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Hola mis amigos!

If you’re missing the sun on your face, our today’s protagonist is as close as you can get to feeling the rays of sunshine online.

With its lemony and bright buttons backdropped against the grey sky, NordeBank sends the message of confidence and professionalism. However, while the name sounds very serious, bear in mind that NordeBank is not an actual bank. It is, however, a limited company that created a rather sophisticated page with plenty of reading materials for those seeking this kind of thrill. Thrill-seekers will also enjoy the mountains and racing-related graphics, and the "Useful Links" section that includes actually really useful links, such as: "Password Generator", "Google 2-Step Verification", "Protectimus for AdvCash", and "E-currency exchange".

According to the website, NORDEBANK Group is "a part of the biggest financial services group NORDE ASA in Norway" and hires only happy, cheerful and colorful people, as the "Members of the board" profile photos show. The company is "registered in England and Wales under Companies' House" under the following number: 10599032 ( and the office is located in Birmingham. The website has been secured with GeoTrust EV SSL certificate valid until February 14, 2018. The domain was registered just recently, on January 5, 2017(although, as one can see in the footer, they were working on it since 2015), and expires in 2022. As you may have already deduced, it isn't one of the easiest websites to browse as there are many sections, subsections and infographics to browse through. I would be completely fine with it if it weren’t for the fact that abundance does not necessarily equal informativeness. But here’s what we know: NORDEBANK has two subsidiaries, that is NORDE LEASING, dealing with car leasing, and IPAS NORDE Asset Management, which deals with pension funds and fund management. But how exactly do they operate, you ask, mis amigos? This I am not able to tell you.

While the page may not be straightforward, opening an account is and it takes seconds. What is also clear is how to invest your money as there are fun diagrams and buttons on your dashboard helping you do it. There is one account per person, but the deposits are unlimited. You can deposit money using PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash or Bitcoin. Deposits start at $25 and end at $100,000. All you need to do is choose one of the four investment plans: Leasing, Factoring, Real Estate or Start Up. Leasing means 130% "total profit percent" after 15 days and starting with just $25 (2% daily), Factoring means at least $500 and 175% "total profit percent" after 30 days (2.5% daily), to go with Real Estate you need at least $1000 to get 280% "total profit percent" after 60 days (3% daily) and Start Up requires at least $10000, promising 450% "total profit percent" after 100 days (3.5% daily). There is a handy calculator that looks like a ruler to help you choose. You always get your deposit back upon maturity. Payouts are handled automatically and start at $1. If you need anything, there’s a swift ticket system and a pop-up chat to make use of. Naturally, you can also send them a traditional e-mail ( or call them directly (+44 020 8133 4122) between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

If you feel like recommending this program, you may take advantage of their 3-level Partner Program that pays 8%, 3% or 2%. If you are really really really into NORDEBANK, you may also go with their Representative Program which pays 12%, 3% or 2%.

What I enjoy about this sunny page is the lack of social media. It's like the outside world does not exist for a moment. I know, I know, I am old. But I still enjoy lemony stuff, especially in a gin&tonic. And that is always a good sign.


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