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RightFiveHola mis amigos!

Another sunny week has passed and the sadness of the oncoming fall is coming our way. Yes, I'm going to start this week's newsletter with a weather announcement. I have been hearing recently that – for some reason – people are into the weather.

It's my understanding that weather presenters are... Wait, what's the word for it... “Hot”? And that's what makes people interested in such trivial things as blizzards, snowstorms and what not. If only money-monitor had its own weather/investment announcer in a tiny bikini, I think we will be in for a siege of new programs and members. No server could have handled such a storm...

Yes, I know what you're thinking – there was a hot weather announcer on our page last week and that's my lame way of telling you that a simple bikini was the reason for our technical problems. Don't worry, you did not miss anything. There was no scarcely clad lady on our page, we simply encountered some difficulties. Nothing hot, pure life, amigos. But we're back and everything should work as smoothly as ever. However, if you are a relatively new reader of our website (that is, you registered your account in May or later), please set up a new account – we apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately there is no other way.

Back to some good news: we added a new program last week and you might really like it.


In my world the word “perfection” is not used very often. If you are even a somewhat regular reader of money-monitor reviews, you probably know this by now: I'm not exactly the easy-to-please type. However, “credit where credit's due” is one of my mottoes. Along with

“never mix beer and vodka” or “you should always look a gift horse in the mouth because it usually has a gun there”.

Anyway, let me ask you a question: have you ever got that feeling that someone must have literally been inside your head because what they did is just so incredibly similar to what you would have done? Or, if you were as vain and felt as self-important as I do right now, they have simply read all your reviews and got to know all your secret – and not-so-secret – pet peeves? It's an exciting moment for me, mis amigos, because that's how I'm feeling right now. With just a smudge of self-loathing for thinking so highly of myself. It's a vicious circle, really.

If you go to the RIGHTfive website, you will find a refreshingly appealing design that loads really fast. has all the necessary elements of a good page: a high usability factor, interesting content, and what I call a “ntk” policy. No unnecessarily boastful slogans about how great a company is and how innovative or smart or professional or whatever: "need to know" information only. There is also some decent writing in there: if they hired a copywriter, I applaud this decision. If they didn't, they should give a raise to the person who's doing it right now. An example? “Performance - when only the best is good enough” – nice, huh? Not overcomplicated, maybe not that sophisticated, but does the job. The only problem with the text is that it can also be found on Let's hope it's just a coincidence for the guy's raise's sake...

rightfive review

Going through the intuitive RIGHTfive's page, you may notice that they are extremely well-prepared: there is a proper F.A.Q. section, a separate Investment Plan part, some corporate information can be found as well, and everything is neatly divided into logical categories. See, Other Pages? It really can be done! Unfortunately, due my old age and the fact that – since I have no life – I spend way too much time in front of the computer, the font is a little too delicate for my sage eyes. Still, I can read what's important: the company was registered in the Seychelles in December 2010, they are in the Forex Market business, thanks to the website is protected against DDoS attacks, and they offer two investment plans.

You can be a Day or a Week Trader: a Day Trader must spend at least $20 and earns 5% daily for 30 days, while a Week Trader can earn up to 110% after 7 days with the same principal amount. You can have one account only, but five active investments at a time.

RightFive forum

There's no compounding option, the minimum amount to withdraw is $2; bear in mind, however, that you can make only one, noncancelable withdrawal request per day and payment processors (Solid Trust Pay, EgoPay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money). If you don't feel like a Day or Week Trader, you can always go into their affiliate program. In order to become a part of it, an account is a must, but you don't need to deposit any money. With RIGHTfive you get “5% commission of the deposited funds - each and every time”.
When it comes to setting up an account, it's pretty straightforward, but those with privacy issues will probably have, well, issues, since RIGHTfive requests your full name and date of birth (necessary in case you forget your password). Once you are logged in, you can also use their mobile phone verification, which should make your account more secure (not available to US member because of “carrier limitations”) and will come in handy in case you forget your security PIN number (those who do not activate mobile phone verification need to pay $1 in order to prove the ownership of their account).
As you can see, I don't go around screaming "perfection" without any apparent reason. If I did, I would be in a nice white padded room by now. To be clear, I do not say this about RIGHTfive's offer – that is to be judged by you, amigos – but about the execution: it's honestly pretty awesome. And to think that all it takes is just a simple, well-prepared and thought through website! Naturally, there are some areas that are in need of some tlc: one would be grateful for more information regarding RIGHTfive itself and the company Silkyway Holdings Inc. (all I could find, besides the Seychelles thing, is that their IP location is Providence, Utah), a phone number or a live chat would be a nice addition to their offer (the only support they have is an e-mail address: However, given that is 55 days old (it was created on 2012-06-25), these are not deadly sins. At least they managed to open a Facebook and Twitter account by now, while so many programs seem to forget we live in the social media world now. At least those of us who have friends. Or are celebrity stalkers. Wait, isn't that the same thing? I keep on forgetting...

I hope you at least got the gist of the review. I know, I know, I shouldn't start the newsletter with a bikini mentioning, your concentration level probably does not exist by now. I won't make that mistake again, I promise. BIKINI! Ha, I got you, didn't I? OK, so here's what happened last week.



