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investment dragonsHola mis amigos!

Presidents come, presidents go, but I still remain your humble servant. And here I go again (yes, I am quoting this lovely evergreen) to report from the trenches of our business. Or, maybe, from the caves since it’s all about dragons. Yes, you read it correctly. I’m writing about dragons today.

Investment Dragons Limited is a company registered in Hong Kong. As per the certificates published on their website, the company was officially entered into the registry on June 23, 2016 and the official seat is in Hong Kong (Unit 19, 7/f, One Midtown, No 11. Hot Shing Road, Tsuen), so if you feel like visiting - have a beautiful journey to this financial capital of the world! We have done our due diligence and we can report that this is true. What we also know is that the domain was registered in 2016-08-17 and expires in ten years.

According to their website, these Asian dragons are into Hong Kong Stock Exchange, or to be exact: "using the exchange trades across multiple directions in its commercial activities", meaning "gold mining corporations, major securities companies, securities of promising start-ups". They are also into currency pairs and cryptocurrency.


As you’d deduce from the name alone, the company has a certain penchant for drama. The website is bright and seems to exude power. With its fancy and somehow fantastic logo, cool icons and lively background it appears that they like to attract decisive investors who know what they want. It’s an intuitive and user-friendly page, so just a couple of minutes are enough to get to know the business of Investment Dragons. It’s available in English, Russian and Chinese.

You can calculate your profits easily as there’s a colorful chart that will guide you through this process ( Registration requires your name, surname, phone number, Skype and e-mail. Logically, there is one account per person. Signing up is safe as the website has been secured with an SSL certificate (COMODO RSA Extended Validation Secure Server, valid until September 22, 2017).

There are five major plans and, as always, your choice heavily relies on how much money you’re willing to spend and how much time do you have (in this world in general, or just to wait for your profit). The profit is always accrued on weekdays and you deposit is always "frozen for the whole period of validity", with no exceptions. Withdrawals, however, are done on a daily basis within 48 hours.


You can start with just $20 and get 1.2% daily for 25 days or go with at least $501, get 1.5% for 35 days. If you are into long-term relationships, then there are the following options: $3001-$10000, 1.8% everyday profit for 50 days, $10001-$30000, 2-2.5% profit and 60 days, or - finally - "Plan 5" with more than $30000, where profit and validity are established on an individual basis. "Plan 5" is for "the most demanding investors", and to get into it you’d need not only the money, but also the status of a "verified user" (meaning that you must provide Investment Dragons Limited with your "last name, first name and patronymic", as well as "the scanned document proving your identity", "confirmed telephone number" and "address of residence or registration"). Not to mention the fact that you need to be Chinese. To fund your dragonian wallet, you need a Perfect Money, Advcash, Bitcoin, Payeer or OKPay account. The withdrawal commission has been set at 3% or at 1% for the verified users.

If you do not feel like it’s your time of the month or year to invest in dragons, you can become their partner instead. How to become a Dragonite? You can start by referring to their website (there is an eight-point referral system, 0.2%-8%) or become a full-time partner and open a Dragon branch in your hometown. Again, the last option is for verified users only. In addition to the following conditions, "the amount of turnover on the account of the entire structure must exceed $30,000 for the period of work in the company, and the place that you intend to use for a branch, subject to agreement with us and must meet certain criteria".

If you have fulfilled aforementioned criteria, you can choose to register as a "self-employed entrepreneur" and open your office "with new furniture, office equipment and Internet channel at a rate of not less than 10Mbit/sec", as well as "certificate SP", "a copy of the passport in full", "a copy of TIN", "the license for the provision of services" to obtain the power of attorney. Talk about draconic!

If you are so into Dragons that you can’t help but keep on talking to them about their/your money, you can use the pop-up chat that keeps on popping up, or a number of social media channels, e.g. Facebook (, Twitter (, or Google+ ( to name a few.

Since a new episode of GoT is set to premiere in mid-2017, I know you must be missing those dragons A LOT. I hope that we’ve given you at least a taste of that fire.

Investment Dragons can be a good alternative.


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