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NoBox reviewHola mis amigos!


If you’ve been following our newsletters, you know that we’re always trying to arrange a little get-to-know-one-another, as soon as we introduce a new program into our powerful list. What’s more, you should also be familiar with m-m’s rather enthusiastic “trailer” of a new hybrid, namely NoBox.

Today, I’m going to take a closer look at this supposedly truly innovative investment program that was actually “not launched as an investment program”. Mystery? Let’s dive right into that...

First of all, what you need to know about NoBox is that you can, in fact, know something. Quite a surprise, right? In times when everybody hides behind the Internet mask of anonymity, NoBox creator, Karlo Marek, a blogger from Santiago, Chile, decided to break all the rules and introduce himself to all the potential members:

“I (Karlo Marek) seeking, investing and earning online since early 2003. In the year 2010, I have started a newsletter service, which turned an online blog with its own domain by the end of 2011. Mid of 2012, I discovered the power of Google+ and changed the blog into a circle only information site. Linking to my G+ profile. Later I forwarded the domain to a Google+ Business page”.

I know it may seem silly that nowadays we celebrate things that used to be obvious, but dealing with online money making programs, we give credit where credit’s due – and transparency seems to be the first rule most programs throw out a window. Karlo Marek does not only shy away from sharing his name, he also encourages some – some may say – intimate contact with him. Now, get your minds out of the gutter, amigos, what I meant was that it’s easy to contact Karlo who claims that “if you just like to connect or connect with me, feel free to use Google+” to do so. Or use “Telephone or Skype Calls are handy for my inner circle on Google+ [...] I enjoy communication, and this will not change by launching NoBox”.

To add to this, we have this little bit: “I always believed in communications, the ticket system of the script should be used for technical or account related problems. Since the ticket is linked to the users account, it is easier to figure any technical or financial related difficulty on with this communication stream. Yet if, you like to communicate with me feel free to send me an email”. Encouraged?

However, be warned that it’s rather unnecessary to contact Karlo since he gave the readers one of the most exhaustive FAQ section ever. No templates, no substandard information, just simple and informative messages. Want an example? You ask and I provide. Let’s start with the most crucial questions related to security:

Is my personal information secure?

Absolutely, I have never given any information about my readers out, and there will be no such thing on NoBox. The script is from shadow scripts, what is considered the safest and best script in the MLM/Investment/Hybrid industry”.

How about the script?

“The Shadows Script is second to none when it comes to security. Additionally, NoBox provides a SSL encryption on the entire NoBox experience”.

One may check the encryption for themselves, it’s your typical COMODO SSL certificate purchased on 15 January 2013, valid for a year. Since we’re already checking things out, the domain was created on 11 November 2012 and expires on 10 November 2014. Usually at this point we also try some background checking, but it seems rather pointless here. After all, if you want to, you should “feel free” to contact the creator himself.

Since the world is all about harmony and the Internet, despite all the crazy theories, is still somehow connected to our world, the same rules apply – if there’s an upside, there should be a downside as well. Shall we investigate? So far we know that transparency – good; how about the website itself? While won’t sweep you off your feet, it’s what we often call “well done”. Not aggressive, no stupid color schemes, no infantile pictures of people being “successful”. Could it use some makeover sessions? Sure. Will it survive without them? Naturally.

The website designer apparently chose the “need-to-know” attitude towards designing, so the page is user-friendly, easy to navigate, but it won’t make you go “Wooow”. Signing up is straightforward and all you really need to give is your first name and e-mail address.What is somewhat disturbing is the logo, because, well, there’s no other way to say this: what exactly is the mermaid doing there? Why does she have two tails? Maybe I need to rewatch some Disney, but as far as I remember the whole deal with a mermaid was that she had no legs, just one tail. Still, what does it symbolize? So many confusing thoughts... Anyway, the logo kind of reminds me of Starbucks and coffee, so fine.

To add to this, I really enjoy the whole concept: the name plus the slogan “Don’t think outside the box... Think like there is No Box”. The only thing I’d suggest – and it’s a teeny tiny bug, that’s all – is to decide on one way of writing the name: so far there’s “Nobox” in the title, “No Box” in the ad, and “NoBox” in the text. When you mix that with the two-tail mermaid conundrum, I’m double confused.

In the maze of the abundance of information, it would seem that I forgot the most important issue: the money. Don’t underestimate me, amigos, it’s just that so rarely do I get to have so much to work with that I cherish the occasion. OK, the first thing you need to know is that, according to its creator, NoBox is not really an investment program. To start with, it’s a hybryd of a HYIP, surf and ad platform. What’s more, as Karlo points out, “right now the payments are equal a Surf or HYIP website”, which means that “the payments are 2% daily, and [...] reaching a peak of 3.4%”. How’s that? It’s all because of NoBox’s original insurance scheme a.k.a. “the security-holdback amount”, which is possible thanks to “[b]anner ads, surf premium ads, text ads, affiliate revenue, cash-backs and referral commissions produced by [Karlo’s] investnote links”.

As we mentioned in our newsletter, “provided that there’s enough money, a user gets 2% per day until they achieve the 180% ROI limit”. Bear in mind, though, that there are, all in all, three membership to choose from: the Free Membership ($5 minimum, non-returnable) requires daily surfing and limits the purchase of revenue packs to 200, No Box Subscription ($4.99 a month) also requires daily surfing, but there are no limits as to how many packs you may buy, and you can “advertise 10 websites, receive 15 credits for premium ads (3 per day), receive 5 credits for manual ads (watch minimum 5, maximum 50 ads a day)”, while NoSurf Subscription, as the name suggests, doesn’t require watching ads and gives one the opportunity to advertise 25 websites.



Interest is “calculated and credited to your NoBox account” daily, precisely at 11:59 PM. According to NoBox’s latest newsletter, “if you hold a membership there is much more advantage to it as the ROI on Adjustment Friday. [...] The referral commission is higher, and so are the credits you be given during surfs. Additionally you be able to advertise more sites in the Rotator”. The Adjustment Day actually happened only once since the program “has just started last week” it happened on last “Adjustment Friday” “[o]nce the time on the NoBox servers hit 11:59 PM” one was able to “cash-in on the Adjustment Friday ROI”. What has also been altered recently is separating those without membership from membership holders which happened to the advantage of the latter ones.

Thus, the ROI goes as follows: “None Memberships 2.4% Memberships 3.2%”. Now, the plans are out of our way, there’s one more NoBox’s feature that should be investigated, that is “cash back”, a manually processed system which allows a much higher than usual affiliate commission for selected products (items, memberships), or as one may read in FAQ, it’s about “additional dividends that are generated from referral commissions, affiliate programs, product sales and cash-back from selected partners”. As you can see, there’s a lot to consider.

Altough Karlo says, NoBox is “a revenue portal unlike any other profit share website”, there are some things that should be familiar to anyone, such as a referral program. NoBox offers a three-level program so you earn when you refer, but also from the referrals of those you invited and “you get a commission from the referrals, invited by the referrals of your directly invited clients”. Want some rough numbers? If you have a membership you get 1%-5% and 0.5%-3% without any membership.

And which path do you choose, amigos? Is NoBox’s unusual offer right up your alley or will you say No, Box?



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