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BankOnTrafficHola mis amigos!

Those of you who follow all the financial news closely know that it has been a whirlwind of a week. If your friends know about your extra-curricular activities with the Forex market, online earning and such, you are probably getting all sorts of questions about Bitcoin. My condolences, amigos.

Or, perhaps, congratulations? After years of being those sad little geeks who stay at home instead of going out and seeing the light of day, it finally paid off to be in any way acquainted with even the sole concept of cybermoney and what-not. Kudos for having our social statuses restored!

In other news, we usually do not brag about our age and, obviously, esteem, because talking about age can be a delicate subject, but it has been 8 years, and 8 years is sure something to brag about. Let's face it, money-monitor is no longer an Internet toddler, we have fully grown and we are stronger than ever. Our celebrating will take form of upgrading the design and some of the popular functions (such as the listing or the chat) and, basically, making money-monitor an ever greater version of itself.



Internet Traffic Management may not tell you much at first, but it will become rather clear after a second. Bank On Traffic, one of our today's protagonists, is an internet advertising company specializing in "unique visitor" (UV) website traffic. Now it's obvious, right? BOT's traffic comes from associated high traffic website networks using the latest 'soft pop-under' technology along with thousands of niche domain names and search engines that redirects traffic to your site. With BOT you can make money by promoting the business model and products. What should be pointed out is that becoming a BOT member is all that easy. First, you must be able to provide some form of acceptable identification such as a Driver's License or Passport.

Without an ID, you will not be able to receive your withdrawals, which start at $50 and are handled via Payza or Solid Trust Pay. Another reason is that BOT only accepts individual membership you must be able to identify yourself as a real Human being per our Terms and Conditions. Sorry Cylons, you'll have to pick another program. Secondly, the membership will have to be confirmed and you might do it by logging into your account within 24 hours of sign up. If you fail to do so, the account will be removed. As far as the investment process is concerned, you must spend at least $50 (non-returnable) and you may go as high as $4,050. Payouts take place every Wednesday and are handled manually. When it comes to the website, it is nice to look at, but the security is non-existent. However, the contact information is decent (9630 Bruceville Road, Suite 106, Unit 316, Elk Grove, CA 95757, phone: 1-415-625-0022). The domain was created on February 22, 2012 and expires in 2014.


Another new addition, IF Capital Group, is also quite open as far as the contact details are concerned (327 Wilshire Blvd, CA 86217, Los Angeles). You can call them at four different numbers: +27 (12) 743 5249, +356 3550 0456, +61 (2) 8006 9060, +44 20 8133 8166 or send a support form. The domain was created just recently, on March 25, and expires within a year. What IF Capital Group's website also has in common with the Bank On Traffic's is the fact that, while it's pleasant and well-designed, it is also not secured with any SSL certificates. It must be said, however, that according to IFCG, “Our server can effectively protect the site against TCP based attacks reaching 700MBit and Bandwidth based attacks reaching 1GBps assuring you that all accounts are safe”.

When it comes to investing, according to the website, “IF Capital Group is a money management company” that “provides award-winning investment solutions for both amateur and senior investors” by offering “a wide variety of personal deposit products”. To wit, there are four investment plans to choose from: Standard (up to 8% daily, 20 calendar days), Advanced (up to 180%, 20 calendar days), Premium (up to 380% for 40 calendar days) and Royal (up to 800% for 80 calendar days). The minimum is always $10 (the principal is non-returnable) and the maximum is $100,000. With the Standard plan “interest is paid on trading days (Monday to Friday”, but it is “paid at the end” in Advanced, Premium and Royal. Within each plan, there are three inner options: Basic ($10 - $999), Professional ($1000 - $4999), Expert ($5000 - $100,000). Withdrawals start at $0.01 and “ are processed within 12 hours after the request”. IF Capital Group accepts STP, EgoPay, LR and PM.


