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Hola mis amigos!

Finally! It’s time to rest, relax and do nothing, amigos! We have waited and waited ever since Christmas and we have survived. I’d like to congratulate you and me for making it through the worst, gloomy and snowy days and nights when the final escape to the Caribbean doesn’t seem that silly. Let’s dive into the news, amigos, before we start our lovely time of overeating.



The only one with a WAITING status so far, Forex Invest was founded in 2006 and supposedly “provides provides everyone interested with a professional Forex asset management and enlarges the number of satisfied customers throughout the world“. The domain was created just recently, on March 20, and it expires within a year. Despite the young age, the page is secured with GlobalSign SLL Server Certificate issued on March 27 and valid until 10/13/2016. You can have only one account, but – to balance it, I guess – you may use STP, EgoPay, PM or LR to transfer money.

The minimum to invest is set rather high, at $20, and you can choose between three plans: EUR/USD 2-2.5% daily for 10 business days. GBP/USD 2.5-3% daily for 20 business days or AUD/USD 3-3.5% for 30 business days. All plans offer the compounding option and the principal is returnable. Fortunately, you don’t need much to withdraw as it starts at $0.1 and payouts take up to 24 hours but, according to the Q&A section, “[f]unds are usually available within 12 hours”.

nVesta is a little older, with the domain being created on February 11 this year (which expires within a year) and perhaps that is the reason that the website is so cool. This currently PAYING program invested in a GoldCoders licensed script, decent DDoS protection and GeoTrust DV SLL Certificate which is valid from 2/11/2013-2/14/2014. The website itself, although lacking certain information, is rather appealing and easy to navigate. When it comes to the money, you can fund your wallet using STP, PM, LR or EgoPay and the minimum to spend is $1.

The plan couldn’t be simpler – 13.5 % daily for 10 calendar days, no compounding, no principal to get back. The good thing is that the “profits are gathered on your nVesta Finance account each calendar day and you can withdraw them anytime”. The minimum to withdraw varies depending on the payment processor of your choosing: “for LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney requests there are no minimums for withdraw, for EgoPay: $1, for SolidTrustPay: $0.50”. Funds are theoretically available within 24 hours but, according to the “Questions” section, “usually for our accountant this payment takes less time then that”.


“A global investment management company that has a wide array of expertise in the investment world including, real estate, oil production, forex, stock and commodity trading”, namely 4ProForexInvestMent is another new PAYING program. In contrast to its predecessors, it accepts Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money only. The program can, however, pride itself in having the best website out of the three, well-developed, with plenty to read and easy to use.

The page – with the domain ( bought for a year on March 24, 2013, is secured by the ever-present Comodo’s Positive SLL Certificate, valid from 3/25/2013 to 3/26/2014. In order to start investing you need to deposit $1 or $10 (non-returnable) depending on which of the two plans you have chosen: 3-8% for 4 days or 27-32% for 4 days, with compounding available regardless of the plan. To quote the F.A.Q. section, “funds are usually available instantly”, but wait for 24 hours before making any noise about it.

Eagles Investment LLC, “a private online investment company that has been legally registered in United States” and which “provides its website as a service to its present and prospective clients to make investments online and gain daily stable profit”. Just like any true American, one may say, accepts USD currency only. This new PAYING program also accepts STP, PM, LR, EgoPay and bank wires and has no maximum limit of investment. There is a minimum, nevertheless, and it’s set at $10. The “investment packages” prepared by Eagles Investment offer payouts in the range of 1.8%-4% daily for 180 days. The compounding option hasn’t been made available yet but, judging by the profit calculator on the website, it will be in some foreseeable future.

Getting the principal back is possible, but if you try to do this before the end of the investment period “you will charge 25% of your initial capital otherwise the process will be free of charge”. The withdrawals depend on the payment method you have chosen: “withdrawal requests are processed manually once then have been checked and approved by our system. Usually a withdrawal gets processes within 2 working days”. As far as the formalities are concerned, the domain was registered on December 30, 2012 and is valid until December 30, 2016. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the page is secured with Comodo’s Extended Validation Secure Server Certificate issued on the 5th of March 2013 which expires on the 6th of March, 2014.

Naturally, all the new programs offer some kind of affiliate programs: Forex Invest pays 5% for referrals, nVesta 6%, 4ProForexInvestMent 4% and Eagles Investment 5%.



From now on, Sol-R members will be able to withdraw only once per hour. This decision was made because of the EgoPay situation – for some reason multiple payouts occurred upon withdrawals and, therefore, instant EgoPay withdrawals and processing of all EgoPay withdrawals were suspended. At the moment, instant withdrawals are available again. Also, the “Cancel withdrawal” button for EgoPay has been removed permanently.

