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Uinvest conference

Uinvest has announced the planned conference for Uinvestors (this is how Uinvest calls its investors). The conference will take place in Los Angeles where Uinvest has its own office and this meeting will be open to all interested parties. However, pre-registration is required because the number of the available places is limited.

I'm always skeptical when any investment program announces a conference because usually these programs collapse before such a conference takes place. It happened with ReproFinance and Gloinvest. For me, such announcements are always a bad signal. People behind hyips don't want to show their face in public for many reasons and they use a conference idea to look more reliable.

Will the case of Uinvest be different? I think so, because I made a small due diligence and it is positive. Like in the case of Reprofinance, we have been given the name of the hotel (the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Del Rey Ballroom) and the date of the conference (October 30th, 2012). If someone provides such detailed info it means for sure that the reservation must have been made.

In the case of Reprofinance, I couldn’t confirm their conference date and they turned to scam before that. With Uinvest it is different; I have confirmation from the Crowne Plaza Hotel about the reservation, and what is more, I've a scan of advance deposit made by Uinvest, just look:

After all, you can get the confirmation yourself by calling the hotel:


So if you wish to take a part in this meeting, first you have to register. The registration process will open on May 15th. If you are not a resident of the U.S., Uinvest offers you support with getting a Visa (if your country is not on the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) list). You can get an Invitation Letter and other help from Uinvest.

Key discussions planned include:

-Uinvest matters: Open dialog (Uinvest Staff)

- Uinvestor mentality (member presentations)

- GUN: Uinvest evolution (Expert panelists)

- Global Economic Climate (Expert panelists)

- Eastern Europe: Law, Economy, Trends (Expert panelists)

- Innovative Investment technologies (Expert panelists)

- Get Inspired! Keynote Speaker


All information and materials regarding the conference are available on this page:


A schedule: 


Uinvest is known for its good communication with their investors and this is another step to be more reliable and genuine. If this conference takes place ,I'm sure that Uinvest will get more confidence and power in further development.

I can’t take part in this conference myself (I urge Uinvest to make 2 conferences, one in the U.S. and one in Europe so I can do a review and take photos) but I will be watching it closely, because it would be the first offline conference in the history (on such a large scale)  organized by an online investment program monitored by me.

You know that hyips made me very skeptical but I still believe that this market may also include honest, legal and reliable investment programs. I hope that Uinvest is one of them so I will be looking forward to knowing the course of events.


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