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ProfitClicking bucket withdrawalHello all!

I have been a member with PC for almost 2 years, joining when the program was JustBeenPaid. The first year and a half I put several thousand dollars into the program and watched my account grow, building up a large downline by heavily promoting.

During the year and a half not only were we able to enjoy fantastic earnings, we were able to enjoy withdrawals daily. At one point I was withdrawing $500 per week, while also continuing to build up my account with more earnings. I always left money in my balance as a safe guard for program restarts so I wouldn't lose my entire daily earnings during a restart. The system worked well. I simply followed the program's trainer's advice and played the game smart.


JustBeenPaid was changed to Profitclicking and things haven't been the same since. Several months of beta testing of the program's software, gltich after glitch, excuse after excuse, it's been a rocky ride. The system to deposit fresh money into the program works flawlessly. You can instantly deposit funds. When it comes to withdrawing the system has been in beta testing since day 1 and it isn't working and not working as advertised by the promoters.

PC has 2 withdraw systems. The regular queue and the bucket system. The regular queue used to pay out withdraw requests in 7-10 days in the beginning. Over time it grew to a month, then 2 months and now the queue has stopped paying out completley. Notice my pending withdrawals:

One request is approaching 4 months pending and another approaching 3 months pending. Next is the bucket system. The bucket system you have to keep requesting hundreds of times to get a request in, if you are lucky. The only people which the buckets work well for are the program's admins, mods, trainers and hyip monitors as they get priority access. The regular members have to sit in front of the screen trying all day over and over. I personally try a couple hundred times per day. The last time I was able to successfuly get a request from a bucket was December 8. The last 6 weeks I have been unable to get a withdrawal from any bucket. Attached is the limit reach screen shot, something burned in my memory at this point.

Repeated complaints to support have gone unanswered. They simply state the system is in beta and that most members are getting paid. If you read all of the member complaints on Facebook and the MMG forums you know this not to be true. I have emailed Doc twice and asked that he update us about this problem during his weekly calls but he has failed to do this. The program has all but ignored the problem. PC's entire focus is into bringing in new members at all cost. This means false advertising and mods stating lies on Facebook and Twitter. The mods are able to state the program is paying because the mods are being paid, just like the hyip monitors are being paid. I can assure you that if you registered a new account, not stating you are a monitor and use a new IP address so they have no clue who you are that you will see what the regular member is going through.


I am requesting that your monitor site state the truth about what PC is really doing so everyone knows the facts. At this point it isn't fair to recruit new unsuspecting people into the program knowing they will be unable to withdraw earnings.

Unfortunately I can't withdraw anything.

The best thing for PC to do before the word of them not paying spreads all over the net is for them to dump the unfair bucket system and go back to paying via the queue in the order in which the request was received. No favoritism to admins, mods, trainers or hyip monitors. Everyone needs to be paid fairly. If the cash flow won't allow them to pay fairly the way it is then lower the daily limit or create a weekly withdraw limit. Everyone being able to withdraw something is better than a small number being able to withdraw a higher limit.

Since there is no direct way for members to talk to PC management if there is something you can do to help our situation it would be much appreciated.



Money-Monitor response:

Thank you Wesley for sharing your experience with PC. I know from other readers that your problem is not an individual and PC managment should consider some changes. As I know they are working on that. I will forward this article to PC and I am expecting to receive an official unconventional response from PC side. In my opinion changes are necessary, otherwise the whole system will collapse. I hope that this article will motivate PC to make user-friendly improvements of their withdrawal system. 



2013-01-22 11:54:25

One rectification, I don't feel that as the hyip monitor I am favored or better treated. I have to also find the open withdrawal window and it's not always easy.

2013-02-17 04:29:14

I hit all 5 buckets on Feb 5th for $100.00 each.
I was looking forward to finally getting about 464.00 added to my payment processors.

A couple days ago PC cleared out my queue and returned the funds back to my wallet.

This really sucks...


2013-01-22 22:07:56

The withdraw system is a horrible experience by far . It's very easy to enter monies in this system, but withdrawing is extremely hard. Then we have panels that are backed up from 3 restarts/shift . PC's severs can't handle the traffic . PC needs to upgrade the servers .

2013-02-17 04:26:06

Why should they. They don't intend to pay anyone anyway...

2013-01-25 19:38:42

I asked all of my down line how they are doing and if they issues withdrawing. 15 out of 16 referrals in my down line haven't been able to withdraw anything since early December. Only 1 of my referrals has and it's because he is now a paid trainer for PC so they have priority access to the buckets. I am happy for the one paid member, but feel bad for all of my down line which isn't able to withdraw their earnings. I hope the changes they mentioned come fast and that they are effective in allowing ALL MEMBERS to be able to withdraw earning.

2013-01-26 12:07:49

Update: All of my pending withdrawals have been cancelled and the funds returned to my wallet. I don't see a difference with the withdrawal system yet, so still waiting for the new withdraw system. Nothing from PC to let us know when this is going to happen.

