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Hola mis amigos!

I feel that throughout the years we've been together we have truly seen it all: investing in windmills, pirate coins, gold, silver, oil, wine, or restaurants. But still I feel that I was not ready for this: investing in waste.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Waste. As in: garbage such as, for example, low-density polyethylene or polypropylene. If you are a Mean Girls aficionado, as I am, the term "plastics" obviously has just one connotation and it's, let's just say it, awesome. However, Recyclix, today's protagonist, "has been collaborating with the main suppliers that sell recycled plastic and manufacturing companies that stock on plastic waste for a long time so they will help you obtain large quantities of raw materials on a continuous basis from trustworthy and low-risk sources". So, I guess there is yet another usage for the term, right?

According to the gods of the Internet, Recyclix, previously known as Franeks, is a Polish-Latvian limited liability company which operates within the business of revenue sharing. The domain itself was bought on February 09, 2015 and expires within a year. The website has been secured with COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server certificate valid until May 18, 2016. Let's just go to the signing up since, and I truly mean it, it is the simplest and quickest registration process I have even seen. Just enter your e-mail and password and you're all set. Honestly, that's it.

You will be welcomed with pretty pictures and some basic explanations, such as "to start you need to make a DEPOSIT and buy waste, then wait until processing is over, and sell it to make profits". What's more, you do not even need to deposit your money right away, because you get $20 bonus "to become familiar with the system" with which you can "try to buy the waste and recycle it".


They even add a piece of information that some programs hide in overly-complicated FAQ sections: "you can deposit and withdraw funds whenever you want." So far, so good: anything you so desperately need to know is right there in your face within seconds from registering. It's especially important since the FAQ section is actually hidden inside the welcome message, which is an unusual choice since you may need it beforehand. However, have I mentioned that the website is also pretty? Easy-to-navigate, logical and filled with pleasingly colorful graphics, such as the following:


It shouldn't surprise you, amigos, that I am a sucker for some colors and illuminative diagrams. If you are unbelievably, let's say, peculiar, and because of some deeply-rooted issues hate pictures, here's a literal expression of Recyclix's philosophy: "it all works as simple as ABC: you purchase the waste, we recycle it for you, and then sell it. Recyclix takes waste that no one wanted and turns it into high-technology materials that can be used in many various industries". Easy? When you think about it, if there is one thing our sad and overpopulated planet will never run out of it's probably waste (according to the reading materials on, "consumption of plastics has grown by 20 times during last 50 year"), so no wonder they have the "production capacity of up to 750 tons of film waste a month".

But how does it work exactly? How much you earn depends on the whole, e.g. 5-week (re)cycle (sorry, couldn't resist!), e.g. if you invest €1000, you gain €250. If you want to sell your all your waste, you'll get €1100, but you can also opt for reinvesting the money, claim your €250 and buy some waste for €1000. You can buy waste or start selling the recycled waste "in 2 weeks or a month", the "average monthly revenue rate is from 8 to 14%" . Obviously, there are some risks to consider and as far as Recyclix goes, they are: "ensuring that all raw materials that come to your manufacturing plants are homogenous and pure", "a risk that the raw materials will have certain foreign matter like pieces of metal car bumpers, which will lead to the equipment failure and business interruption" and "sometimes the vendor requires granules that possess certain characteristics like freeze resistance, durability, viscosity". In other words you need the purity and specificity to make it work.

If you have any questions regarding this mind-blowingly fresh (sic!) approach to rev-share, make sure to let Recyclix know via e-mail ( or, call their mobile (+48 662-862-010) or go to their so far super-niche Facebook page ( and 15 likes). You can also visit them in Warsaw, which may be interesting since so far you have usually visited places like London, the Maldives or Panama City:

(Al. Solidarno?ci 115, office 2, Warsaw, Poland).

It's really nice in the summer, amigos. And remember: waste not, want not, amigos!


Yours truly,



2015-10-05 15:12:44

great investment to recyclix..


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