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StraviaYou know a company is pulling all the stops when they evoke same of the most famous pop culture references. Usually, it’s a big win – it’s a huge success when you no longer remember what was actually first: the reference or the company?

I mean, I know Santa has been around for some time, but when I was a kid I literally thought that he was the chairman of Coca Cola. You get the gist. Today’s protagonist, Stravia, has gone for one of the greats – Superman. With the image of a Clark Kent lookalike and the “Let us power up your investment” motto, Stravia Biz Inc. is clearly trying to boost our confidence in their services. Should we do that? Let’s take a closer look.


First of all, Stravia Biz Inc. is a Forex market oriented Panamanian company that is 2 years old and can pride itself in a pretty decently designed website. As it’s usually the case, Panama – a tax haven – is just a location, since the IP leaves one with a US address and according to the “About us” section Stravia is “active in the London and NY sessions”. Although the company reportedly was founded in 2012, the domain,, was registered on November 30, 2012, so one may conclude that Stravia has just begun its online journey. Perhaps that is due to the fact that Stravia’s investments “have performed incredibly well over the last 2 years, with 2012 being the most successful year so far” and the company “[has] seen rapid growth since September this year”.

What should be pointed out is that despite the freshness of the site, it is sufficiently protected against DDoS attacks (Black Lotus Communications) and has a correctly implemented Rapid SSL Certificate (GeoTrust, Inc.) that should last at least two years (bought on 12/8/2012, expires on 12/13/2014). Let’s appreciate that since some older programs still have major issues when it comes to their websites’ security. Not to mention the fact that most pages struggle with the right color schemes (Stravia’s may not be the most original or appealing one, but at least it’s consistent), good organization (we have all the crucial sections here: “About Us”, Calculator”, “Get Started”, “FAQ”, and so on) or explaining the plans exhaustively. However, one could only hope for some better “Contact” part of the website since, for now, not only is it hard to find, but one may also feel disappointed with the scarcity of options, namely a generic contact form. You can also call Stravia’s UK or US office (US: +1 302 261 9579, UK: +44 20 3286 8879), but we all know it’s rather pricey.


As far as the program goes, it’s your basic Forex trading “in several currency pairs, primarily EUR, USD, CAD and CHF”, but the plethora of plans makes it somewhat complicated. To start with, there are two major “versions” of plans: Standard Plan (“pays you from daily 2.7% for 70 days”):




and Elite Plan (“for investors who like to be rewarded more”):




Strange phrasing aside, there are four plans within each Major Plan, so it’s kind of like a story within a story extravaganza. What’s true for all major and mini plans is that they all last 70 days, the profit is accrued daily (that is: Monday to Friday), the principal is returned upon maturity (note: you have to “manually request it after your deposit matures or expires”) and compounding is available. What makes them different from one another is the daily profit (Standard Plan: 2.7%-3.5%, Elite Plan: 3%-5%), the minimum and maximum investment amount (both plans: $10- $100,000), and the fact that while Standard Plan has a variable compounding (between 0%-100%), Elite Plan offers a fixed 100% compounding rate.

One should remember that the interest is paid on business days only, so weekends aren’t the money making days, amigos. Stravia accepts Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Egopay, but not SolidTrustPay, which is actually duly noted in the well-done FAQ section, “we have found STP to be an unreliable payment processor, as it blocks accounts without warning. Also, their support has been slow, and issues take forever to get solved”. Withdrawal requests are handled manually and, beware, may take up to 36 hours, which is a kind of a record, I guess. However, despite the fact that you cannot earn your money during weekends, you can make a withdrawal regardless of the day of the week, which is a rather, let’s say, whimsical way of handling one’s business.


As I mentioned before, the whole website gives you a mostly user-friendly experience altogether (support excluded), but the plans can get a little tricky. Fortunately, the “Calculator” section ( may be of help here since it’s an easy way to check whether Stravia is a good choice for you. Another helpful addition is the “Getting Started” subsection (, thanks to which even the biggest newbie ever may start feeling like a true insider. What’s more, it makes the already straightforward process of setting up an account a three second job.


Summing up, do I believe that Stravia should compare itself to the Superman? No. I don’t see any budding journalists there. I don’t think they can fly. And, when you think about it, it’s not a truly wholesome reference. Do they need to hide who they really are, like Superman did? Do they have secrets? What’s their kryptonite? You get my point. But, still, the main Superman-like picture is nice, so I can appreciate the effort. Rock on, Stravia.



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