LibertyReserve maintenanceHaving witnessed the latest Payza and EgoPay revolution, one has become more cautious towards any new developments when it comes to payment processors' policies as well as any changes regarding the payments, withdrawals and other essential matters. Just recently, the word got around that the Costa Rica-based Liberty Reserve has started suspending random accounts. Those who use PayPal are usually accustomed to such inconveniences. However, provided that it was true, it would be a first for the Liberty Reserve customers. Seeing that there are more and more complaints, it prompts the question: is Liberty Reserve taking a new direction in their policy or is it a simple payment system error?
Some LR users have reported that they are getting messages such as “The account is locked by administration” and that the LR support team could not offer them any explanation besides asking the upset users to wait for a response from a proper department. One of the possible explanation would be that there has been some maintenance-related activity on LR website. Such notion may be further supported by the fact that as of now is “offline for maintenance”. Nevertheless, while many LR users point out the randomness of the locked accounts occurrences, there are also those who claim that it happens to the “wealthier” LR customers more often. And that would provide everyone with an entirely different line of reasoning...
One could note, that – regardless of the reasons behind the accounts' suspension – Liberty Reserve should address the issue formally and let all the interested parties know why the accounts are getting locked. Especially since more and more users complain that – despite waiting patiently, sometimes more than 24h – they did not receive any information as to why they have to wait in the first place.

edit: here is the last update directly from Liberty Reserve: 

Dear friends, it has come to our attention that some of our customers became concerned with our latest maintenance continuation and erroneous account status change for a group of our clients. Please find below an official explanation of reasons behind both instances:

1. There is a group of blocked accounts which were erroneously blocked by an automated script that was tested in the beginning of August and apparently has failed to perform properly. Script was designed to automatically secure in account in the event of multiple suspicious login attempts. During this maintenance we have identified the problem, addressed it and it is now being solved.

2. Since we were forced to perform extended maintenance, we saw an opportunity to add some of the additional features that were pending to be added to the website. As the web site appears shortly, you will discover Credit Card Funding option (available ONLY to a verified users), along with other minor improvements and enhancements.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this maintenance may have brought to you and would like to assure you that both issues are addressed in a timely manner and currently being worked on around the clock for the quickest and safest resolution. During this final stage of maintenance we are identifying erroneously blocked accounts and updating their statuses to "normal". This is a long and tedious process so your patience is appreciated. While we are doing everything possible to bring the system back faster, these processes make take an additional up to 2-4 days to complete.

Any other explanation of this maintenance that you may come across online in various online forums is inaccurate or simply put - false and misleading. 



In the latest newsletter Felmina announced that its bank wire transfer deposit minimum has been lowered to $200. The bank wire transfer fee, however, will be “reimbursed only if you deposit $500.00 or more”. When to comes to transfer-related news, Felmina's newsletter makes sure that everybody is aware of the Liberty Reserve situation – all pending LR withdrawals will be taken care of “as soon as Liberty Reserve servers resume normal operation after the announced maintenance”. If you are wondering whether to join Felmina or not and you speak English, remember about the weekly conference calls that Felima organizes in order to “help new and potentially new member get the answers to all the questions they may have”. If you are interested, dial +1-530-881-1300 on Tuesday or Thursday at 9:05 EST. You'll also need the PIN number which goes as follows: 478782.


Eurex Trade has just announced that the website will be transferred to a “routine maintenance” mode. It is supposed to last three days, namely 21-23 August, and the withdrawals, as well as deposits, will be processed normally. The only exception is that the profit will not be paid for the duration of all maintenance activities.

If you thought last week was shockingly uneventful the following pieces of information should make you reconsider.


Because of the well-known by now Liberty Reserve problem, newGNi decided to “allow internal exchanges from LibertyReserve to PerfectMoney or SolidTrust Pay” so that the members will have “an alternative option to withdraw [their] proceeds to either SolidTrust Pay or PerfectMoney”. One should bear two things in mind: this option is applicable to LibertyReserve transfers only and there are exchange fees to consider (as of now: LR to Perfect Money 7%, LR to SolidTrustPay 5%, but they may be changes “at anytime and without prior notice”). For those who have a pending LR withdrawal request and wish to exchange it: remember to cancel the request first. Those who prefer to wait for Liberty Reserve are free to do so – their requests will be processed “as soon as Liberty Reserve is operational”.


ProfitClicking JustBeenPaidAll the buzz surrounding JustBeenPaid for a couple of months finally proved to be well-founded: JustBeenPaid has been acquired by ProfitClicking. According to (a domain registered on 03/14/2012), the company was founded in 2004 in order to “provide rewarding programs that are effective for everyone, regardless of experience or financial situation". Sounds familiar? How about this: ProfitClicking's mission is to “[provide] a solution for the other 98%”, while JustBeenPaid's mission used to be “t]o provide the means for the '98%' (who typically struggle to earn money online)”. No wonder those “in the know" debate whether ProfitClicking and JustBeenPaid aren't just the same thing wrapped in a new shiny paper.

Especially since a simple whois search provides one with the following revelation: and are both registered to “Bigbooster Ltd”, the same company that was responsible for JustBeenPaid, and the contact information gives you one name: Frederick Mann. Some may find it bizarre since the ProfitClicking welcome message states that he has retired. Nevertheless, reportedly JBP “evolution" means that there will be “a brand new traffic exchange system, a pay per click marketing network and [...] contact management and marketing system”. As stated in the introductory announcement, the JBP accounts “are waiting to make the migration” along with the current “downline, [...] marketing links, [and] packages”. What do you think about this revolution?


The Liberty Reserve situation aside, fortunately not much more can be added to this section of the newsletter. Safe Risk has been officially given the NOT PAYING status, which should not come as a surprise to anyone by now. When somebody chooses an oxymoron as a company name... It figures, right?

All in all, amigos, do you feel like a storm is coming? It really seems like the silly season is over and there are some major changes coming our way... Stay safe and warm!

Yours truly,


2012-10-31 01:23:18

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