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If you are looking for the information about the connection between Resonance Capital and such popular programs like Questra and AGAM please read this explanation which we received from Resonance Capital support:

"We are the developers of Questra1 Project (formerly Questra Holdings Inc.), and we have experienced all these stages. The fact is that Mr. Constantine, who is the main organizer of the Questra1, AGAM and Questra World projects, has treated us shamelessly, deceived us at a very big money and removed us from AGAM and Questra World. But we have made Questra1 with our own hands and we have all the necessary experience in conducting large-scale financial projects.

We have established Resonance Capital Group LP in order to create a strong competition to AGAM. The people, following us right now, fully understand what a great prospect they have in the cooperation with Resonance Capital Group LP. We have provided Resonance Capital Group LP with much more powerful technical basis prepared for 1 year. We can assume that previously you haven’t seen the websites, at the development of which there have been used the elements of Angular script. While developing Resonance Capital Group LP, our specialists have used a whole stack of technologies, among which Angular is one of the components. For example, we have a frontend framework by Google (a client-oriented JavaScript framework designed to develop single-page web applications).

vPlease understand us, but we cannot disclose any specific details of our software stack. This is an expensive customized IT solution, and we cannot describe it in detail for our own safety.Our main task by the summer is to make our company’s operation as open and informative as possible. Preparation of the materials confirming the activities of Resonance Capital Group LP is in full swing. We have developed Questra1 smoothly for a year, and you can see the level to which we have raised the company. But we have been abandoned, our services have been refused, therefore, for the new company of Resonance Capital Group LP, we will do our best to make it even better. Thank you for contacting us.

Enjoy your use.

Yours Faithfully,

Resonance Capital Group LPYour Reliable Partner"

We asked AGAM support about two people: 

Ivars Bisenieks (Resonance Capital CEO) and Maris Landsbergis (their office director). We asked if this is true that they are connected with Questra project.

And here is the answer:


They did not deny so. 

So, maybe this is the true. New similar project is coming. And here are their aims:

"We have established Resonance Capital Group LP to develop it smoothly and every month to move to a higher level of business.We also understand that we need to do the following:

1. Get the license for international financial activities;

2. Present the company's only official office and the company’s management;

3. Make open the results of our traders' work;

4. Add at least 8 new language versions (German, Turkish, French, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Vietnamese, Arabic) to the website;

5. Connect new payment services Payeer and Bitcoin for replenishment / withdrawal of funds.Dear Valentin,You should understand that the big business cannot be issued in 1 day or in 1 month or even in 6 months."

We are waiting for more news then! Stay tuned!


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