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Hola mis amigos!

Things have been rather slow recently. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, you will never hear me complain about having more free time, this I can promise you.

Another promise that I can make today is that in the following newsletter, you will find two new programs and some rather important news. Ready?



Founded in 2009 "with a paid-up capital of USD 5 million" and domain created in 2012 (valid until June 2014), Winment seems to be one of those companies that are all about being regular. Why would I say that? Well, taking into consideration their website – which is a solid effort, but nothing that would blow anybody's mind – and the fact that the page is secured only partially, I would say that they do not care for major revolutions. As I mentioned, the website is decent, easy to browse and setting up an account takes seconds, but you will not remember it for long.

As for the security, when you add "https" manually, the site turns out to be secured with Global Sign validation (valid to January 28, 2019), but it does not seem to be the default option. What does Winment do exactly? According to the "About" section, "Winment is a company specializing in the field of asset management and investment services". Unfortunately, not much else is known about the company.

You can transfer your money via Perfect Money, EgoPay, Capital Sure or Payeer and start investing at $10. Thanks to the well-researched FAQ section, one may find out that there is no maximum amount that you can invest, and that Winment's system is "fully automated [...] so your deposit amount will appear on your balance instantly". There are four plans to choose from: Trial, Standard, Advanced and Exclusive. You can earn 4%, 4.5%, 5.5% or 7% daily respectively. All plans last 40 business days, the principal is non-refundable and there is no compounding available. If you have questions, Winment only answers the basic contact form, apparently.


Second newest addition, Forex Structure is not as mysterious: they reside in London (3 SHORTLANDS, LONDON, W6 8DA, to be precise), you can send them an e-mail (, use their contact form or check out their freshly set-up Facebook page ( Although created just recently (the domain was created on February 6, 2014 and is valid only for a year), the website itself is rather impressive: cool design, but simple and user-friendly. Forex Structure is, naturally, in the Forex trading business. You can use Perfect Money, EgoPay, Payeer or bitcoin to fund your FS wallet, and everything starts at $1: that's the minimum deposit and the minimum withdrawal amount at the same time. Registering looks incredibly easy and fun at the same time. FS also offers four plans: Basic ($10-$499), Advanced ($500-$2499), Professional ($2500-$14999) and Royal ($15000-$50000). All plans last 100 days and you can earn 2-2.8% daily. Compounding is available and the principal "is included in daily profits". Payouts are handled within 24 hours.

Both programs have affiliate programs and pay up to 5% for referrals.



Finmutual was unusually active as far as the newsletters go: we received three messages just last week. The reason? At first, advertising its Facebook page ( and other forms of the support system, such as Skype ( and the ticket system. Also, addressing the interest in "statistics relating to FinMutual", FM shared some of the information, namely "which processors are being used the most" – it turns out that Perfect Money is the winner in this category (31%) with SolidTrustPay in the second place (29% of active investors).

Another important piece of data that is in demand is "the amount of active investors FM currently has" – it was 6318 on March 10. Other commonly asked questions must remain unanswered since "many of them would require some database access [...] that FM does not want to allow for security purposes". After the regular newsletter has arrived, we received more e-mails regarding the "unexpected downtime" which happened due to "a network switch which failed at the datacenter and had to be replaced". At the moment, everything seems to be working smoothly again.



AlbionUnion announced that the minimum withdrawal amounts for PerfectMoney and EgoPay has been reduced from $5 to $1.

Next week UInvest is planning to launch "a new lucrative option that was added to the Affiliate Program". In the future, "referral links to the platform will be provided to any affiliate who wants to join the program" and a certain percent "from each purchase made by internet users [...] will be provided to the affiliate". Also, UInvest launched the second stage of the "7 Badminton Sport and Spa Club" 2-year project that "manages the development of badminton sport facilities in Thailand". According to UInvest, monthly earnings are expected to reach $16 and ROI is estimated at 12%. One obligation costs $200.



As of now, Cryptory is ON HOLD, because the login panel was not working for a while. We'll change it to PAYING as soon as the payouts appear again.

MutualWealth, however, recently halted by SAC, is beyond any hope with an offline website, which makes the program NOT PAYING in our book.


Stay safe, amigos!


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