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StrongInvestment interviewAn exclusive interview with StrongInvestment representative:


Money-Monitor: To begin with, I just have to ask: why “Strong Investment”? What makes you “stronger” than any other program?

StrongInvestment: Well we started Strong Investment when we receive feedback from our initial clients But We we planned everything before starting of this program because we want a long term working relationship with our clients and trader. So we are the one who never deal like ordinary hyip mostly does.


Money-Monitor: Let’s take it step by step. I sign up for an account and... I can actually do it as many times I want! What made you decide on such a laissez faire attitude toward multiple accounts?

 StrongInvestment: Let me clear this you can’t open multiple accounts with same mail id or same payment id. But let’s consider if you do and put different ids then you need to invest and we will utilize your money and generating profit so for us it doesn’t harm our business in any way.


Money-Monitor: OK, let’s say I would like to open a couple of accounts, but I’m a rather private person and I usually do not share any personal information with anyone, much less a new online investment program. Why do you require a full name and address?

StrongInvestment: Well we have decided these measures and rules before starting “Strong Investment”. Our main aim is to build trustable relationship with our clients that’s why we are using industry-standard-SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect every interaction you have with us.


Money-Monitor: I decided to give you my full name and address and now I’m a full-fledged Strong Investor. Naturally, I need to invest some money and in Strong Investment’s case it’s as much as $10. There are many programs that set the minimum investment at $1. Why do you need at least $10?

StrongInvestment: Well its very simple did you see any of those site active now? See our main aim is to make site strong and stable and for this we need dedicated clients who can work with us for longer period of time.


Money-Monitor: I can invest my money using Solid Trust Pay, Liberty Reserve, Ego Pay and Perfect Money. What made you choose those payment processors? Are you planning on adding more options?

StrongInvestment: Right now these are the best available option we could use and they are all trustworthy and stable payment processors. To expand our business we are planning to add some other payment processor too.


Money-Monitor: Now it’s time to choose the plan and it may get tricky for those who aren’t big on making decisions – you truly provide a lot of options and there are many factors to consider. What should I take into consideration? What would be your piece of advice to a new Strong Investment’s member?

StrongInvestment: I must say a lot of newbie investors are failed to get profit because they didn’t read and understand plans of investment. I would suggest new investors that take look our plans and their details first. Don’t be hurry to invest money, decide which plan is most beneficial for you.


Money-Monitor: And could you tell Money-Monitor’s readers which plan/combination proved to be the most popular thus far?

StrongInvestment: I am glad to tell you that our long term plan with 100% compounding is most popular so far. Our clients have faith on us and so far we have investment from our clients in all our plans.


Money-Monitor: Let’s talk about the daily profits which may vary from 1.1 % to 5% (or 1 % to 5% according to the Terms and Conditions). Why those numbers? How did you come up with them?

StrongInvestment: These are the reasonable profit which is practically possible. Before we started this program we consult about this with our initial clients and with our trader team because they are best in their field. So it was a mutual decision to give profit to our clients from 1.1% to 5% according to plan they choose.


Money-Monitor: You’ve introduced a 10-50% (or 10-40% according to the T&C) “fee of release principal before completion period”. Could you explain how it works exactly?

StrongInvestment: Actually it’s the amount which will cut from principle investment if any client wants to take his investment before prescribed time period. So we applied this rule to ensure that our traders shouldn’t be disturbed because they are the one who gives us profit.


Money-Monitor: When it comes to the investment plans, you definitely prefer a long-term relationship with your members. Could you tell us how many people your long-term policy has attracted so far?

StrongInvestment: I told you that it’s the most popular plan so far and all credit goes to our professional and highly competent team members who made it possible that our clients got max profit from long term plan.


Money-Monitor: When less and less programs reveal any information regarding their whereabouts, you seem to rely on transparency rather than on secrecy: why is that? Aren’t you afraid of angry investors knocking at your door?

StrongInvestment: Yes you are right we prefer transparency because that’s the best way to do business. We started this program with sincerity and from start till now we haven’t received any complaint about our program mechanism.


Money-Monitor: And what would happen if an investor had actually come to your office? What would they find there? Is it perhaps your typical open space type of room with people in suits answering phones all the time?

StrongInvestment: No, We have our Traders who are dealing with Internet Businesses and Professional Support team who looks after our website and our investors.


Money-Monitor: So who are the creators of Strong Investment?

StrongInvestment: The creator of Strong Investment is Peter M. Stadermann


Money-Monitor: A whois search revealed that is actually 10 years old. Is that true? If so, what exactly was going on during those 10 years?

StrongInvestment: Yes, It’s true as we were operating this company from 2002 and from those 10 years we are got many potential traders from all around the world and Investors too and after an great success at 2012, we opened up an company a registered company in UK.


Money-Monitor: You have the COMODO’s certificate and a BLOCKDOS sign can be found on your website. Could you tell us more about the way is secured?

StrongInvestment: Yes COMODO’s certificate tells that our company is legally registered and BLOCKDOS are the best DDos protected company I its field so far we face couple of Ddos attacks which ar successfully removed by BLOCKDOS.


Money-Monitor: OK, so we now know more or less everything about setting up an account – or accounts – and the investment plans, the principal, the security, and so on. But if you were to choose, which of the Strong Investment’s features would you call its true strong suit?

StrongInvestment: We have almost every feature that we think is unique from the other company’s but the most important feature that we think we would call it’s true strong suit have to be ’’ Release Principal’’.

We know how important money is to our investor and that’s why we have come up with this feature, Investor will able to withdraw their Principal before the completion of their plan and will apply an specific fee.


Money-Monitor: You decided to not only create a Facebook page, but a blog as well. Yet, neither of them seems to be really up to date. What exactly is your social media policy? What do you plan on achieving in the long run?

StrongInvestment: We have clear social media policy and we are moving towards it step by step. Our first aim was to build trust and we achieved it. Now our priority is to manage our blog and face book page to update our members.


Money-Monitor: Since we’re already talking about Facebook, let me just say that Strong Investment’s website’s design seems to be in a way inspired by the ever-present Zuckerberg-style. Was it intentional?

StrongInvestment: Well when we gave details of our program to our designers, they were not inspired with Zuckerberg-style and it was huge task for them and result is in front of us they did best and we got best design.


Money-Monitor: Your comprehensive support system cannot go unnoticed: we can call you, e-mail you, send you a fax or an Emergency Contact ticket, or even chat with you live. How many people are involved in the whole process?

StrongInvestment: We have a separate support team and all members are trained. We served daily hundreds of our clients with the help of our support team.


Money-Monitor: Imagine everything with Strong Investment goes as planned. Where are you in 5 years from now?

StrongInvestment: I can’t predict future but I can claim that after five years “strong investment” will be the best one and long standing site ever in history of hyip.


Thank you!


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