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Hola mis amigos!

As you probably know by now, I tend to get picky, especially when it comes to things like the generally understood aesthetics, being sufficiently prepared or, let’s face it, choosing a good name.

I realize that it doesn’t sound all that important, but in my humble opinion a relatable, not-too-out-there and yet easy to remember name is the key to success. What we usually get in this business, however, are names related to making money, earning money or being – for want of a better word – awesome. That is why I really appreciate Stabilico’s name, which – might I add – I managed to memorize the second I heard it. What the name implies is that Stabilico’s strongest suite is that it’s reliable and rarely changes, a connotation that should be well-received amongst potential investors. Does it live up to the name?

First of all, one should point out that is actually rather nice to look at, although someone may have overdosed when applying the yellow additions, not to mention correctly secured (GeoTrust certificate valid from 10/2/2012 to 10/4/2016). However, despite its looks it’s not that easy to navigate and, for instance, the investment plans are not as straightforward as it may seem. To start with, in theory three languages are available – English, German and Spanish – but the Spanish version is not finished. Moreover, Stabilico makes it easy to choose an investment option, but when you start thinking about the real implications it may turn out that, for example, you don’t really know what options you had time-wise. While the investment calculator should make it easier for you, it in fact makes it impossible to choose since the slider is not easy to manipulate (it tends to skip certain values) – thankfully its creator did think of a place where you can simply write the number you are looking for.


Anyway, in spite of all this goodness it’s actually hard to understand what kind of time frame we are looking at: you may invest for as short a period as one month, but you can also keep on investing for 36 months, I guess? The rest is quite straightforward: if you invest $9-$498 you get 3% weekly interest, $499-$1998 it is 5,0%, you get 7% if you have $1999-$4998 to spend, and 11% for $4999-$100,000 investment, and there is no compounding option.

All in all, according to Stabilico it is

“possible [...] to earn up to 11% per week even without having the knowledge or either the experience or without ever have to ask someone for anything”.

Does it mean we shouldn’t ask? Technically, Stabilico is always at the ready, with a “support team [that] is ready to serve you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, providing trouble-free processing of your questions”, but what they actually offer is a simple and standard contact form. Wait, there is also a “Customer Hotline” (+41 22 508-7024), but you’d have to scroll down to see that one. Funding your Stabilico wallet, on the other hand, is simple: you can use Solid Trust Pay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money or C-Gold. You can start with $9 ([your principal may be got (sic!) back after 90 days without fee”) and that is also the minimum amount of money that one can withdraw. What requires a little more patience and understanding is the time it takes to get one’s money and that is 24-48 hours. It’s likely because it’s done manually, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s quite annoying.

What is not annoying is the fact that one can get to know Stabilico pretty well (at least when you compare this to other programs like this): “Stabilico is registered trade mark of Reload, LLC - a large-scale capital management company with headquarter in Switzerland that was founded and became incorporated in 2008”.

What’s more, we can also learn that this limited liability company registered in 2008 in Westchester County, New York (License No. 1247224-1-596918-2012-105548, it is “financial license of A-class for the performance of operations with finances of third parties and precious metals”) is “engaged in well-diversified areas of expertise such as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, energies, raw materials and mutual funds”. and that an IP search leaves one with an Atlanta address (101 Marietta Street, Suite 500, Atlanta, Georgia). However, the “management professionals” involved in the project remain unnamed, which is a pity considering that Stabilico “brings you a unique insight into financial markets through its access to their expertise”. What one does learn is that the person responsible for the registering and such currently resides in NY.

To sum it up, amigos, as it is with most of cases like this, you have to decide on your own whether Stabilico is correctly named or whether a good name was just a coincidence. Still, to paraphrase Flannery O’Connor, a good name is hard to find so I’m going to keep appreciating that. Credit where credit’s due, right?


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