2013-01-29 00:41:12

update: same old story here. Queue isn't paying out and not possible to get bucket withdrawals. Complaints from members reaching all time high on various forums about PC.

2013-02-03 04:55:42

To Money Monitor:

If a monitor wants to really monitor a site, you cannot go in there and pose as a Money Monitor, because you will get priority treatment. Your job as a HYPI MONITOR is to create accounts like the rest of us and report the truth. REMEMBER YOUR CREDIBILITY IS ON THE LINE because we don't just come here for nothing. Your evaluation of PC is not accurate nor or any one who is not carrying out the monitoring process efficiently. If you lose credibility then people won't come here. So please reimplement an anonymous account at PC and report on it as accurately as you can. Thanks for all you help.


2013-02-04 17:13:29

We are not monitoring only our own account, we have a unique complaint system which allow us to verify every investor's problem.

2013-02-27 22:41:41

ProfitClicking a scam. Everything they do, not to pay. The program is six months in the beta. All the time they tell us that it is good. Sensational. Buckets that the system is a success. In this program, owners are doing just withdraw.

2013-02-27 22:44:27

I asked PC admin about new withdrawal rules and greenlight system problems, and I received this response:

"Our new withdrawal system is in place now.
We are testing the new system and should be ready by the weekend to resume paying pending withdrawals."

So there is still a hope that this is only a test mode, and something will change "soon".

2013-03-07 20:21:57

My experiences are identical to the gentleman that wrote the article. I have approximately 51K invested in the program and earn at least $500.00 to 1,000 a day. "virtual" money. The last time I have been able to get a withdrawal was early October.

Repeated emails to their help desk only result
with "canned" responses. I find the program very confusing as I see improvements in the basic program on a regular basis. But there's never a improvement in the withdrawal system.

The latest is a "premium" ad packs system that is designed for only NEW money.The members that made the program successful are left out in the cold.

Their green light system hits maximum withing 1-3 seconds after it turns on. I think they are under funding the buckets... Also to mis-lead members the green light stays on for a couple of minutes after the buckets are emptied..

This is PURE SCAM.

2013-03-11 12:30:25

I agree also with the person whom wrote this report and i also agree with the above post, PC has used its older members to build there reputation online and then ignored them when they wanted to start withdrawing funds ,none of the members that started with the basic adpack system are getting withdraws their money is in limbo and completely useless to them i have been a member for nine months and built up my account over this time but since trying to withdraw 4 weeks ago i have been unable to, the green light system is a complete joke and is designed to give the impression that they are paying but its a con they are simply conning their members.I have stopped promoting this farce and I have also informed my downline and now they also have stopped promoting it,I know that this may be down to my own stupidity for trusting this scam in the first place but i do believe that there is still some justice in this world and that scams and hypes like this can be exposed to the world ,It's time to tell the truth about Profitclicking . So if anyone whom is thinking about joining this scam and is douting these comments and reviews then please ask yourself this Question what would we as members of Profitclicking gain .

2013-04-01 12:31:11

Profitclicking close our account. For no reason. We fear no longer even log into your account. Because per it can also be locked. They treat us like morons. They force to hunt for buckets. As someone hits, it often has the lock. It makes no difference whether or not he used a bot.

2013-04-01 12:45:29

they say to us, "it's your business." is a lie. My Business? I can not decide about their own business. I can not withdraw money from my business. Now Profitclicking blocked my account. I can not enter the "my business". It is as if someone would not let me to enter to my shop or office. Not answer questions. Is there no rights at them?

2013-04-02 13:15:59

You tell us that it is "our business." This is a lie. My Business? Why then, I can’t control my “own business”?. Why can’t I withdraw money from my company?
Now my account is blocked. I can not go to "my business". It is as if someone would not let me go to my shop or office. You do not respond to our questions. Is there no law for you? I invested my money, in 16 months I built my business. And now I can not go to my office? Because Profitclicking keeps the doo closed from the other side? Is this normal?
You ask us to promote ProfitClicking? You must be kidding, I would not promote profitclicking to my worst enemy.

2013-04-02 13:18:16

Profitclicking is blocking our account without giving any reason. We fear to log into our accounts, so as not to be locked out. You treat us like morons., like brainless idiots, you insult us with every new gimmick you can think of in order not to pay out.
You force us to hunt for “buckets”, the most ridiculous and humiliating experience. And even in rare cases, once a “bucket” is found and you click on it , it is often locked, the bucket is full.. There is no difference whether you use a bot or not. One of my referrals requested a payment of 50 dollars from premium account, and his account was blocked, his back office was closed!!!!!

You tell us that it is "our business." This is a lie. My Business? Why then, I can’t control my “own business”?. Why can’t I withdraw money from my company?
Now my account is blocked. I can not go to "my business". It is as if someone would not let me go to my shop or office. You do not respond to our questions. Is there no law for you? I invested my money, in 16 months I built my business. And now I can not go to my office? Because Profitclicking keeps the doo closed from the other side? Is this normal?
You ask us to promote ProfitClicking? You must be kidding, I would not promote profitclicking to my worst enemy.


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