If I were to crown a king of being literal today, RaceInv would take the throne. RaceInvest Company, “ where we review the best bookmakers to place sport bets on”, has a website evoking all the racing images and plans that offer the profit within the range of 105% after 1 day to 8000% after 56 days. The minimum spend is set at $10 and goes as high as $50000. The principal is not returned to you, there's no compounding, the minimum to withdraw is $0.01 and payouts may take up to 24 hours (not so racy after all?). RaceInv accepts STP, LR, PM. It should be noted, however, that the speed attitude has not taken its toll on the domain: it was created on March 15, 2013 and expires on March 15, 2018 or the SLL certificate, which was purchased from GeoTrust on April 9 2013.

Last, but not least, Financial Freedom, a Belize-based company dealing with the Forex, binary option and stock market, as well as arbitrage betting. That's the gist, since you may read all the details in our fresh review of Financial Freedom.

You might not know this about me, but I love me some alliterations. The reason, besides the symmetry, the rhythm, and such aesthetics, is that my memory is far from perfect and alliteration usually makes a name easier to remember.

If only people were all named in a similar fashion, I wouldn't offend so many colleagues on a daily basis. That's why Financial Freedom caught my attention immediately: the name is evocative and informative, it conveys all the right messages and stays in your mind for some considerate amount of time after hearing it. Or is it just me, amigos?

First of all, according to the website, Financial Freedom operates not only on the forex market, but also on the binary option market, stock market and [...] arbitrage betting. Moreover, Financial Freedom is operated by FinDom Capital Inc., a young and dynamic Belize based capital management company, founded in late 2011・. The domain was registered on November 25, 2012 and is valid until November 24, 2017. As far as other website-data are concerned, the website is secured with the standard one-year RapidSSL certificate issued by GeoTrust on March 5, 2013. The hosting is provided by a Florida-based company, LiquidNet, Ltd.

 While not trying to be the most innovative page in the world, the website is well-organized and user-friendly, with appealing but simple design and a rather exhaustive FAQ section. To add to this, all the’s content is original and, I might add, well-written. Unfortunately, despite claiming that “transparency is one of the most important factors that make an investment company successful” not much can be found out about the program’s creators despite the fact that they hired “a young and dynamic team, which loves the work it is doing”. What Financial Freedom makes easy to find, however, is “some of its statistics” which are made public. One of FF’s sections is entirely dedicated to “monthly updated statistics about the customer base, the capital and the profits”, which – as Financial Freedom hopes – “might help you to take the right decision for your investment activity”. The currently published information includes the company’s total capital ($1,270,052), the number of investors (163), or the money invested by investors ($3,095).

Speaking of money, Financial Freedom offers three investment options: Swim, Breathe and Fly. I will not follow my temptation to speculate on the plans・ names, but I must say that even though I know nothing about sport activities, I think you need to breathe while you swim or fly as well. But it's just a layman's opinion, that's all. Anyway, the plans are pretty straightforward: in order to Swim and get 0.5%-0.9% a day, you need at least $25 and 60 calendar days of your time. When you want to Breathe, you need to, pardon my French, cough up $25-$2,499.99 and keep investing for 90 calendar days to get 0.7%-1.2% daily.

Naturally, Flying is the most expensive offer, with 0.9%-1.4% daily profit, and investment amount in the range of $2,500-$20,000 for 120 calendar days. The principal is always returned, but the compounding option (0-100%) is available only when it comes to Breathe or Fly plans. All the earnings are generated every calendar day and, according to the FAQ, withdrawals are processed every calendar day too・. Payments are handled manually so it may take up to 24 hours to receive your money, and the withdrawing may start at $1.

If you want to join the Financial Freedom bandwagon and Swim, Breathe or Fly, all you need is an e-mail address, LR or PM account, and $25. Setting up an account is quick and you don't need to give any detailed information about yourself. You may even open several accounts. Still, it is not recommended since it can be misused as being your own referral and all self-referring accounts will be deleted. When it comes to the affiliate program, Financial Freedom offers a two-level option, so the more new members your referrals bring, the more your earnings will grow exponentially. To wit, then your referral makes a deposit from a payment processor, you get 4% of that deposit directly to your account balance. Thus, for every deposit they make from a payment processor, your referral gets 4% and you get 1% directly to your account balance. Basically, amigos, it's a 4+1 deal.

