate date of birth" since it's the "primary security question". What you need to remember is that you cannot view different ads at the same time, you need to pay attention to just one – true in Paidverts, true in marriage… Paidverts accepts payments via PayPal, Payza, EgoPay, STP, PM, Western Union or bank wire. Another important snippet of information is that cash-outs may take up to 7days. Patience is your friend, here, amigos.


ResortFinance is a completely different kind of program, "an investment construction company registered in the State of Delaware, USA". With a name like that and dealing with "the construction commercial and residential real estate held for rental at seacoasts, as well as buying ready-made solutions for tourists all over the world", it seems an almost vacation-like proposition to invest, right? According to ResortFinance's rather comprehensive "About Us" section, "in 2014, the company issued shares in the amount of 500 000 units". All the documentation regarding the company's legal status is posted on the website as well. The domain was registered on January 21, 2014 and expires within three years.

GeoTrust's RapidSSL certificate was implemented on May 11, 2014 and will take care of the page for a year. ResortFinance's well-executed FAQ section provides us with further information: RF has been around for 3 years, it accepts Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OkPay and Payeer, the minimum deposit equals "the price of one share at the purchase moment" (which means $20) and there is no maximum; however, "investments above USD 50,000 must be cleared with company management". Withdrawals start at $1 and are handled manually, so you may wait for them from 48 hours to 3 working days.

The question is, how do you earn money with ResortFinance? RF looks for property solutions and invests your money in the "property, purchase of vehicles and equipment for outdoor activities". Also, RF also seeks "business opportunities in the developing world resort belts". With such locations as Thailand, India, Brazil, Italy, Egypt, Turkey and the US, RF gives you a full range of interesting options with profits from dividends ranging from 0.70%-3.50% per day. Just like Paidverts, RF takes advantage of Facebook, but you can also Skype with RF or check out its youtube channel.



Last but not least we have Autorich Investments, but I'll make this one quick since AI's website apparently needs some TLC – due to certain script problems the website is being fixed this week. Accordingly, money-monitor is obliged to give the newcomer the ON HOLD status and watch carefully for what happens next.

Here's what you need to know about Autorich Investments: it's a company registered in Belize with a domain registered on April 24, 2014 and expires within a year, registering is easy although you'll need to set up such puzzling security questions as "What is the first name of your oldest nephew/niece?", you can use EgoPay, PM or OKPay to fund your wallet and you need at least $10 to do so (non-refundable principal), there are 8 plans and they all last 30 days. Interest is accrued monthly and ranges from 0.50% to 2.67%. If you need more information, you'll have to make do with a simple contact form.

All today's protagonists offer some sort of affiliate program: you can get up to 10% with Paidverts, up to 5% with Resort Finance (or up to 7% if you become one of their representatives) and up to 4% with Autorich Investments.




In the recent newsletters Cryptory addresses the issues of security and self-improvement. First of all, as Cryptory reminds its customers, in order to maintain high level of security all users need to take part in Cryptory's two-step verification process. How does it work? Upon accessing their accounts, Cryptory users receive an email with the verification code and pin number necessary to log into one's account. What's more, "the whole process has been Comodo secured", that is the website holds Comodo RSA Extended Validation Secure Server certificate valid until June 1, 2015. Regarding the self-improvement part, Cryptory mentions that they sort of remain in the state of "constant innovation". The latest innovation concerns "optimizing the process via which Cryptory mines Bitcoins". With new algorithms "that outperform even Cryptory's best previous efforts" and that take into account the fact that "a lot of Bitcoin mining wastes effort and is fundamentally inefficient", Cryptory can now "coordinate hashing so the system can move onto finding another active block faster".

Stockpair will be at the Affiliate Conference held in Amsterdam June 24-27. There, you will have the opportunity to meet up with your affiliate manager and discuss such news as the fact that is "now offering its clients a fully licensed and EU regulated online trading brokerage service, utilizing the innovative Stockpair platform", which means that is now a full-fledged regulated financial broker.

Another important issue: on July 2, 2014 became Users should not fret: all login details remain the same, but the design and code have been upgraded, and some new features such as 'Discount System' have been implemented.



Guess who's on the list again, amigos? Yes, UInvest is ON HOLD again because of their newest concussion, namely Compensation Fund whither (yes, I did!) one can transfer their account balance. You're right – that means you're transferring the funds that were problematic to pay out at the very beginning. When you add to this the fact that commission equals 50% and repayments take up to unspecified 3 years… It starts within 6 months, so we'll be patiently waiting for that to happen.

In other news, all PiratCoin-related programs, that is those that accept such payments, are now ON HOLD since it's now impossible to exchange PiratCoins.

HugProfit has stopped paying so the NOT PAYING should not shock anybody, right?


Stay safe, mis amigos!


Yours truly,



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