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StrongInvestment reviewOK, first of all let’s just agree on something, amigos: first impression is crucial. I know it’s a cliche and that we all know it, but let’s TRULY know it, acknowledge it, live by this very simple rule.

You must have read tons of articles about how the first impression matters when you apply for a job, or go on a date, or even to the dentist. So imagine my frustration when I started writing this review and the website of the program I was to write about suddenly disappeared.

What my first impression should be? I’m so confused now. On one hand, it shouldn’t be too good since a not working page rarely does boost one’s confidence in what they sell. But on the other hand, who here never had similar problems with any of their favorite pages. I mean even gossip columns sometimes just don’t load, right?

My frustration is doubled by the fact that the program apparently tried to ALWAYS make a good first impression: why else would they name it Strong Investment?

You hear the name and immediately you feel more confident about their work, right? Or do you get more suspicious, amigos? Like “Why are they claiming to be strong? What’s wrong with them? Maybe it’s actually a sick joke? Or some twisted metaphor for weakness?”. But, let’s face it, if your mind works in this particular way it would be best if you were transferred into a nice, cozy and safe padded white room with no knobs. Admit it.

I had to wait a while, but when Storng Investment’s page came back on, it was really on. I’ll be straightforward: I like the website. It’s clean and simple, a little Facebook-y, but that seems to be the hottest trend now. It’s easy to navigate and the F.A.Q. section is a true blessing. It takes my mind off things like... The terrible “mottoes”! “There’s never a bad time to make a good investment” – really? How about when I’m in the shower singing “Crazy in Love”? Does it really sound like a good time to make an investment? Or when I suffer from some soul sucking disease? Or, yes, I will go there – if I’m somewhat occupied, take it as you may? The “Make your dream come true” is one of the least original things ever, but at least it’s not as annoying as the assumption that Strong Investment knows something about me that even I don’t know. Like, you know, the fact that I enjoy making investments in the middle of vacuum cleaning.

Let’s move forward amigos, because we have so much ground to cover and by that I mean Strong Investment’s plans. It may get tricky, amigos. You might want to involve your thinking cap, if you happen to have one: there are six investment ranges to choose from (beginning with $10 - $100 and going as high as +$10,001) and four different options when it comes to the investment period (from the 60 days plan to the ambiguous “long-term”, about which one can read that no “specific period on Long-Term plan” has been assigned so that “your investment will be active as long as you decide to release the deposit”). The profits vary between 1.1% and 5% daily and the compounding option is always available. Strong Investment really seems to be all about free will (e.g. you can create multiple accounts and you family members can create accounts from same computer and IP address” – all you have to do is “provide separate account number and contact email for each account”).

You can literally choose everything: the time you want to stay with SI, the money you want to invest with them and the daily profit as well as your compounding rate. The calculator found on is really helpful, however one may think that a little more should be said about the “fee of release principal before completion period” which may differ from 10 to 50%. The last money issue to cover is the referral program, which “comprises of 5% of the principle amount invested by one’s referral”. How it works is “immediately after the interest payments are processed, your referral commission is added to your 'Available to Withdraw' balance”, which sounds simple enough.

When it comes to payment processors, Strong Investment accepts Solid Pay Trust, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Ego Pay, and the minimum to withdraw is set at $0.01. Payouts are supposed to take 8 business hours, which is a rare thing and which actually makes me happy a bit – I’m just so tired of the formality that comes with the “24 hours” attitude. Somehow it always makes me think of waiting for the test results, doctor appointments, red tape and bank tellers. But maybe that’s just me. I never said that I don’t need the white padded room, right?

What makes me even more optimistic is’s security level: the page was verified by COMODO and the COMODO Extended Validation Secure Server Certificate has been correctly implemented. To add to this, Strong Investment seems also really open as far as the company’s whereabouts are concerned. Yes, we can find all the slogans about “[providing] traders and investors with a risk free platform from where they can make countless lucrative investments and getting considerable profits”, but we can also find their real and full address (Strong Investment Limited, 111 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, Westminster, London, Postal Code: SW1W 0SR), a phone number (+442032395453 ) and a PDF file of a Certificate of Incorporation of a Private Limited Company registered in September 2012 ( Interestingly, a whois search gives even more insight into the company: the domain name was created 10 years ago, amigos! It was updated on 10/12/2012 and expires on 06/20/2013. According to, Strong Investment’s ISP is Staminus Communications and their server is located in... Cambodia, but the IP search leaves us in the US. The commute would have been a nightmare...

The signing up process is not designed to satisfy any privacy freak: you need to give them your full name and date of birth as well as your full address. Also, beware: there are many family-related secret questions ahead, so make sure you have your family’s photo album, or something, at the ready (I mean: "What is your oldest cousin's name?". Come on, guys! I’m only a human!). However, Strong Investment provides one with a step-by-step guide to everything: from signing up to releasing the deposit, so maybe that will calm some of the freaks down (

What also needs mentioning is that Strong Investment covered all the basics when it comes to the support system. Not only do you get to call them, but you can also send them a fax (0203 - 23 95 453) or an e-mail ( or use the Emergency Contact form. There is also a Facebook page with over 1,400 “likes”, but since nothing about the website’s down time was mentioned, I’m guessing it’s not being updated as regularly as it should be. Maybe I should complain via the Emergency Contact form? Or I should redirect my frustration and create something. Something original. Maybe a new motto? How about “There’s never a good time to make the website go bye-bye”? I’m just saying...


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