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Hola mis amigos!

While some go fancy, others go simple. While some eat pearls, others prefer good old hamburgers. As soon as I reveal the name of today’s protagonist, you’ll know which side they have chosen. Because sometimes you don’t need the air of mystery to run a website.

SportArb is exactly what it seems. As you all probably have figured out, it’s a program dedicated to sport arbitrage, namely "practice that has existed since the beginning of bookmaking, it entails betting a relatively large sum of money with a return on the investment that can be achieved regardless of the outcome of the event where one is betting." Simple?

The company is registered in the UK (entered on August 31, 2016 under no. 10352162), and the domain was created on August 27, 2016 and expires in 2022. However, SportArb went online just recently, so we can see that some effort went into getting the website done properly. The page has been secured with the new favorite, COMODO RSA Extended Validation Secure Server certificate, valid until September 16, 2017. It’s clean-cut and thankfully not as sporty as one’d expect. You get the sense that it’s about business, not playing. To use their own words, "SportArb is online based, fully focused and turnover driven."

While now only in English, the page soon be available in Russian, German, Chinese and Japanese as well, so we can assume it's work in progress. The website is functional and not overdone. I personally think that there are too many sections and it may get a bit confusing, but I am guessing that most people wouldn't even notice, so maybe I'm just not caffeinated enough. It should be said, however, that the script is unique. Also, registering is extremely uncomplicated and takes seconds.

When it comes to the actual sport arbitraging, so to say, you can start with just $25 (or "25 EUR, 1500 RUB, or 0.025 BTC"). Once you're in the system, you're automatically registered "in a two level deep affiliate network, however it is not necessary to utilize it to profit". You can fund your sporty wallet using Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, AdvCash, OKPay, Payeer or NixMoney. Remember that withdrawals are handled only twice a day (Monday to Friday, at around 11 AM and 4 PM GMT), but you can withdraw as little as $1 (or "1 EUR, 50 RUB, or 0.001 BTC") and there are no accompanying fees. Another important piece of information is aimed at those who want to invest more money, that is more than $/EUR2500 and not via bitcoin – you'll need to verify your account to do that. To make sure you choose the options that are right for you, there's a handy profit calculator to test it out. You choose your wallet type (Bitcoin, SportArb points*, Russian ruble, USD, EUR), then the amount you want to invest, the average ROI expected (1.5%, 1%, 2%, 2.5%, 3%) and the "simulation level". This is the point at which you need to assess your skills honestly. You shouldn't treat it like a Buzzfeed test or a horoscope, amigos. You can choose from: Partner, Expert, Advanced, Basic, Starter and Beginner. Finally, you go with the compounding you want and get your answer. Much easier than a football match or something, right? At least the ones I've seen on TV. Some important facts: compounding is available up from 10% and the principal is returned upon maturity. If you do it before that time, you'll be charged 25% of the initial deposit. The plans last 30 calendar days and the level chosen determines your profit share (from 60% with Beginner to 90% with Partner).


What makes SportArb different is the attitude towards security. Not only have they secured the website with an SSL certificate, they have also secured each account with "2 factor authentication via SMS or Google Auth. app in your smart phone". To add to this, your sensitive information is "encrypted according to AES-256 encryption protocol", which is a practice that is not as common as it could be. To read more about all the ways in which SportArb watches over you, go to

As far as communication goes, there are few options: your standard contact form (, a chat online or the forum. Bear in mind, though, that they are available Monday to Friday "at around 9 AM - 5 PM GMT". If you want to be part of the solution, you may become a representative (here meaning: a promoter "with great promotional aptitudes eager to assist newcomers by means of email, telephone or instant messengers"). You may get "12% referral commission in the first, 5% in the second, 2% in the third and 1% in the fourth level", once you've invested $500 and completed a special form. Referral commission is naturally also an option: there are four levels and you may get from 1%-7%.

I don't know much (OK, anything) about sports, but from I know it's all about the excitement, competition and being to the point. So, mis amigos, let me ask you this: are you in or out?


Stay safe,



*SportArb points = an internal system of gathering points by directing people/services to the website


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