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Dear readers!

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Recyclix (Aliaksandr Suranovas - president of the company):

Money-Monitor: I just need to address this right off the bat: I believe that you're our first interviewer residing in Poland. Does it surprise you in any way? Or do you meet a lot of people who are "in the business" in Poland?


Recyclix: Poland indeed isn't as popular as other countries in the online business world, but it's mainly because we don't usually see a real working business linked with the online revenue share model that works as it should. It is a surprise by itself to be providing such services as we do and we are proud to put the words "Made in Poland" next to our project.


Money-Monitor: My surprise at the Polish location also stems from the fact that investment products in Poland are quite restricted as far as all the regulations go and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority makes sure that you obey the rules. What legal measures have you undertaken as Recyclix?


Recyclix: The important thing here is the difference between the investment products and actual waste trade and recycling. The way we market Recyclix is to highlight the economic advantages and benefits of plastic recycling. There were several approaches to the legal side of our business including "Waste CFD's", but to avoid the complexity and licensing as an investment or brokerage firm we have decided to move on with a simple buy-and-sell concept, which can operate completely legitimately as a limited liability company that we are.


Money-Monitor: And how did you end up with a company that deals with recycling? Are you a huge Al Gore fan or something?


Recyclix: Actually it took quite a while to figure out in which direction to move so we had to do lots and lots of research identifying niches that haven't been completely taken yet. It turned out there aren't many industries with the same break-even timeframes as plastic recycling so that's why the decision was made in favor of financial return figures instead of popularity of the business in general, if I can put it this way.


Money-Monitor: I got to learn that your previous company, Franeks, was rather short-lived. Or is Recyclix in some way related to Franeks? Could you tell us more about that?


Recyclix: Recyclix is ex-Franeks, we have added "Plastic Recycling" to our scope of activities and decided to change the name to suffice the website so we could focus on further developing Recyclix as a brand.


Money-Monitor: So what has been your experience as far as online money making in general is concerned?


Recyclix: I am not a big fan of FOREX trusts and similar kind of things so there isn't much I can comment regarding this. It was too difficult to find a service with an acceptable level of return and risk ratio so I abandoned this idea. Start-ups are the only thing I like to crowdfund as they usually have a sparkle in their idea which makes them attractive. And actual people behind them.


Money-Monitor: I must admit that I'm really impressed with your website and I love all the graphics you use to explain your idea. Do you have an artist working with you or is it just your God-given talent?


Recyclix: I won't call it a talent if you ask me, I am just putting part of my soul in the production process to help the guys understand better how the concept should be illustrated in every detail. I can't admit we have a killer-design website but what we have under the trunk is really impressive and wild. We have best-of-the-best coders working at Recyclix so we know we are safe.


Money-Monitor: Despite the lovely pictures, I'm guessing that some people still may have trouble understanding the idea of turning waste into profit. How would you explain it to a complete novice?


Recyclix: The idea is simple. Waste is cheap, ground material costs more, and granules cost even more. You need to buy waste, recycle it, and sell the end product for a profit.


Money-Monitor: Do you believe that businesses such as yours may have an actual impact on the environment?


Recyclix: It all depends on us. If you look at it at the global scale, currently only 20% of the world’s plastics are recycled. We can’t give you the exact figures when it comes to the participation of our company in the world’s recycling, but we recycle about 7,000 tons yearly. There’s still a lot to be made and we’re glad about it. I won’t be cunning about the environment and benefitting the ecology, obviously it’s true, but in order to better the situation with waste recycling we still need to do so much. The governments of the EU countries support various green businesses and give them subsidies and discounts. Accordingly, the trend is growing and together with it grows our company. By working all on one thing and going in one direction we can really help the ecology.


Money-Monitor: OK, so can anybody go and see the facilities where all the waste-management magic happens? Where is it exactly?


Recyclix: The main production facilities are located in Riga and there’s nothing special happening inside of them. There are three people working in every of the two shifts and soon we’re planning to make a video presentation together with a media kit as a promo material. If you’re one of those who only believe what they see, you will be able to pay us a visit by prior arrangement since we value our customers’ needs. We send a part of our raw material for commercial recycling by third-party production facilities. One of them is located in Poland close to the German border.


Money-Monitor: Now that we know more about your philosophy, could you tell us who is involved in Recyclix besides you?


Recyclix: Recyclix is a small and friendly company that hires over 15 people. Our IT crowd is a designer, system administrator, coder, SEO specialist, lawyer, operation manager, and customer relations manager.


Our production facilities hire a shift foreman, manufacturing technician, six workers, procurement and sales manager, senior assembly worker, accountant, and financial director.