72 Business added PerfectMoney to their list of accepted payment processors. In addition to this, 72 Business decided to expand their offer – the full details of Investment and Affiliate Program can be found here:

Due to popular demand, Stabilico introduced the phone customer support in Russian. The number for members from Russia is+79019034624, while Ukrainian users should call +380947112298.



TureProfit has recently celebrated its 500 day anniversary. As part of the celebration, TureProfit decided to provide two short-plans to honor their investors: 5% daily for 80 days and 350% after 50 days. The minimum deposit for both plans is set at $500, the compounding is available and the principal is returned upon maturity. The plans are already made available and will be valid until the first of May.

In other TureProfit news, the administrator warns the members to beware of “a scam program named that copies TureProfit’s news”.



BitCoin is still being implemented by NoBox’s programmers. The future options that will be introduced consist of Member to Member exchange, trading LR, PM and EgoPay, trading BitCoin “against the USD and EURO” and wire withdrawals. Still, members to be able to use LR, EgoPay, PM or STP as well.

When it comes to lowering ROI and the changes that have been made, NoBox’s creator reminds his members that “the lowered ROI on FUTURE Sales is part of the Extension and Exit Strategy” and that “a lowered ROI does not effect active Revenue Packs”.

As far as the technical issues are concerned, NoBox is planning on moving to a “stronger dedicated server” – thanks to a “really great deal from Shadowscripts in combination with a Blockdos Firewall”, NoBox creator decided on accepting the offer. No downtime should be anticipated during the time of the switch.



Next week UInvest is planning to hold negotiations that will greatly influence its future. Be sure to check UInvest’s website for the updates.

When it comes to the projects, it turns out that the Casino project has been extremely popular. As such, per users requests, the business owner of this project will be invited to one of the future management chats.

As far as the new features go, UInvest implemented a “loans’ score” that should help the investors track “the borrower’s loans’ score and make the right decision afterwards”. Also, “as suggested during the last management chat”, all the users should now feel welcome “to join the engrossing news compilation process”. Thus, if you feel like you have “any news to share”, “you’d better rush and send the news” to UInvest.



In the latest newsletter, Sure Inv announced that its Regional Representative Program “is in full swing”, which means that there are 29 representatives from 16 countries who are now listed on the program’s page. One should remember, however, that “for some countries more than one regional representative has been selected”. It is true when there is “enough space for the market to be developed by several individuals” or when some of the already working representatives have proved to be extremely successful.

Another piece of Sure Inv news concerns the payments, which are now processed 6 days a week, including Saturdays. Those clients who want to get paid on Saturdays should bear in mind that their request is sent before 12:00 GMT. The Easter schedule, on the other hand, is quite different: the interest “will be credited to the on Good Friday, as well as on Easter Monday”, but all withdrawals will be resumed on Tuesday, the second of April. Consequently, [w]ithdrawals will not be processed during the upcoming holidays” and “limited customer support will be available throughout the holidays”, which means that it will be “restricted to urgent requests only”.



OilOfAsia continues its struggle with SolidTrustPay. The relationship between the well-known payment processor and OOA seems to become more and more strenuous, to the point where OilOfAsia informs its clients that “SolidTrustPay continue their dirty tricks” and is “a cheap scam”. According to OOA, upon unlocking OilOfAsia’s account, STP “still tried to do everything to steal OOA’s account balance” by, first, limiting the account to $999 per transaction and then suspending the account completely. The reason for suspension is said to be “one blackmailer complaint”.

At the moment, OilOfAsia claims to be “negotiating and disputing the funds [...] providing all necessary documentation”, but – so far – to no avail. As one may deduce from OOA’s angry newsletter, the situation is less and less likely to change since STP’s “officials have ceased communication with OilOfAsia” and have stopped reacting to all the tickets. It seems that the lines of communications have been totally shut.

Complaining doesn’t do much for all the members in trouble, so those who used STP to process their deposits are now asked to go to the “Help” section of STP and “create a support ticket with the title ‘Oil of Asia Ltd refund’”. You are also asked to send a copy of the ticket to As one may have anticipated, there will be no more STP option available on OilOfAsia.



As you can see, there appear to be some issues between OilOfAsia and SolidTrustPay. What one may read above is the OOA’s version of what has been happening, but one may speculate whether it’s not just the beginning of OilOfAsia’s problems. Some users have been waiting for payout the whole day, which is rather surprising since none such delays happened before. According to OOA’s F.A.Q. section, the payouts shouldn’t take more than 12 hours so it’s wise to pay close attention to the payouts right now. As far as money-monitor is concerned, it’s a WAITING status.

When it comes to other programs, Venture Invest is another example of pending withdrawals – PROBLEM;

ProfitableSunrise is NOT PAYING despite all the promises of the website coming back to life.

The issue with Felmina hasn’t been resolved either: we are getting our money, but we have received two verified complaints from investors waiting for their payouts.


Happy free time, amigos! Let’s hope we won’t gain anything but some thoroughly awesome experience.


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