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Hola mis amigos!

If your mind is all agile, you haven't eaten too much butter in your life, and – the most important thing – you read our newsletter carefully and regularly, Funds Trade Club should not be a new name to you.

Introduced on over a month ago, FTC now holds the 19th place on our list with the so-far solid PAYING status. What else do we know about Funds Trade Club?

To start with, the name is quite cool, right? It evokes all the pleasant imagery of games and merry-go-rounds and fairy tales. To add to this, Funds Trade Club actually lives up to its name, at least website-wise. With a colorful and easy to navigate page, FTC makes quite the statement in the HYIP world. Dealing with the full spectrum of online money making, FTC takes interest in investing in online businesses, the Forex market, online "physical businesses", oil and stock, to mention some. Naturally, Funds Trade Club is not only about having fun, the team consisting of "a group of professionals with a couple of years of experience in various business segments and sectors - both online and offline ventures [that came] together to provide you with a real investment venture".

I know, I know, it sounds pretty generic. What we do learn about the creator is that his name is "Mr. James Ci" and… Oh, yes, that's it. A whois search doesn't help much since all you get is a "PrivacyGuardian" information regarding the owner of the domain. What we do find out is that the domain was created on September 9, 2013 and should remain valid for another 3 years. As far as the dates go, the website is, of course, secured with EssentialSSL certificate issued by Comodo on September 11, 2013, but which expires soon, on December 11, 2013.


Now that we know a bit more about Funds Trade Club, let's dive into their investment offer. You can join FTC quickly enough, since it takes no more than a couple of minutes: all they need is your full name, username, e-mail, address, and other standard information. You can sign up using your EgoPay, OKPay or Perfect Money "financial account info". At least that's according to the "Open your Account" section since the apparently outdated FAQ section suggests that you should use your Liberty Reserve or AlertPay account. To begin your Funds Trade Club adventure you need at least $10 and you can spend as much as $100,000.00, depending on the plan chosen. You can go for Plans 1 through 4 or choose the Christmas Plan ($200-$3000).

Profits vary between 0.64% a day to 1.2% a day for the regular plans or you can get 300% after three months. The principal will be returned to you "at the end of the maturity period specified by certain investment plan" – which is 260 days for Plans 1 ($10-$499, daily profit 0.64%), 2 ($500-$4,999, daily profit 0.78%), 3 ($5,000-$49,999, daily profit 1%), and 4 ($50,000-$100,000, daily profit 1.2%) – and you can't withdraw it beforehand. Withdrawals start at $0.01 and if you want to put your hands on your available balance, "you should make a withdrawal request after 3 business day from your deposit". Consequently, the request you have made "will be processed within 24 hours" since the process is handled manually. In case you're not into the plans, you can always go for the affiliate program which pays 3% for the referrals.

Despite not having the most open attitude when it comes to sharing some information about the company, Funds Trade Club is rather easy to contact: you can chat with them or leave them a message online if the chat's unavailable, you can use Google + or Facebook, or send them a ticket using a very standard contact form.

It seems that Funds Trade Club is also about to launch a Facebook, Twitter and Youtube page, but for now they are not yet linked to the main site. Or maybe they're just playing with me, amigos? After all, Funds Trade Club seems to really put the "fun" in the "funds", right?


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