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Today we want to share with all of you a conversation we had with Michael Atkinson, who is a support/PR of “SportArbs Limited” investment program. It is a real pleasure for M-M blog to present this interview.

1. Dear Sir, first of all please introduce yourself.
What is your name and your position in the sportarbs.com?

I’m Michael Atkinson and I full fill a support/PR position in SportArbs Limited. I’m answering your questions together with Klaus Schumann who is working as a Senior Arbs Expert, in case of certain questions related to our betting strategies.

2. Why did you decide to open your service? What is the main purpose of Sportarbs?

Due to the risk on the regular investment markets, including but not limited to Forex, stocks and commodities SportArbs developed a system to automatically place bets on various bookmaker sites. We did use this system a long term internally, however, we felt this could be something a wider audience would be interested in. This also gave us the possibility to place more bets, with higher sums to achieve a greater return.

3. How long has your service been on-line, when did the operation begin?

The service as is, for the public, got introduced to it on April the 11th of 2009. Our system, the arbitrage betting solution we did develop, is active since approx 2006. With this in mind we can conclude we have certainly in-field knowledge as well as an educated staff at this point.

4. Please introduce your team. How many people are running your service?

We do have 12 peoples operating our system. Marketing experts who watch the arbitrage market in order to find new opportunities to place bets on, PR officers to visit certain high depositors in person to explain the benefits and use of the system, bookmakers in order to communicate with arbitrage companies and to keep track on our business, accounts to produce the papers for either the government and/or our inverters, our support division and our technicians who make sure our system remains online and operating.

5. What is your experience with Sports Betting? What is your professional background?

I did answer this I felt in the previous questions, however, this is written by Klaus Schumann who we did introduce earlier as Senior Arbs Expert has a 10 year experience as a traditional bookmaker and a history of being a professional arbitrage better.

6. Where are you based? Are you a registered company, if yes, where is the company registered?
Can I visit your office?

SportArbs is part of an officially registered United Kingdom private company limited by shares (LTD).
The United Kingdom is one of the countries that offer hassle free the opertunity to operate on the arbitrage field. For this reason we do bank and held office in the United Kingdom as well on the Island of Main.
Visiting isn’t an issue, just make sure you make an appointment and reason of visit so we can make sure the right person to speak to assist you is in place.

7. Are you a hyip (high yield investment program)

If you mean by HYIP a structure as shown here; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-yield_investment_program we can assure you we don’t operate that way.
Due to arbitrage betting being one of United Kingdom’s most old fashion investing ways there are allot of requirements to full fill and follow which are regullary inspected by the (local) government. All profits we make are made from arbitrage deals.

8. What protections against DDoS attacks do you have? Is investors money safe in your service? Where is the server located?

Our website and servers are hosted by Dragonara in the United Kingdom. As said we are based in the United Kingdom and arbitrage deals are allowed to be performed in the United Kingdom. To avoid any issues for either us or our investors we chose to locate the hosting in the United Kingdom.

Our routing does so called null-route DDos or other malicious attacks, in order to keep information stored on our servers in a secure environment. Dragonara is 24/7 reachable for us in case of anything, this reason we can guarantee an uptime of about 99%.

9. Are there any limits to how much money I can fund into your program?

Limits are certainly in place on our program. We do have to do so in order to follow certain Know Your Client (KYC) policies in the United Kingdom. However for people who wish to make a greater deposit we offer the service of a personal meeting with one of our PR advisers. We will simply fly to the investor and have the papers signed in a manual fashion.

10. Why don`t you return principal amount to investors?

Due to the fact our system automatically performs all betting and deposits with (investors) money, it’s very difficult to do a cash-back at the end-point of the program.
The return on the other hand as we offer is clear and simply just made by arbitrage bets.
It’s simply impossible and you most likely know this better then us, to offer a higher return with the current market situation.

