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Some facts have led me to think if Uinvest, a popular online investment program (investments in restaurants, hotels etc shares), is a hoax or a real project.

For the uninitiated, Uinvest is searching for promising companies in Ukraine and the surrounding area, which offer shares in exchange for investments belonging to Uinvest investors. The profits offered are between several to tens of percent per month.

One of such companies is "Carpathians Hotel & Restaurant" introduced by Uinvest.

Location: Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivska oblast
Period of business activity: 3 years
Assessed value: $448,000
Monthly earnings: $70,000

And here is the photo of this residence:

However, it appears that the true location of this hotel is in Romania, Gura Humorului city. The hotel owners know nothing about Uinvest activity. Here is the photo of the Romanian hotel:

The same hotel without a doubt, isn't? 

The hotel website: http://www.toacabellevue.ro/en

We are dealing either with a mistake or with a fraud. If this is a mistake, how should we treat these words from the Uinvest website:

"All the companies featured on Uinvest undergo rigorous scrutiny by our own team of business professionals. We guarantee the accuracy of every business we profile, which is why we are respected leaders in our industry."

So, how can we trust the company which commits such shameful errors?

If it is a hoax, the photos have been stolen and the location has been substituted, this could mean that the whole project called Uinvest is a hoax and a fraud because this is not the first such mistake.

We have a similar problem with the project "Private Hotel".

According to Uinvest, this hotel should be located in Odessa region. There has even been a video recorded by Uinvest team, which shows this hotel. Here is an excerpt of this video:


However, the hotel in question is located in another country. The Imperial Hotel (this is its name) is situated in Chisinau. Here is the photo:

Their website:

If this is another mistake, is it possible that the Uinvest camera operator went to the wrong hotel in a wrong country several hundred kilometers away?

Please notice that all Uinvest videos have the same style hence the conclusion that they are produced by Uinvest.
Of course, the photos of the "Private Hotel" have alredy been substituted by the "correct" ones; I wonder if we will see the next video and I hope that the camera operator has not been fired yet :)

I need to mention that this is not the end of these mistakes, the same situation occurred in the case of the "Casino" project.

The controversies also surround the project "5 Gas stations".

It turns out that the owner of these stations has put them up for sale:

How is this possible when we are buying the shares of these stations?

What is more important, we have contacted the owners of these stations in Zaporozhie and they replied:

"We're really selling the business (5 gas stations) in Zaporozhie. 
Currently, the business is not active, it's suspended postponed now, price was decreased.
There is no share selling.
Organizational and legal form of our corporation - Limited Liability Company (Co.Ltd)
With stocks (shares) and other securities firm does not work.
The Uinvest company is not known to us, it's activity is not authorized.

So, this is another proof that Uinvest is not working with the businesses in question. Gas stations owners do not know anything about Uinvest.

Is it possible to commit such reprehensible mistakes? How is it possible that the company that transfers thousands of dollars between investors and companies does not control them personally?
If Uinvest wants to be taken seriously they should be transparent to their partners. If there are any doubts, these projects should be suspended until the clarification of these doubts takes place.

Uinvest itself is not eager to publish more detailed information about the offered businesses so it is not easy to find out the truth:

"we do not post any specific business information in public. It is our policy."

But the truth is out there :)


EDIT 18 November 2011: 

The lastest news you will find in our today's newsletter 

EDIT 5 January 2012:

The official Uinvest statement regarding this article: Uinvest explanation


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