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TheMoneyGalaxy reviewHola mis amigos!

Remember Star Trek and that whole “final frontier” idea? Did you ever think that someone would apply the same metaphor to an online investment company? Would you ever expect to read “We know how to dominate the skies” in other context that, for instance, on an airplane company’s website?

And how do you feel about the idea of “[living] your life on auto pilot”? I know that it’s supposed to mean “[stitting] back and [relaxing]” but somehow it may also mean being a lifeless puppet that’s incapable of deciding for her/himself. I know, I know, I am not the most glass-is-half-full kind of person...

The inspirational quotes above come from a new website,, home of The Money Galaxy Inc., “a private investment firm legally registered in Delaware”. As you should probably deduce by now, the sky and space references are a part of the whole The Money Galaxy brand. I hope you deduced that, otherwise I’m just worried. About mankind in general, amigos.

The Money Galaxy has been around for some time: the domain was registered on the 28th of June 2011, and the company was officially registered on the 28th of November 2008. What The Money Galaxy aims at is “to get as much earning from Forex, Stock Market and other markets as possible”. So, amigos, sky is literally the limit, it seems. I should probably warn you: there are many space-related references ahead... According to the website, the Delaware-based The Money Galaxy Inc. “invests in all types of financial products, such as bonds, equities, money market instrument and many other investment funds”. The “Masterpiece Financial Strategy” that makes one of the headlines on the page is basically “conserving capital, spreading risk, regular investment and balance portfolio”, the last one meaning that they “make you invest in all types of financial products”. I enjoy diversity as much as the next person, but what I am not a fan of is “making me” do anything. But that’s me, I’m paranoid, obviously.

While it may seem that The Money Galaxy has stepped on my toes somehow, in fact I really, really... Loved And you know how hard it is for me to say that. But, if you read any of my previous reviews, you know that I often complain about companies’ lack of transparency, security, general know-how, poor support system and the apparent lack of taste. Here’s what The Money Galaxy has to offer: an extremely well-thought through page with all the right sections. It’s one of those rare cases where you don’t have to hire a PI to learn who they are. There even is a link to Delaware’s official website where you can look up the Money Galaxy You can learn their full address, how long they have been in business and they even understand that we live in the age of pictures, so you have the photos of Delaware on the website just to make the company seem more real.

We can’t learn the names of people behind the Money Galaxy, but that, unfortunately, seems to be the official policy of online money-making businesses. However, The Money Galaxy does not shy away from someday meeting you face to face: according to the comprehensive FAQ section “in the next couple of months [they] are going to open several offices in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia”, so maybe then The Money Galaxy will become even more open to clients.

What about security, you ask? First of all, again, you don’t even have to look for the information yourself. It’s the first time since, well, I can’t remember when, that I didn’t have to check all the certificates myself. The Money Galaxy put every possible information in the FAQ part of the website. See, Other Programs? It’s not that hard. Anyway, The Money Galaxy “has Global Sign extended certificate” and “is using enterprise DDoS protection of”. Moreover, they implemented a “crypto card” system, which in not-nerd-language means that once you are a member you get an e-mail with a card that “contains a table of codes and numbers which will be used for editing your information”. Also, “[y]ou may [...] use it as log in PIN or for recovering your account information”. Naturally, there is also “the secret question and secret answer” possibility, but I have a rather low opinion of that option, to be honest. Come on, how many people around you know “the name of the street where you grew up”, a.k.a. your first address? Or the place you were born? If you ever watched an episode of some CrimeSomethingTvSeries, you know that most criminal acts are committed by close friends on close friends. Or spouses, who obviously know all that stuff about you. But, again, I’m getting into that paranoid mode, sorry. In case you tend to get paranoid as well, amigos, if you are a TMG member you can “review all your login attempts and login IPs in the ‘History Logs’ section of your account cabinet”.

To become a member of The Money Galaxy you have to fill out a simple form and read the Investor Agreement. As i mentioned, is unbelievably well-prepared, to the point where I actually start to get the “auto pilot” idea. It sometimes seems like they are holding my hand, for example “since [the Investor Agreement] is a legal binding agreement or contract, you must go through the investor agreement carefully before signing up”. They also have a whole “Security Note” article about what to do to ensure the safety and security of your account. Not to mention the “Online Investing” section with all the basic information about, yes, online investing. It’s written in a way that should be highly informative for a newbie, but not that annoying if you are a pro.

Once you are a TMG user (and you can have more than one account), you can invest from $10 to whatever amount you’d like. There are four plans to choose from and my problem with them is that each is featured on a different sub-page, which makes comparing them rather difficult. Also, they are rather pricey: the cheapest one is Milky Way, a plan that lasts 100 business days, and may take from $10 to $2,999 with 2.10% profit a day. If you don’t like Milky Way then you have to invest at least $3,000 in order to go with another plan. The Money Galaxy can be put in the “long-term relationship” category, the plans last from 100-160 business days, which translates to 20-32 weeks, almost like a pregnancy...

All the plans go as following: Milky Way (total return: 231%), Cartwheel (2.5% in 120 business days, $3,000-15,999, total return: 330%), Pinwheel (3.10% in 140 business days, $16,000-59,999, total return: 477.4%), Whirlpool Galaxy (4% in 160 business days, $60,000-100,000,000, total return: 704%). The interest (which can be withdrawn whenever and how many times you want) is paid on business days only, which means that you won’t earn on “weekends and United State's official holidays”. Each plan gives you a 10% investment bonus and the money is in USD/EU. Compounding is always available, but you have to remember that once you set the percent you want, you cannot change it after your investment takes place”. One other important thing is that the principal is not returnable, so make sure you know all your options before investing. Good news is that The Money Galaxy allows Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, OKPAY and Payza, and that’s not even it: “[s]oon [,..] members [will be] able to invest using Web Money, Ukash, Wire Transfer and International Credit Cards”. The number of withdrawals isn’t limited in any way, but for security reasons they are processed manually and “[e]very withdrawal request will be processed within 2-6 hours”.

Since the reading materials on the website are so exhaustive, the support team should not have much do to. However, in case you need anything, there are as many as six, yes SIX, ways to reach The Money Galaxy: e-mail (, via SMS (+1 (307) 696 2702, fax (+1 (302) 397 2021), phone (+1 302 319 2008), live chat and contact form. The timeliness of the answers should be rather satisfiable, the “customer department will answer your e-mails 24 hours a day include weekends and official holidays, but you can contact us through the phone only on business days and business hours”. However, one may question TMG’s time of reaction since the extremely unflattering testimonials that are posted on the website have been there for some time... On the other hand, maybe The Money Galaxy likes criticism? Or they don’t believe in censorship of any kind?

For those who got scared by the minimum investment amount, the affiliate program The Money Galaxy offers has three levels and you can make 1-6% commission from “your referral’s purchase of [...] investment fund into the Money Galaxy account”.

All in all, it seems that The Money Galaxy is a rather interesting new star in the Forex business constellation. Yes, I did it. Anyway, they should be around for some time, after all the domain expires on the 27th of June 2017. Maybe space travel will be less tiresome by then?


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