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IntraFundsHola mis amigos!

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again: autumn makes people strangely active. In a good and in a bad way. There are three new programs, but there also was a number of, let’s say, mishaps this week.

I’m not going to lie to you, amigos, not everything is pink and pretty in this newsletter, but we have our moments. Here we go:




Attention! Makedreamsolid turned to scam 

Both of our newest additions Rich Deposit and Makedreamsolid are not one of those programs that make you feel like you’re in a marriage. With Makedreamsolid, you can earn within 1-15 days, and if Rich Deposit was to be compared to a relationship, one would (rather crudely but what can I do) call it a one (to ten) night(s) stand: the plans it offers last between 1 and 10 days.

Other than that, the programs aren’t that similar. In fact, it’s hard to compare Makedreamsolid to any other program since it has the most frightening and disturbing website ever conceived. If you have some ugly childhood memories about bullies picking on you, beware: can make you feel like you are right back where you started. The person responsible for the, for want of a better word, cover photo should reconsider his/her choices in general. A scary, desperate looking and miserable guy pointing at you doesn’t feel like “making dream solid”, if that’s even a thing. Dreams aren’t meant to be solid, that’s the inherent characteristic of dreams, but what do I know. Wait. “Make dream solid” is actually about making one dream solid? Or making a dream a solid? The name’s too confusing, so I’ll give it a rest. Rich Deposit’s website, on the other hand, is rather childish in comparison. You have cartoon people smiling at you and looking silly and important at the same time.

The websites apart, Rich Deposit is your typical Forex business, “[i]nvesting in stocks, bonds and currencies”, while Makedreamsolid goes for “[getting] as much earning from Gorgon gas Oil and Stock Market” and being an Australian-based “leader in the Gas and Oil market”.

When it comes to the money, Rich Deposit gives you three plans: Manager, Supervisor and Director, and in order to become a part of either one of them, you need to invest $3-7, which is not a strict rule. Manager is a one-day plan, with 120% return, Supervisor “works” for 5 days and should bring 250% profit and to become a Director you need $7 and 10 days after which you should get 700%. The principal is included in those numbers and no compounding option is available, which is also the case with Makedreamsolid. As I mentioned before, Makedreamsolid offers short-term plans. There are no cute names for them, you can simply invest at least $10 and choose to earn 15%-700%.

Both programs allow only one account per person and the minimum to withdraw is not high: $0.01 for RD and $0.03 for Makedreamsolid. Rich Deposit handles withdrawals manually and a “query will be executed as fast as possible” and “will take from 10 minutes to 16 hours”. Makedreamsolid’s payouts should take up to 12 hours. Both programs accept Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, and Makedreamsolid also accepts Solid Trust pay and Egopay.



Another new addition, Intra Fund, is a rather original HYIP. That’s mostly due to the fact that for once one can add an actual name to a program and the name is Jacob Uvarov. Not much can be found on the owner of Intra Fund, but perhaps it’s a good thing – not being into the whole social media movement makes him even more original these days.

Intra Fund is a well-prepared program with a decent website and an worthwhile affiliate program. Let’s start with the referrals since it’s usually the most dull part of any online investment program, so you’re in for a (money) treat. Intra Funds gives “up to a 8% commission” for those who “[o]ffer our products on your websites and/or newsletters”. You don’t need to do much, they “supply all the tools you need as an Intra Funds Affiliate and handle all the fulfillment details, such as order processing, product shipments, billing, and your compensation”. According to Intra Funds, “[a]ll you have to do is talk to your customers and make money”. Naturally, there is a little catch, in order to get that 8% you have to refer “28 and more” active members. One to nine members “cost” 5%, ten to eighteen 6%, nineteen to twenty-seven 7%. The good thing is that you can “[t]ake advantage of our long cookie duration” and “[i]f a customer comes from your referral link, and then comes back to purchase four months later, you [still] get [the] credit”.

