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WeFindWaysHola mis amigos!

It seems that the colder it gets, the less news we get. I kind of like this new trend, it makes me feel always up to date.

And that’s how I can concentrate more on things like, I don’t know, talking to people in the real world or, let’s think, other normal stuff. I can’t remember what they are right now, but let me get back to you with that.

Anyway, we’re still working as hard as always to make sure you, dear amigos, are caught up with what’s important. And this week we’d like you to get to know some of our newest program additions: We Find Ways, DollarInside and Debt Relieft Limited.



I do not have any favorites, but the program I’d like to concentrate on today is We Find Ways. Why, you ask? Because I simply enjoy long-term relationships, that’s just the kind of reviewer I am. “We Find Ways” is a strange name for a company, a little less strange for a website, but still somehow it implies creative accounting or travel agency for those who like to wander in the mountains or something. Still, from what one can gather about We Find Ways (and it’s not much – it’s one of those pages that protects its identity), when trying to track down the whereabouts of the company, one can come by this lovely message “visit Nobby Beach”. I’d actually love to visit any kind of beach right now, but that still doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to know more... To my discontent, the only piece of information I got was that the domain was created on the 22th of February 2012 and that it expires within two years.

We Find Ways’s website is basic to say the least. One may go as far as say that it seems to be under construction right now, but they just call it the “Pre-Launch” state. It’s kind of confusing, but maybe that’s because I’m just pre-lunch...

The FAQ sections provides us with some answers and the most important is that to the following question:

“How can I make money with WeFindWays?”

(a tiny side note: they should also clarify the proper name of the company – is it “We Find Ways”, “WeFindWays” or “Wefindways”? Because all of the above are being used at the same time...). Believe it or not, you can make money with We Find Ways by doing many different things, but most of them have something to do with advertising.

First of all, with as little as $1 you can buy “The Liquid Package Programs” which should make you “the proud owner of a Traffic-Exchange package”. Every $0.01 of that money will be “spent on giving you advertising impressions”. The target of this program seems rather obvious, it’s designed for those who want “[their] website (or websites!) [to] get tons of viewers” thanks to the “new-found advertising power”. In addition to this, “until you've reached 250% of your purchase amount back, you will get to enjoy all the advantageous earnings on each package”, but you should also remember that “due to the variety of factors that assures the durability of WeFindWays (which includes your earning health), the amount of earnings may vary”. Another way to be a part of We Find Ways is to choose the “Elite Program”. As the name may suggest, it’s all about being the chosen ones – if you want to buy the Elite package, you will have to wait to be “manually approved” by the system... The Elite Program is a “unique Advertisement program where Elite Advertisers give exclusive referral opportunities from which our Members can benefit from”. How this works is that the “program begins when advertisers choose to enter the Elite Program, and then provide their referral opportunities (which include discounts in hotels, car rentals, hosting purchases, or anything of that nature)”. The catch is that no more than five of “Elite Advertisement spots can be provided” and that three of them “are randomly shown before all the surf advertisements begin”. What do you get out of it? 80% of what the advertiser paid to “be shared between all Members”. One may say that it’s just like in a cult of some kind. But no judgment here, amigos.

If you want, you can also join the referral program (1-5% commission), but in order to do that you must be a part of We Find Ways’ Matrix Program. Actually, before you do basically anything, you must join the Matrix. Yes, join it, not run away from it – I know, it’s controversial, amigos. Since it’s the “Pre-Launch” phase of the program, anybody can purchase “any actual Liquid ads”, but – still – “they first need to be part of this Matrix”, which is “a 2x2, costs $10 to enter, and earns Members a total of $30 once they’ve referred two Members, who then refer themselves two Members in turn”. Clear? One may, again, suggest that it may remind of some kind of a cult but, again, no judgment here. Once you’re a part of the Matrix, and once it’s completed, you will get a prime spot “in the recycled Matrix” and then the whole process is restarted and then begins again.

Another We Find Ways’ feature is the “E-Currency Exchange”, which allows the members to “request their earnings either in the same e-currency as they used during the investment, or be able to make an exchange to an entirely different e-currency”. The second scenario ensures that the “service charge is divided between the administrator costs and the system”, which should mean “that 50% of the paid cost is put into the profit-sharing pool which also generates new money to assist in sustaining the WeFindWays system”.

