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Dear readers!

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Investment Dragons:

Money-Monitor: Hi Investment Dragons Admin, before we go into the details can you please introduce yourself?


Investment Dragons: My name is Joseph, I am the representative of Investment Dragons, and and is ready to answer all your questions


Money-Monitor: Have you ever worked in the on-line investment business before?


Investment Dragons: Our company has just entered this market. But the hired employees have extensive experience in marketing, technical issues, and promote the company.


Money-Monitor: How many people are involved in your project?

Investment Dragons: We are a young company, but through our investment website opened deposits for more than 10 thousand people


Money-Monitor: How can you offer such huge profit like 1.2-2.5% daily? The Stock Exchange market can be profitable, but not so much.


Investment Dragons: Our traders are using a unique trading strategy on currencies and cryptocurrency. Traders have a lot of years experience in this sector and trade in the Asian stock market is their profile!We choose aggressive approach and have extensive insurance fund that allows you to pay our investors from 1.2% to 2.5 %


Money-Monitor: Do you provide any proofs of your investment activity?


Investment Dragons: Of course with our documents can be found on our website, and check out their website at

A sample of the insurance contract, I will send you - Our official YouTube channel, there will be able to see the video of our director


Money-Monitor: Why withdrawals are not processed instantly in your program?


Investment Dragons: During business hours, the payment almost immediately but with spot checks. night-time payments are not producing


Money-Monitor: As I see you are using a modern and user-friendly script. Are you satisfied with this software?


Investment Dragons: Yes, but we will improve the site more than once, we have a lot of ideas and possibilities to take a leading position in the online investment market


Money-Monitor: Do you have a phone support? Is it possible to visit your office?


Investment Dragons: Yes, of course. For our customers, available phone hotlines, each country is assigned a phone number.

You can visit our main office in Hong Kong, as well as a offices of our company in different countries.


Money-Monitor: Can you tell us more about your reseve fund? What are its resources?


Investment Dragons: Our company has an insurance reserve fund. This reserve fund is constantly updated, thanks to successful trading of our company, the reserve fund is increasing and the resource will be sufficient to recover all the existing deposits

our investors.


Money-Monitor: Do you offer any other guarantees?


Investment Dragons: Our company guarantees the fulfillment of all conditions on deposits, making out a specific agreement on this, which stipulates the amount of investment and the amount of income of the investor. In any situation, the investor receives the deposit + income under the terms of the contract.


Money-Monitor: How many percentage of the funds received from investors will go to your staff?

Investment Dragons: Our company has the most rational use of all funds received from the investment turnover. And most of Finance is constantly to improve our service, for more convenience of investors.


Money-Monitor: I can invest my money using Bitcoin, Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, OkPay and Payeer. What made you choose those payment processors? Are you planning on adding more options like payza or wire transfer?


Investment Dragons: This set of payment options is the most convenient. These payment systems are available worldwide.Our company is constantly increasing the level of service quality, With all the news of the company you will find on our website, if we decide to add other payment systems.


Money-Monitor: There are many investment programs around. What is special about your program?


Investment Dragons: Our company provides the optimum proffit for a short time and is designed for many years of work, a high level of quality customer service (toll-free hotline, the conclusion of insurance contracts, sponsorship with the opening of branches of the company) .The maximum level of site protection and financing of promising start-ups to improve the quality. Our company occupies a leading position in the investment market, and our investors receive a steady income and security investments.


Money-Monitor: What are your future goals?


Investment Dragons: For the nearest 5 years, we have plans to take the leading position in the investment market, to open more than 350 branches in different countries, and to provide the most convenient service for customer service.

Thank you Investment Dragons!


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