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Hola mis amigos!

It's a magical day today and I think the newsletter will prove that. Amidst the pre-Christmas craziness, the frenzy of shopping and barely surviving the crowds buying all the perfumes and pajamas in the world, we managed to carve a small piece of fairy-tale-like reality in the world of money making.

Today we have pirates, games, and hotels in Italy, amigos. Oh, and some wickedness as well, naturally. It wouldn't be a proper fairy tale without the darkness, right?



I realize it's silly, but I want to utter the phrase "Ahoy Mateys!" so badly right now. Today's first protagonist is Pirate Skull, a program with a website evoking all the imagery usually associated with Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp or Captain Hook, depending on your preference. I'm guessing Captain Hook is closer to the creator of the program, Oleg, since he goes by the name "Capitan Skull". According to the snippets of information on the website, the administrator has been online for 5 years – whatever this means – and has been investing online for 3 years. He was dealing mostly with "bit coin and crypto money (bit coin stocks market)". Then he "sold his old bmw, this January and moved all his energy for money mining! Some C## and he made some stock broker bots for mtgox and btc-e" and now he wants to "work for your money", along with his robot, "growing, pumping and dumping Crypto Markets".

With a one-year domain registered on November 16, 2013, RapidSLL certificate valid from 11/18/13 to 11/22/14 and the simplest registration process ever, Pirate Skull seems to be one of the "what you see is what you get" programs. There are only 5 "small rules" (and if you wanted to check out if the are other "Rules" upon registration I must warn you that the page is currently not working): you can only deposit or withdraw your money via PiratCoin, there are the two aforementioned plans, the minimum investment is set at $0.10 and the maximum is $1,000,000. It's hard to tell you much more, mateys, because the FAQ section consists of 4 questions, and you know my affinity for comprehensive FAQs. However, we managed to find out that payouts shouldn't take more than 24 hours, there's obviously no compounding and the principal is non-returnable. Still, Pirate Skull does have the following offer: "10% affiliate to all your brothers". Do you feel like a pirate already? If you feel like contacting Pirate Skull, you can send them an e-mail ( or a message (


Do you remember the French-Japanese animated series called The Mysterious Cities of Gold? Have you ever wondered about the golden cities? How about golden towns? The new Internet sensation, GoldenTowns, has already acquired over 31200s total accounts and there are typically over 600 active players online every time you refresh the page. What's more, as reports, the website enjoys 24,300 visitors per day. Neither of these pieces of information should be surprising provided that the registration process consists of giving GoldenTowns your username, e-mail and password. According to GoldenTowns's Terms and Conditions, the game's administrator is "ANNO1777 Labs, registered in Suite 15, 1st Floor Oliaji Trade Center, Francis Rachesl Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles" and, actually, not much more can be found regarding the creators or the program on the very page, but tutorials and guides can be found all over the Internet. GoldenTowns' motto, "In Gold We Trust", however, is so funny that you just want to look for more information about the game. Here's what we know: GoldenTowns has been online for about three months and, as you may have guessed already, the game's creators have also developed the well-known Anno1777.

What do we do when we trust in our gold? We play it strategically using our browsers, amigos, and what I mean by that is that your sole purpose is to build your own town with its army and the whole political aspects of that and, what's crucial, mine for the gold. The mining part is the core of the gaming process not only because it's, well, let's face it, fun to mine for gold in any game, but also due to the fact that you can sell and buy the gold to/from other players. Such an exchange can be handled via Payza, PayPal or bitcoin. The rates vary from day to day, there's no maximum amount to invest, but you need at least $10 to start. What goes without saying, the usual options such as a returnable principal or payouts time, do not apply to GoldenTowns. Still, compounding is somewhat present: you can always reinvest the gold you have earned to build a better and bigger town with excellent mines. Consequently, the gold can be earned in a myriad of other ways, e.g. by writing articles for GoldenTowns you may earn 0.1 gold for "any approved article written in English" or "0.05 gold for any article written in your native language". Obviously, you can also use GoldenTowns referral system and earn up to 10% by referring people. It's said that while you need to devote some time and money to GoldenTowns at the very beginning, after a month or so, it takes less effort to earn some money. Beware of setting up two accounts, though – the IP information is monitored closely and violations of the rule may result in a ban.




First of all, UInvest can now be found amongst other companies dealing with crowdfunding. Crowdfunding Directory,, has listed UInvest among other companies in the business. Look for UInvest under "Funding Portals" and "Equity Crowdfunding" – it's there with the following description: "launched back in 2007, UInvest is a Ukrainian company and is one of the early crowdfunding pioneers. They are a global company which helps connect investors with promising start ups that are overseen by highly experienced financial experts. They have head offices in the Ukraine and in Beverly Hills, California".


Secondly, on November 23-24 UInvest's most important people traveled to Novara, a lovely city in the Piedmont region of Italy. As one may read from a recount of the conference, "Novara, Italy, success and inspiration" were the words that best describe the event. The conference was held by the CEO of UInvest, Eugene Rubin, and the management team who joined in to celebrate Italy's "first [...] crowdfunding conference" largely organized by "the most active regional manager Simone di Sabato". The conference was designed to attract and satisfy Italian clients, which is the reasoning behind the decision to include the local UInvest community only. The conference welcomed over 200 guests including Andrea Ballarè, the Mayor of Novara and local entrepreneurs and it started with an introductory speech by Rubin who talked about UInvest's past, present and future, introduced the management team and awarded three of the best players of his team. The second day of the conference consisted mainly of Q&A and has been described as "a live management chat".



Revenue Times introduced two new options to help with websites' popularity: "targeted audience for your business websites" and "personal brand". How will it work? You will now be able to "include 1-6 websites in [RT's] website rotator". From now on, you can also "refer traffic packages to clients as a licensed Revenue Times member" and earn 25% commission. If you're interested in RT's offer, be sure to email

Cryptory is going green having developed new microprocessors, it now also supports the whole idea of "renewable energy in Ireland". As such, it promotes the idea of wind turbines and "100% of the electricity used for Bitcoin mining is generated by wind turbines". To add to this, Cryptory is now also using solar panels, which were installed on the roof of the company's headquarters.



We have three wicked programs in today's fairy-tale: Bally Investments stopped accumulating the profits; ArbPlayer stopped paying and went offline; Pacific Investment Corp stopped paying. You know that it means three PROBLEMS.


Stay well clear of the wickedness, amigos!



Yours truly,





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