11. You claim on your site that: “a compounding rate cannot be changed after investment is made”, but if someone set a compounding to 0-20%, he will not be in profit in your program. Why do you allow to set no-profitable compounding percent and why do you disallow to change it later?

As mentioned previously, all funds deposited to our program will automatically be send over to the arbitrage deals that do full-fill the investors configuration. It’s slightly impossible to ‘book-back’ the money or adjust the plan later on. Those that are willing to seriously invest will follow the certain math schemes as described on our
site before making an investment we felt, however, we don’t prohibit the client to later on re-invest for another 42 days with his earnings set to a 100% compounding rate.

12. What is your relation to arbstrading.com Company? What does it mean that “We worked with this company”?

I’ve to apology for not being authorized to answer this partial question.

13. Do you offer a referral program?

We do work with a 3-level deep referral program in case to make it interesting for our clients to introduce there friends, relatives or associates to our program. The first stage is at 7 percent.

14. How is working your “Stabilization fund”? It is necessary to create such fund for a “risk-free business”?

As every other investing company we do have to have a certain fund. It’s regulated by law and it gives us the opportunity to have a so called reserve. In case of any non-expected non-betting holiday we do have funds in order to pay our clients.

15. Is it really a risk-free business? You have to open accounts at many bookmakers, some of them are not reliable or they process your withdrawal requests for a long time. Sometimes some bets are canceled or changed. How do you reconcile it?

We can assure that arbitrage betting done in our fashion is risk free. With the bookmakers we deal we do have a long-time trust relationship. For this reason we can guarantee a quick payout from there companies to our trust account. Our investors won’t notice any
delays in case they occur. Even if they do we still have our stabilization fund to perform payouts with.

16. What kind of support do you offer to your clients? Any distinction for VIP investors with large deposits?

We do offer various levels of support, for regular investors (< $ 10.000), we do offer support by email, for senior investors < $100.000 we assign a personal investment manager to assist the client with his needs and we offer 24/7 phone support. For
VIP investors > $ 100.000 we do offer support in person. This means one of our advisers will fly in person to the client to assist him with his needs.

17. What are your plans for the future? Do you plan to add more payment processors?

We do have various plans settled for future expanding. However these remain now in research/learning stage so until it’s time we won’t disclosure these. We did plan to adjust certain information on our website and include a so called blog on our site in order for our clients to easily follow news, updates and changes in an open environment.
Since we already take Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve and bank wire we don’t feel any expansion on this field is needed.

18. What makes sportarbs.com unique from other investment on-line opportunities? What are the main advantages you have over? Tell me a few reasons to join in your program.

SportArbs is unique in it’s kind due to the fact we use a self-developed and maintained investment environment in order to anticipate automatically on arbitrage betting.
We do offer a transparent and reasonable return, due to the credit/market crisis stocks, Forex or real estate won’t bring in profit. With our platform we offer a real, risk-free business to invest in and earn money from.

19. Question from Roman, admin nolimitinvestments.com service:
Would your automatic software work always? What about a summer time? There is less possibilities for betting

Our system has been tested for over a year. This did include indeed the Daylight Saving Time.
We can reveal we make use of the so called Network Time Protocol (NTP) in order to assign the correct GMT. This way our software won’t be affected by any time zone change.
During the summer there are an equivalent number of opportunities to perform arbitrage deals.

20. What is your opinion about money-monitor services?

We do respect the work as been done by money-monitors. However we do notice a close tie to the earlier mentioned HYIP project. We would like to distance ourself from such as it isn’t something we would like to be labeled/associated with.
Still we think it is good to point new investors at the risks of investing and/or investment programs and we do hope to contribute with some useful information for them.

21. Anything you wish to add yourself?

We would like to add that sportarbs.com is a really top-notch project where everybody can make an investment and earn a decent, transparent and reasonable return.
Now the stocks are dropping and other investment opportunities become risky we are glad to introduce the audience a new way in order to achieve an interesting financial return.
In case of any more questions don’t hesitate to contact our support division at:

Thank you!

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