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Hola mis amigos!

First of all, let me just start by saying that everything's fine. No major dramas. We all hate drama, right?

Another thing we all normally hate is slow Internet and, yes, the elephant in the room, programs going down. But we should start with something positive, I am not a spoilsport. Speaking of sport, are you one of those who count poker as one?



Our newest, and only, hot off the press protagonist is a true gambler. I mean, in a sense, we all are, but the program I'm talking about is called Poker Automatics, so you catch my drift. Yes, the name is self-explanatory: what they are doing is making playing poker automatic. The creators of PA, as I will call it, have been working on their program for at least 8 years, as one may learn from the truly deeply comprehensive "About Poker Automatics" section. Written in a catchy and yet informative way, it tells you all you need to know about the odds, the players, the game and PA's approach. Basically, you earn because robots play, which sounds like fun and like a James Cameron movie at the same time, which at times are the same thing.

While the website might seem daunting at first, because of the abundance of reading materials, numbers, charts and what-not, I encourage potential members to read it thoroughly, because it is a well-prepared portion of need-to-know information on the program and the logic behind it. I must admit that the FAQ sections is mind-blowingly impressive, given the usual standards. The domain had been created back in 2004, was updated just this year in June and will last for another 5 years (June 5th, 2019). It has been secured with EssentialSSL Comodo certificate valid, also, for another 5 years (June 24th, 2019). Unfortunately, despite the strength of the reading materials on, not much can be found on the owners, so there's not much more I can tell you when it comes to the "behind the scenes" data. What we do know is that they welcome questions of any kind: there are 6 different e-mail addresses for supporting the users, you can also use Skype, send them a contact form, contact them via Facebook (, over 6,000 likes and counting), Twitter (, over 1,200 followers), Google+, youtube, or the Russian social networking site, Knowing all that, what does PA actually do?

PA gives you the opportunity to earn depending on the money you invested. As you may have deduced, the profit varies and it's up to 1% a day (which includes some administrative/insurance costs). The more you deposit, the better the percentage turns out to be. What is important is that, according to, "Poker Automatics guarantees a minimum profit on current Deposits in the amount of 0.1% per day under any conditions and technical state of the system". You can start with $30 and there's no maximum amount to spend. The principal is returned to you afterward and you can stay with PA from 30 to 180 days.



EastOil has been celebrating its one-month anniversary and attracting over 9,000 investors. As far as the numbers go, EastOil's 40 regional representatives "from a dozen countries" will give you all the details – all you need to do is contact them via e-mail ( That's also the way to go if you want to join their ranks. In case you come upon any problems, be sure to use EastOil's new phone number, +441628876416, available 9 am to 6 pm (GMT). Another way of contacting EastOil is the online chat that's available in the same hours.

Cryptocurrency and Forex markets received some good news from EgoPay recently: (one of the biggest exchange merchants when it comes to cryptocurrency) and (an "upcoming merchant for the Forex category"). The first is now a permanent part of EgoPay's business, namely you can now deposit to LakeBTC. The fee is 0.25 USD per transaction and 1.5% of the amount deposited. The latter,, might be partnering with EgoPay soon, which is why EgoPay now offers its users a one-time deal: $500 bonus until the 31st of October for creating a new IronFX accounts, depositing over $500 (and getting 60% bonus) and having/creating an EgoPay accounts (bonus $200).

Nano Industry has launched its Power offer: if you make the deposit before October 28, you have the chance to participate in a higher interest rate with maximum set at 4777%. Referrals give you up to 20% and the payouts are instant, and Nano Industry promises to give you back your deposit.

MyTrafficValue now has a new offer that is reserved for the advertisers only: "you can purchase 40 unique visits to your website for just $0.10 or 4000 unique visitors to your website for just $9". This new PaidVert option implies that "users will copy & paste 1 unique selling point about your website before visiting", they will spend at least 15 seconds on your page and confirm the visit via captcha and that each ad campaign can be used once, so you'll get unique users only. If the visits are not delivered in 14 days, you'll be refunded "$0.025/visit (for $0.10 packs) or $0.00225/visit (for $9 packs)".



I've delivered all the good news I possible can. Now let's go to the dentist: Sparbs' website is offline, which is a PROBLEM for us all. Trading Alliance Limited deals with the payouts in a selective way: we have received our money, but not all the users have, which is also a PROBLEM in our book.


Stay safe!


Yours truly,



2015-01-10 17:42:30

Nano Industry - it is or not scam?

2015-01-10 20:58:12

One monitor is showing NOT PAYING, but I don't know the reason. So far we receive our payments but I suggest to watch the situation.

2015-10-05 08:36:45

recyclix is better business to invest the money her.


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