Last, but definitely not least, I should mention FF’s support system. I’m rarely impressed by this part of the program’s offer, but I deeply appreciate Financial Freedom’s attitude towards support:

As a leading investment company it is our obligation to provide not only great services, but also a good support・.

That’s, unfortunately, not something you hear every day. While the system may not be all that impressive, the honesty is really refreshing: “the best and fastest way to contact us is directly through email: A slower method is to send us a support ticket”. The aforementioned ticket form may go either to the general, technical or financial support. What should also be said is that Financial Freedom has recently set up its Twitter and Facebook, so it may be another method of support-related communication. So, are you planning on becoming a Financial Freedom’s Facebook fan? Whoa, that was a heavy alliteration, amigos. But was it worth remembering? As always, you decide!



If you have been a Uinvest member for quite some time, it is time for you to speak up: Uinvest is now holding a writer contest the most honest story about Uinvest. The winner will become a shareholder of the GUN project. Participants should send their stories until April 25, 2013 (



It seems that Earning Alliance is one of those programs that enjoy celebrating every moment online. Just last week, EA took pride in gathering “over 500 registered members” after one week online presence. This week the program boasts about having 19 active “My Plan” investments. However, the anticipated 10 registered representatives have not signed up for the job just yet. According to EA, it's because they “are being very selective about [it]”. All in all, when it comes to celebrating, “over $34k in total deposits have been collected”, the website “has an uptime of 100%” and “an average of 5,000 visitors every day”.



After weeks of introducing Bitcoin to NoBox's newsletters' readers, it all came to a crushing end. As you probably know by now, and as Karlo of Bitcoin neatly explains,“the Bitcoin gained for weeks, and crashed just hours after NoBox has allowed deposits”. However, as Karlo also points out, it's something that could have been anticipated and “thanks to selling and buying, and selling and buying again… and playing the Markets he managed to get NoBox out of this mess with almost no lost, pretty much a break even”. In addition to this, “NoBox has bitcoins [...] purchased at $60, with the price up again by around $90, and hopefully stabilizing or rising at this level”, so come out of this adventure with “a break even with the Bitcoin trading of last week, and an overall profit on all Bitcoin trading so far”.



In the latest newsletter, Financial Freedom decided to address some issues that “have been discussed in the Internet space” regarding the program. Firstly, by reassuring potential members that, in spite of “the recent scam wave of long term programs”, the plans offered by Financial Freedom “are the only proven ones to gain stability for a very long term program”. It may seem that the information that Financial Freedom domain have been extended for 5 years ahead, is a way of proving the skeptics wrong.

The second issue raised by some users concerns the minimum deposit accepted by Financial Freedom. As one can deduce, some find paying $25 up front it too demanding. The reason behind the amount chosen by FF is that “ any lower deposits would rather increase [the] administration load, than gaining any benefit for the program”. Also, as FF notes, “with the minimum withdrawal of $1, investing any lower amounts would result in many days before any withdrawal can be possible”. However, it may be reconsidered if the users keep on pressuring a change.


This week, Stravia managed to get the PROBLEM status due to the fact that users were complaining about not getting their principals back. Neo Barter is NOT PAYING, the payouts have been waiting to be completed. Sol-R achieved the WAITING status since we got the following information when trying to withdraw the money we have in the wallet

“52: You don't have enough money in this wallet”.

A monit has been sent to Sol-R's admin.

Finally, we managed to get all the ProfitClicking payouts. However, since not everybody was so lucky and we have been alerted about many problems as far as the bucket payouts go, the NOT PAYING status remains in place.

Stay safe, amigos.

Yours truly,




2018-11-02 20:02:00

I read about a lot of bad and life shattering comments. I just want to implore people to be careful. There are a lot of fake brokers out there and real ones to. There are also fake recovery agents and real ones. Most are out to get your money while some are really out to help you get back on your feet. I am a living witness. You can reach me on my gmail at nick.whiteley77 or on Facebook or Quora as Nick Whiteley.


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