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Opulentia review

First of all, I have to admit that I truly believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with being ostentatiously rich. Quite the opposite - if there was an easy way to achieve it, my very first reaction would be: Please, sign me in!  So when I came across the Opulentia program, I started thinking that I finally found my place in the world. Why? Because in Latin opulentia means wealth, power, might and splendid. Sounds good, doesn't it? After an hour (or more...) of daydreaming, I decided to find out more about Opulentia's promising offer.

To begin with, existing investors may confirm that for 4 months now (namely, from the beginning), the distribution of payouts are transfered like clockwork. To be precise, like a Swiss clockwork and that's actually the case, because the administrators introduce themselves as a private investment program based in Switzerland.

Confirming this information, on the other hand, is somewhat of a puzzle, since the company's address or registration number is not given. What can be found, however, is the Whois Search result and the holder of the domain name is as follows:

Beletzky Daniel Landstrasse 98

CH-5430 Wettingen


For the sake of transparency, let's hope that the administrators will decide to verify their company in our system.

Now, let us take a closer look at Opulentia's website. To start with, the site is designed in a strikingly simple and user-friendly way so as to make it as easy to navigate as possible.

What does this neat package contain?

Firstly, the investment plan. The program offers not one, but two really straightforward plans:

icon daily (2.15% interest per business day for 365 days)

Opulentia icon weekly paying (11% weekly return for 55 weeks).

The deposit is returned to the investors after the end of the term.

Which plan is more beneficial? What kind of return rate can we expect?

Suppose I invested $100. After 10 weeks I will get a profit of 107.5% in the daily plan and 110% in the weekly investment plan. As you can see, the difference is actually subtle, but when you are choosing the daily plan you can feel free to enjoy your profits from Monday to Friday.

 Therefore, it may seem that the benefits of the daily plan are quite modest, but does the situation change when our term expires? When it comes to the daily plan, the return of investment is 784.75% (365x2.15) and when you choose the weekly form of investment the rate is 605% (11x55). Bearing in mind that after the completion of the investment plan you will get our deposit back, you are left with quite the profit. And now I get to the point where I have to ask myself the fundamental question: is it really possible to generate such profits in real investments..? I hope to have the opportunity to ask administration about it soon.

         The minimum deposit is just $1 and you can pay it via different payment systems:

Liberty Reserve Perfect Money Global Digital Pay SolidTrustPay Alertpay

Also, you can support your investment using the compounding option.

What else does Opulentia promise?

Those who promote the program with a referral link will be able to enjoy the three-tier affiliate program. The commission from a direct referral is:

5% from the first level,

3% from the second and

2% from the third level referrals.

Taking the multilevelness into account, it seems to be a very generous offer.


 Additionally, Opulentia gives you the opportunity to use an internal currency exchange, which is a true rarity in such programs. What's more, the commission there is just 1% and that may be considered a real steal. However, you have to remember that you can only exchange the available balance not the active deposit.


Opulentia exchange rates


But what is the most important factor when considering websites that deal with finances?

Security! And that definitely is the Opulentia's strong suit since the program offers additional account security options. Despite the fact that Opulentia uses the licensed goldcoders script,


the problems with the script's data security are commonly known. However, there is a  quick fix to that - just find the Security tab in your account and you can ensure the additional security of your account by choosing the option of detecting IP or browser changes.



To add to this, the server IP address ( suggests that when it comes to preventing DDoS attacks, Dragonara is behind it. What's more, the server is protected with SSL Certificate, which provides the security and confidentiality of all transactions.

All in all, it seems that Opulentia does enough to ensure the security of the accounts and their own website. The program gets 7 out of 10 points from me.

Is Opulentia still recommendable to invest?

Hard to say, really, but what must be pointed out is that Opulentia is now definitely at the peak of its popularity (Alexa page rank: 28,946) and it is a growing trend.

All of the payouts are executed smoothly and we have not received a single complaint. Currently, Opulentia can be considered as one of the leaders of the market and is being monitored by the most acknowledged website monitoring services. As a personal sidenote, I'd like to add that we are hoping to interview the Opulentia's administrators and find out more about their long-time plans and ask more questions about their program. Also, we would like to invite them to the investor care program that allows for a solid and real monitoring of all the payments in the program.

         Are you daydreaming now? Or do you find the dream too good to be true? Stay tuned!


Yours truly,



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