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CaspianCapital reviewHave you ever had one of these days, when everything you do seems pointless? Like, for instance, you have said something so many times that you somehow felt that it should make a difference? Leave some kind of sign, mark, whatever?

casAnd then, suddenly, it hits you: no matter how many times you may do it/say it/see it, nothing is ever going to change?

I swear, I’m not going postal or anything, it’s just... Does the whole wide world hire the same copywriter for everything?! I mean, come on, guys – there has to be some other way to advertise your businesses besides evoking the all-so-used “dream” reference! There has to be, right..?

Caspian Capital unknowingly, I hope, stepped on my toes with the “All You Need Is Money and a Dream” motto. Just the other week, I got into a teeny tiny rage about mottoes and the way they make my soul bleed, and now this... I realize that it’s not a big sin, in the great scheme of things, but anybody can come up with something better than this, can’t they? It’s like a Beatles song that has been beaten like a dead horse by so many people and companies that one could never count. Also, is it even logical? I mean, how much are we talking about? If I already have the “Money and a Dream”, theoretically speaking I should not need much more. But I understand that logic is not the biggest part of motto-creation.

Moving on... Caspian Capital LLC. is in the oil business, which seems fun enough. According to the website, the company is registered in the US as a Limited Liability Company (745 Fifth Avenue 27th Floor New York, New York 10151). The explanation for the name of the company is rather clear: it invests in oil, “specially in the Caspian Region”, but maybe they are also Narnia fans, who knows? And since I have always been one, I choose to believe that they are. Because of my Narnia-faith and since I have already ranted about the choice of motto, I will go easy on CC’s clip-art inspired sad website and I will try to concentrate on what’s truly important. Let’s start with what Caspian Capital itself calls the reason to invest the money with them:

“1.The Oil Industry is very strong 2. Tax advantages due to Government's needs 3. Oil Industry is less influenced by fluctuations in the stock market 4. Quick returns which are always very high 5. Oil Industry is VERY PROFITABLE industry”.


I think we can all agree with the last one. At least I do not know any poor oil investors, but maybe that’s just my own experience. As far as the first reason goes, the oil industry is rather strong, but we all know that it all depends on the current politics, which is not all that reassuring. Let’s face it, nothing is as soon as we hear the word “politics”, am I right, mis amigos? Tax advantages are always a nice addition, although it seems a little vague. As for the rest, it’s all subjective, so I will let you decide on your own, which is, by the way, what I always do anyway.

Registration is easy and quick, but I have to warn you that Caspian Capital LLC. does require your full name. You can, however, open more than one account. CC accepts EgoPay, Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money and you can start investing with (non-returnable) $10. While the website may seem incredibly basic, Caspian Capital offers a plethora of investment plans. Well, maybe “plethora” was an exaggeration, but still – there are six different plans: Atrek, Kura, Ural, Samur, Saluk and Terek. Yes, it’s time to refresh your geography knowledge, amigos. There are no long-term plans, the duration varies between one day ($20 minimum, Kura Plan) and thirty days ($500 minimum, Terek Plan). You can get from 20% (the 7-day, 140% ROI, $10 minimum Atrek Plan) to 380% (Terek Plan).

The principal is always included and the interest is acquired daily or “credited to your available balance” upon your plan’s expiration date. According to the decent FAQ section, Caspian Capital pays seven days a week, which means that what counts with CC is the calendar, not business days. When it comes to handling the transactions, it is done manually: withdrawals ($1 minimum) are “usually” processed within the typical 24 hours, but Caspian Capital warns that “in case of technical fault” delays may occur. In case it happens, you can always contact CC since there are 4 ways to get a hold of them: phone (UK Number: +44 132 2517 941, USA Number: +1 859 7211 375), e-mail (, live chat and contact form (

What should be noted is the fact that Caspian Capital is as fresh as a company can get: the domain was created on October 22, 2012 and expires within a year. To add to this, not much is really said about the company itself, apart from the ever-present self-confidence which in Caspian Capital’s case means that the company “offers you the services of the high-skilled experts” and that CC’s team’s “long-term experience will help to find the best way of designing an investment strategy for you to fulfill your dreams”. And since there is the “dream” reference present again, I will just skip to the part where I discuss the website’s protection, OK, amigos? You don’t want me to start again with all the ranting... Caspian Capital invested in what most programs invest in, namely a COMODO SLL certificate.

Also, the website is being protected against DDoS attacks by the US-based DDoS mitigator, Black Lotus ( One may say – but that would not be me, for sure – that if only Caspian Capital had put this much thought into the website itself as it did into coming up with six investment plans with strange names and a rather thorough protection, it would be very much appreciated. Or at least changed the clip-art pictures? Or the motto? I really can’t choose what bugs me more. What do you think, amigos?



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