As you can see there is no excess of employees, but still we are always glad to welcome new talents who feel with the future of our planet and would like to become a productive member of our company. Please feel free to send your CVs at


Money-Monitor: Some of our users have noticed that just recently you were looking for new workers. Are you thinking of expanding your company?


Recyclix: We’re planning to hire new employees as our company grows. Obviously, we are going to develop our business in all parts of the world and we need goal-oriented people who want to write history of the future ecology.


Money-Monitor: And how about cooperating with your company? Let's say I'd like to join your line of business in Poland – are there licenses or any specific red-tape issues with which I'd have to deal?


Recyclix: It depends on what cooperation model you’d prefer. If you would like to increase the production capacity of our facilities by installing a new production line next to ours, then we will be glad to provide you with our license on operations with waste. In case you’d like to use our raw material in order to recycle it into granules and then sell it, you will need to make the papers yourself. If you know a third-party that can buy granules at a higher price, then you can act as a private person and that’s it. Just remember that we can talk over everything. Give us a call.


Money-Monitor: Not including the product itself, do you feel that Recyclix is somehow different from the programs in the business?


Recyclix: The company has been founded in order to attract the funds of its participants so that in several years it grows into a kind of social monopoly and becomes the biggest recycling company in Europe. Every participant will find their own place in our eco community for years to come, which we believe is the most important thing.


Money-Monitor: More and more companies buy longer-lasting certificates if only to ensure the clients in their stability. As you probably know, I've checked your domain status, as well as your security certificate, and it struck me that both documents have only one year left. Could you shed some light on your decision?


Recyclix: As a matter of course, the certificate and domain effective period will be prolonged and we do not think that it can influence any of the company’s internal processes in some way. We consider that it’s really weird to think that a presence of the certificate may guarantee something. Apart from it, as we all know companies that want to prove their legitimacy by showing long-term certificates really like accepting payments via Perfect Money or other payment methods that have been created for fraudulent operations.


Money-Monitor: Let me congratulate you on the effortlessness of the account registration. Most programs tend to go the other way, but you just need an e-mail address and a password. Weren't you tempted to ask users more questions?


Recyclix: Obviously, we need other data about the customer in order to make payments and create invoices for material purchase. However, all these data are requested upon payment, which has been made for improved convenience of the registration process. A lot of people don’t like filling out huge forms and that’s why we decided to do it this way.


Money-Monitor: What made you decide on the $20 bonus? So far, has it actually encouraged people to start investing?


Recyclix: Our system possesses a special interface that may be not too understandable to someone who visits our website for the first time. The best way to learn is about practice and that’s why we decided to gift 100 kilos of waste to our first participants. It should be clear that if tomorrow we have 100,000 new users, we will not be able to give this bonus anymore. This offer is available only to our first users. We don’t really like using word investment, but we can say that the demand for waste surprised us.


Money-Monitor: And are most of your users from Poland or Latvia?


Recyclix: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Serbia are our target markets.


Money-Monitor: What about clients meeting you face to face? Is it possible to meet you in your Warsaw office or is it just a virtual address? If it's more than just an address, what are your business hours and who represents you there?


Recyclix: If you would like to visit us for a cup of coffee, you’d better come to our sales office. The address in Warsaw is a legal one and we still can meet, but our place in Lomza will be a better choice unless you would like to buy a whole truck of waste right here and right now.


Money-Monitor: I've noticed that your Facebook page is not very popular at the moment. Are you planning to change that or are you just not interested in the whole social media aspect of promotion?


Recyclix: We haven’t started with promoting our Facebook page yet since we’re really busy preparing for the official launch.


Money-Monitor: Speaking of Facebook, instead of sending users to your main page, you encourage them to share the news on their walls. The same goes for Twitter and the other services. Why is that?


Recyclix: We’d like users to publish information on their pages instead of ours since we don’t really want to turn our page into a bulletin board.


Money-Monitor: As far as expanding your business in Poland and Europe goes, what are your plans?


Recyclix: We also have plans to expand in Latin America and Africa.


Money-Monitor: Let me end with my favorite staple: if everything goes as planned, where are you in 5 years from now?


Recyclix: We’re at the same place physically, but by then it will be one of the biggest in Europe when it comes to the production output and human capital. We want to create a monopoly and share its part with our participants. We know that if thousands of people will take part in our project, we will be able to create the most progressive, resourceful, and loyal company and make sure that our generation breathes fresh air and earns well.


2015-08-05 18:13:29

Can you share the name of the person from Recylix that you have interviewed? It's strange that their website does not mention anything about their key personnel.

2015-08-06 11:43:56

Aliaksandr Suranovas - president of the company.

2015-10-06 05:52:55

recyclix is good to help mother earth to free to polution and eco i hope many people invest in recyclix.


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