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Hola mis amigos!

It's been a hectic week, but – don't fret – nothing majorly tragic happened. It's just that we've added three new programs.

When you add the fact that things seem to finally start happening again all around – remember that awful boredom that we call December – and that the snow is just everywhere, it all seems to be back to normal. Let's get on with it then, amigos!



Apparently taking part in the "Most Peculiar Domain Name" contest, is one of the newest additions to our list. Although the domain might be difficult to remember, there is not much to trouble your mind with since the registration process is pretty straightforward. Choosing a plan shouldn't be a bother either: there are five plans and they last 12 to 85 days. You can start investing with just $10 and go as high as $20000.00, unless you're considered a VIP member, then you can go as high as $60000.00.

If you're an indecisive person, you should think twice before investing your money because "one can withdraw funds only at the end of the investment period, so make sure to set financial priorities properly". Bear in mind, however, that upon maturity of your plan "you will receive the deposit + income in full amount". The interest on deposits is accumulated 7 days a week and you can withdraw "deposit fees can be withdrawn at the moment they are deposited". Payouts take no more than 24 hours, but the amount you can withdraw is set separately for every plan. Unfortunately, there is not much to say about the creators of the program, but the domain should be fine for six more years, which is always a nice touch.

Also, in case you were wondering, 3pamm is in the "fund trust management" business and a "PAMM-account is an instrument for simplifying the process of funds transfer to the Trust account Manager (Managing company). It automatically performs all spreads and income and expenses calculations for both parties". All you need to start your 3pmm day is an EgoPay, Payeer, Perfect Money account, or you can just send the money via bank wires, or use one of many e-currencies they accept (e.g. QIWI, Liqpay).



With a name sounding just like every other program WealthGroups Limited may seem like your run-of-the-mill, but you will be sorely mistaken. Let's start with the fact that's website is filled with reading materials and the word "comprehensive" does not even start to cover the amount of information one can find there. To add to this, the page is pleasantly designed and easy to peruse, which is always a plus in my book. In case you need something more solid, take into consideration the fact that WGL's domain has been secured for another ten years: it expires in 2023. Moreover, the website is properly secured with GeoTrust Extended Validation SSL certificate bought on December 27, 2013 for the period of one year.

What does WGL do exactly? According to the lengthy "About Us" section, "WG FX Limited is an international investment fund specializing in financial market trading, mainly with Forex market". To be specific, the business WealthGroups performs "mainly covers trade between currency pairs". This UK-based company, makes setting up an account feel almost like a pleasure, it's so neat and cool. However, you need to give them your full name and address and, by agreeing to the rules, you "acknowledge that the data is correct", which is important when you understand that "a situation in which it is found that the information given by the client are false, can result in permanent account ban and the freezing of funds held on it". Once you're in, you can use PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer and bank wire, but the whole list of exchangers is You earn your money on weekdays, you can use the compounding option and the principal ($25) is refundable. There's only one plan, so you don't even have to bore yourself with all the details: you get 3,3% for 99 business days. Withdrawals are processed within 12 hours but, according to the Q&A section, usually take no more than an hour.


Last but not least, we have yet another contestant for the "Most Peculiar Domain Name" award: Chiganka. Once you take a closer look at the website, however, everything becomes clear: "My name is Elina, I am 33 years old, I am Gipsy, born and bred". And suddenly the name is more than obvious. The website is more than basic – although available in two languages – but you do get to find out that the payments are handled automatically, the deposits start at 10 Piratcoins, you can withdraw your funds any time you want. Still, the website is secured with one-year-valid GeoTrust RapidSSL certificate. As far as the domain itself goes, it was registered on December 21, 2013 and expires within a year.

Naturally, all programs offer some sort of referral compensations: you get 5% "for each attracted investor" with 3pamm, you can earn 1-5% with WealthGroups, and 10% if you recommend Chiganka.



As announced on January 12, Indigo Hill has added new payment options. To the already existing list, which included Perfect Money, EgoPay, OKPay and Payeer, as well as bank wires, Western Union and Money Gram, you can now use the popular e-currencies: QIWI, Liqpay, W1, Yandex.Money and Bitcoin.



Despite advertising a new weekend offer not that long ago, IncomeLab has officially STOPPED PAYING. Add to that that Revenue Times is ON HOLD and that AdClickXpress is still ON HOLD and you get a lovely picture.

Stay safe, mis amigos!




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