As I said before, is a good web page, one of those that seem to be well-thought through, secure (there is the GeoTrust DV SSL Certificate which is valid until 9/11/2013) and where you can find every piece of information that you may need. That is except the exact location of Intra Funds headquarters but, unfortunately, that seems to be the trend recently. Along with making tracking the domain-related information impossible. All one can learn about Intra Fund is that the domain was created on the 8th of September 2012 (which is quite mysterious since, according to the website, Intra Funds is online since the 1st of September) and it expires within 2 years. I really start wondering whether all HYIP owners are in fact rather paranoid secret agents and, thus, never divulge any personal information. What we do know about Intra Funds’ creator is that he likes money, vide his encouragement that “[t]he more you deposit, the more you and I can benefit from it”. What’s more, sometimes he refers to himself as “I” and sometimes he is a “we”, vide “I have been doing this for years now and successfully lived through the stock market turmoil several years ago. Moreover, we have grown big and confident enough to start safely offering our services to investors and companies all around the globe”. See, amigos? Can’t tell if that’s the case of a split personality or just a big ego, but either way it’s kind of funny. is extremely easy to navigate: there is the “Portfolio” section with all the investment plans, a rather comprehensive “Register” and “FAQ” section (although I did enjoy the fact that there is no answer to the question “Is Intra Funds a HYIP?”), and an informative “How-to-Guide”. Registering is a piece of cake, but they want your full name and there is only once account per person. According to the “Portfolio” part, there are two investment plans to choose from: the Starter Plan and the Advanced Plan. The Starter Planners can invest from $10 to $2499.99 and earn 2% daily for 60 days (“profits are paid to your account balance on a daily basis”). The Advanced Plan is a little more pricey, you have to invest at least $2500.00 (there is no maximum limit) and get 2.5% a day for 90 business days, which should give you the overall 325% total return (including the principal which is, of course, returnable). The compounding option is not available, you cannot cancel the plan before the end of the term; you “may request withdrawal once you have reached $1”, but “[d]ue to the real time earning nature of the Intra Funds system, there can be no refunds for deposits made”. Also, remember that each transaction is “handled separately”. Intra Fund supports Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay, which “are processed instantly” while Ego Pay requests “are processed within 24 [business] hours”.

The following news may seem a little lackluster, but we’ll get to the juicy stuff, I promise.



Just recently, Goldenarium sprung for some better security and “migrated [the] site to better, safer and faster Dedicated Server with better DDoS protection”. More Goldenarium uploads include: adding Solid Trust Pay and making the website available in Chinese. As of now, Goldenarium has English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese versions, along with English, Indonesian, Russian, Hindi, Chinese and Portuguese PDF presentations that can be downoloaded here:



For those who cannot wait for new UInvest projects: good news, they have just added an “Identification Technology” Africa and Europe-based business which has been around for 8 years. The monthly earnings are estimated at $127,575 and what the company actually does is “integrate a fingerprint scanner of 300 micron into the card”. How does it sound?



ProfitClicking wen totally live with the incomes and with the withdrawals. According to the newsletter, as of now all incomes are “current” and, to add to this, “[m]embers can now make daily withdrawals up to $250.00 per transaction from their wallet balance to the processor of choice”. If you get the “pending” status, don’t worry since “[e]ach withdrawal will show as pending until the transfer is complete”. Remember, that you can make only one withdrawal a day – Profitclicking seems to be reminding its members about this little detail in every newsletter. Also bear in mind that “[a]ll processors have an eight percent fee (8%) except Solid Trust Pay which is four percent (4%)” and that “[a]ll fees are deducted from the withdrawal amount”. The next big ProfitClicking change will be the fact that “[w]ithin the next 48 hours” all ad packages purchased prior to the migration from JustBeenPaid will get $0.10.



Liberty Reserve seems to be having a love-hate relationship with programs lately. It wasn’t more than a few weeks ago that newGNi became so annoyed with LR’s policy of blocking accounts that it decided to terminate all LR transactions. Now, due to the deluge of e-mails and request, and because “there are no new reports of blocked or hacked accounts”, newGNi decided to take Libery Reserve back for now. newGNi seems to really listen to the users since it is now also allowed to make internal exchanges “via [the] Currency Exchanger from PexPay and EGOPAY to the other accepted payment processors”.

Unofrtunately, a lot has happened when it comes to the programs with issues.



It’s been three weeks with the HighlineFinance drama: this time the program has problems with accruing profits. Let’s hope it’s the last time we have to mention HighlineFinance in this particular column. I mean: other kids may also want some attention, right?

The bad news is that IMTrust stopped paying and both and Goldenarium got our attention due to some fake votes. Development Atlantic has the PENDING status on withdrawals. While some users have already got their first ProfitClicking payout, we’re still waiting. Good news: FixedMonthlyIncome is back online!


There is still hope, mis amigos. Let’s stick to it!


Yours truly,



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