To sum up all what you need to know about We Find Ways: you need at least $10 to enter the Matrix system, at least $1 to buy one of the Liquid Packages, you can invest up to $30000 and earn up to 3% a day. The payouts should not take more than 24 hours, however “[i]n case of many exchanges to a specific e-currency [...] we allow up to 72 hours for withdrawal requests”. You can withdraw as little as $1 and the principal is non-returnable. We Find Ways accepts Liberty Reserve, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money as well as bank deposits. Signing up is easy and you don’t even have to give them your last name. The website, however, doesn’t seem to be protected in any way, so watch out.


Other two programs, Debt Relief Limited and DollarInside, seem rather simple in comparison. Debt Relief Limited wants at least $10 to start and you can start earning after the first day. To be precise, the plans are as following: 105-110% after 1 day, 130-140% after 3 days, 150-180% after 5 days, 240-280% after 10 days and 300-360% after 15 days. The minimum to withdraw is $1, but the principal is not a part of that rule. The withdrawals may take up to the classic 24 hours and you can you Perfect Money, EgoPay and Liberty Reserve. The support system is barely there – if you have any questions your only option is to send a ticket, which actually looks ridiculously out of date. DollarInside is just a little bit more prepared – the support system is equally outrageous, but at least it looks better. However, this website is at least protected: “[they] use famous AntiDDos server provider with their highest level protection” as well as “Comodo SSL certificate to make sure data between members and our website is safe”. To find your “DollarInside” you need to give them at least $10 of yours forever, but the minimum to withdraw is only $0.01. DollarInside supports Perfect Money and Liberty Reserve only and the payouts take up to 24 hours. The plans are similar to those of Debt Relief Limited: 128% after 1 day, 280% after 4 days, 700% after 8 days, 1260% after 16 days, 2953% after 31 day and 12232% after 60 days.


When it comes to your basic news, not much happened last week. With the notable exception of an extreme DDoS attack on AVO INC. I’m telling you, when it rains, it pours.



“73,000,000 packets-per-second (PPS) SYN Flood and 118 Gbps UDP attack” do not sound good. According to the latest newsletter, AVO INC suffered from “the largest DDoS attack in the history of the Internet”. It may sound dramatic, but as of now AVO INC is protected against such attacks by “the highest protection packages available” that “cost [AVO] more than half a million dollars”. It’s hard to confirm such a piece of information but from one can gather is using Amazon Web Services to host their files and, what is actually mentioned in the newsletter, “[AVO] moved to Prolexic [,] [t]he same protection provider that Liberty Reserve and most of the international banks use”. AVO assures that it’s more than enough to keep the service safe and let’s hope that’s true!

While AVO INC was combating attackers, Prospera Nova celebrated its first anniversary. Life just isn’t fair sometimes, right?



It may seem as if every day is yet another celebration for a program. This time Prospera Nova announced that a month passed since they had begun their online invasion. Moreover, according to the newsletter, “[t]hings are going fine and according to [their] plans”, “withdrawals are being processed within a couple of hours” and if you’d like to suggest some changes, you should not “hesitate to e-mail [them] and [they] will do [their] best to please your needs”.



I was spoiling you these last couple of weeks, amigos. Actually, it wasn’t me, it was just the way the programs dealt with all the problems, but still. It seems that they run out of luck or something.

Rich Deposit and TradingBanque stopped paying. Liberty Reserve seems to have some love/hate relationship with newGNi – for the second time in the last two months, newGNi encountered some major problems with the LR account. This time newGNi’s account was blocked because of the fact that it got “limited” without any prior notification. What it meant was that “they [were] able to receive [...] but not to process payments” and that resulted in newGNi’s decision to end the cooperation with Liberty Reserve for good: “newGNi will not allow LibertyReserve deposits and/or withdrawals at all - and please be assured that this will be now a definite decision”. As of now, members who use LR can witdraw their money to SolidTrustPay for free.

Liberty Reserve seems to be on some kind of a roll these days. Lilion Transfer team also reported that their main LR was blocked. Again, no formal explanation was given, but Lilion Transfer hopes that the problem will be resolved soon and that it was just a “mistake or script error”. As for now, they simply “do not buy LR anymore until LR explains why [the] account [was] blocked”, which seems more than fair.


Let’s hope next week will bring us some more positive news, amigos. What I know for sure is that we’ll have something really special prepared for you next week: an exclusive interview with the famous Ex-Admin. Stay tuned!


Yours truly,


ldquo;How can I make money with WeFindWays? server provider with their highest level protection/a


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