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Hola mis amigos!

I don’t know about you, but lately everything seems to be spinning around me, and not in a hot-pants-Kylie-Minogue kind of way. Is that just me or was last month incredibly busy? I know we have been truly active over at So as not to waste your precious time, let us begin.



To start with, despite lacking some major tlc (but it may be due to the fact that the website was created on 2013-01-11), Marico Trade’s page is rather easy to navigate. However, the compliments end there since it’s not properly secured and they demand your full name upon registration while close to nothing can be found about the program’s creators, which I find truly hypocritical (although a whois search reveals the following info: “Admin Address: 103 Student Drive P.O., Muscle Shoals 2603, Alabama, US,, +1.8005551212).

 Other than than, setting up an account is a piece of cake and can be done within seconds. According to the rather poorly developed “About Company” section, Marico Trade’s business model is “really simple” and that means that “investors entrust MT with their funds; Marico Trade, in turn, trade them in a wide variety of investment tools - both online and offline - to provide the yield way above the market”. Not clear? How about now: “we have Rent Heavy Equipment as Main Business and Trading Gold Business”?

I thought so, amigos. Let’s just make this clear: it’s a hyip that is “backed up by Forex market trading”. As far as the money issue goes, you have to spend at least $10 (non-returnable) using LR or PM and “depending on each plan”, the interest is acquired “Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Yearly and credited to your available balance at the end of each day”. The interest varies between and among the Basic and Locked Plans: with Basic Plans that last 90 or 180 days it is 2%-2.80%, with Locked Plans (also 90 or 180 days) it’s 2.4-3.2%, depending on the amount you choose to invest. When withdrawing, remember that Marico Trade has a 8% withdrawal fee. According to the FAQ section, “funds are usually available within 12 business hours”.

Attention: Trusted Profits has a PROBLEM status

With a much less irritating, better designed and secured website (Comodo PositiveSSL certificate valid from 2/15/2013), Trusted Profits Ltd. is just as withholding when it comes to the “About Us” part: “Trusted Profits is an asset management group that provides investments services, risk management and advisory services to both institutional and individual investors across the globe”. Have you learned much? A whois search leaves you with literally nothing and the “Contact” section is just a support form, nothing more. The setting up process is identical to that of Marico Trade, even the same data are required. To add to this, the minimum investment is also set at $10, but the comparison ends there since the principal is returned to you. The plans are different, there is no compounding option, there are six of them and the names go as follows: “125% after 1 day”, “180% after 3 days”, “250% after 5 days”, “300% after 7 days”, “500% after 15 days”, “1500% after 30 days”. No maximum investment amount is set, and “all payments are made to your account daily”. Also, there is no withdrawal fee and funds are “usually available within 12 hours”.



While it’s clear that UInvest has a new interface, it’s much harder to notice that it also has some new functionalities, e.g. UMS (UInvest Messaging System) and “loans mechanism, an opportunity to search through the news and a working board, and higher speed for downloading”.

ProfitClicking has finally implemented the “long-awaited” Green Light System for withdrawals. What it means for an average user is “no more guessing when the ‘bucket’ is open to request a withdrawal”, PC will tell you when it’s going to happen exactly: “each processor will be open several times per day, and the Green Light System tells you when to start your withdrawal request, for each of the five current payment processors”. Have you been waiting for this?

Professional Forex Union has implemented a profit calculator into its website. Also, thanks to a special exchange offer you can now exchange your money with Solid Trust Pay at a favorable course (commission +15%).

If you had any trouble loading Axiom’s site on Tuesday it was because the page was unavailable because of a server change. The new, “high-performance and reliable server” belongs to the well-known Black Lotus. That’s not all that has changed last week, since QIWI has also been added as another Axiom’s payment system.



While most programs inform their members about ongoing changes, NoBox goes even further and shares some rather long-term plans with its users: from today to June 2013. To start with, Bitcoin will soon be introduced not only as “a new way of depositing, withdrawing or exchanging money”, but also as a new way “for new partners (outside the online investment world) to join the Shopping and Cash-back system”. Once that is done, NoBox plans on delivering the shopping system that would replace the present Cash-Back method. To clarify, “NoBox will still be offering cash-backs but in a more professional and easier shopping ecosystem”.

By the end of the month and up to the end of May, users may expect the following changes: “Bank Account Deposit, Exchange and Withdrawal to Bank Accounts World Wide will be supported”, “the exchange system will be supporting Wallet to Cash-Balance and direct withdrawals”, the Exchange will be switched to “a full currency exchange system, even for none revenue-pack holders”, “Banner Auction on Banner locations” will be held, ROI on Revenue-Pack Purchased (Future Sales) will be reduced to 220% for all the members and 120% for those who are not members. To which changes are you looking forward the most?



TrackInv has been dealing with the least favorite Internet problem ever – hacking attempts. In TrackInv’s case the attacks targeted members’ accounts, the administrator panel and payment processors. Since the first attacks, TrackInv changed DDoS protection from that provided by Black Lotus to the BlackDos one. At the moment TrackInv is also resigning from Black Lotus hosting and moving its business to BlockDos. Consequently, the website will be down for 24 hours.



Some things do not change in a week and our Felmina issue is such a case. We are still waiting for a response to the complaints regarding wire transfer withdrawals.

In the meantime, three programs have stopped paying altogether: Xgolding (PROBLEM), BetTradingHouse (offline page, NOT PAYING) and Easy Growth (NOT PAYING).


Stay safe and, hopefully, at least a bit lazy, mis amigos!


Yours truly,




2013-03-01 13:50:10

Profitclicking green light is another attempt to make members think they are paying, which they are NOT. Not one member has been able to withdraw from the green light. I personally have tried a few hundred times the past few days. It is the same non-open bucket system with lights showing open and closed, but even when green the buckets are not open. Members are blasting PC live support about this and all they say is be patient and keep trying. Also they are still not paying queue withdrawals. No queue withdrawals paid since early December. They belong in scam status at this point.


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