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NubCoYu reviewI’m a sucker for changes, I must admit. Lately it seemed that every program I encountered was asking me for my money without giving anything in return. Don’t you worry, amigos, I’m not crazy – I don’t mean presents or fame or a better longevity, just some basic information.

Don’t you feel like more and more programs and companies want you to invest your money “just because”?

As if we didn’t need all the information we can get about their background, methods and – that’s just a crazy idea! – identities. Because what you really don’t want to know is the name of the person you give your money to, right? I’d say that most program creators have watched The Godfather way too many times... Trust for the sake of trust works in the movies, guys. Real world works on full name basis and background checks. Or at least it used to, I guess.

While the name itself is more than confusing, NUBCOYU is on the “more transparent” side when it comes to the “revealing information” policy. Despite the level of difficulty when it comes to spelling, much less pronouncing, the name of the company, it’s “About Us” section is rather inspiring. Why, you ask? Because, first of all, it has more than three sentences about how great, amazing and competent “experts” they are. For one thing, we get to understand the reasons for the unpronounceable name: Nubcoyu is the team leader/creator of the company, which “consists of 5 people”.

For a HYIP, it’s a rarity to actually find out SOMETHING about the inner workings of the program. What does NUBCOYU do?

“They aim to invest and expand their mutual funds using low to high risk levels markets”, which basically means that they also invest in “restaurants, guest houses and other low yield assets” as well as in “other online opportunities, such as HYIPs, matrixes, MLMs, cyclers, etc.” but only in programs “at the pre-launch stage” and based on “information from the inner circle”, which sounds a bit like industrial espionage, doesn’t it? In addition to this, NUBCOYU is interested in “Forex Trading, bonding, sport arbitrages and all other fluctuating markets all over the world” and “covers markets in affiliate marketing and e-commerce” that is they “create websites that sell products for famous and trusted providers such as Amazon, MarketHealth and LeadAgree”. Regrettably, there is no more information regarding the big players as NUBCOYU only “plans to showcase their websites soon so that wouldn't be a long wait”, which may actually mean anything, let’s not kid ourselves... I said that they are articulate, but I sure didn’t promise them being explicit.

Which is why, I guess, they just couldn’t resist the temptation to say that the money put into NUBCOYU are “managed by a team of NUBCOYU investment experts”. We live in the world of experts, it seems, amigos. Also, that’s probably the reason why they claim to be a “registered company” but, yet, no palpable proof of that can be found on their website. Well, that’s the modern life, amigos. Although the contact form, as well as the name, suggest Japan as NUBCOYU’s headquarters

(to be specific: 400-0108, Yamanashi Prefecture, Kai City, Utsunoya, 445, Japan),

the server location seems to be Chicago. The website has been online for more or less two months (the domain was created on 2012-08-07) and the creators decided to invest in it for at least 2 years (the domain expires on 2014-08-07). When it comes to security, there are some major gaps to be filled. Despite the advertising that they have a “DDos Protected Server”, no further information regarding this protection can be found on the website. What’s more, only after manually adding the “https” part to the address, does it become secure (PositiveSSL Comodo Certificate, bought on 26 September 2012), which – one may claim – is not the way to ensure maximum security. One may also claim that even though it’s not always “secured”, it should at least seem this way when trying to log in – but that’s just one person’s opinion, amigos... The website is one of the more elaborate ones – you get all the basic information you might need.

It may not be the most user-friendly or the prettiest website ever, but it sure looks professional and not as “young” as it really is. Signing up is straightforward, you need either an EgoPay, Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money account (or SolidTrustPay, but that one is mentioned in the FAQ section only; or, strangely, “Strict Pay” according to Terms and Conditions), and you need to be a man. Why? Because upon registration, “the Client” needs to “solemnly” declare that “he has carefully read and fully understood the entire text of the Terms and Conditions and the risk disclosure with which he fully and unreservedly agrees”.

Women not allowed? That’s a new one in the HYIP world! I told you I like changes, but I guess I didn’t see this one coming... Provided that you are a man and, therefore, you are fully eligible for a NUBCOYU account, you can start investing at $10 and there is no maximum amount set. Investing is fairly easy since there is one plan only: you get 1.4% a day for 200 days, which is “acquired at the end of each business day (Monday - Friday)”.

As we all know, long-term plans are usually the most interesting ones, especially when compounding is available, which is true in NUBCOYU’s case. You can make additional deposits, but remember that all transactions are handled manually, so it may take some time – payouts take up to 48 hours. The minimum to withdraw is just $1, but the principal is not returnable.

As you may see, NUBCOYU is all about the simplicity, and their referral program is no different: you get “5% from every amount of funds deposited by investors who used your unique referral link”. Contacting NUBCOYU should not be a problem either: you can call them (+81447-36-7722 ), e-mail them ( or use a contact form ( The social media addicts can also use Facebook or Twitter to get a hold of NUBCOYU, however it seems that the company has just begun its SM expansion (12 Facebook “likes” only).Will any of you become one of the “likes”, amigos?


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