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If you are an avid reader of our reviews, you are probably reading pages which names begin with "money" or "finance" every single day. People who are in forex-related business know all there is to know about money, but only every so often can they be called imaginative.

To be fair, it's hard to come up with something new when all you do is deal with money all day long. That is why I take it upon myself to give credit where credit's due and praise anyone who thinks outside the box even just a teensy bit.

Investionality is one of those company names that you will probably remember for more than a couple of seconds. I like the sound of it, and I like all the ideas it evokes: personality, investing, being original, creating a new quality, going international – somehow it all comes to my mind when I hear "Investionality." I assume that every one of you has different associations, but I think most of them would be positive and that's what counts.

         While the name seems fresh I must say that their webpage doesn't seem all that original. The inspirational pictures are really pretty, but it's so "been there, done that." I feel like I've seen all of them before, mostly on pages related with achieving zen or taking control of your life, so they seem too Dr. Phil to me. I'm not a fan of the texts connected to the pictures either. The thing that counts most in the pursuit of happiness is choosing the right companion – really? Are they recommending marrying your broker?

The door of opportunity is wide open if you are prepared – talk about stating the obvious... It is only under the third picture from the left where an actual piece of information is written. For argument's sake let's say I'm an investor. I know what I want. I know how much money I can spend. All I want to know is whether the company is reliable, how can I register, what are my options and how much money can I make. The hypothetical me does not care about sunsets and oceans, companions and doors. Something to think about...

         Apart from the cheesy parts, the page is well-constructed, simple and contains most of the things a potential investor needs to know. The texts are original and for a page that's been created relatively recently (creation date: 2011-11-27), it seems well thought through. I like the news updates and that the profit reports are always on top. Also, the part "Advantages At A Glance" is a nice touch since it gives you everything you need to know in a small, neat package.

What's more, "A Beginner's Guide" is yet another good section, created as a typical Q&A, but I think that this way it's more accessible to the reader. What's not that great is the "Our Testimonials" part with one, namely ONE, testimonial made by Peter from Denmark. For a while I thought it was just my luck that whenever I looked I saw dear old Peter's name, but then I spent 3 minutes literally staring at the testimonials and the name never changed. I realize that Investionality is young and it probably was not possible to show many testimonials, but, then, why show anything at all..?

Investionality prides itself in being a "member-know-members" club. I know, I know, it's sounds like Skull and Bones, or something like that, but I really doubt they make you lay in a coffin here. Now, I have to be brutally honest with you, amigos, I don't really understand what they mean by that. The logical explanation is that in order to become a member you have to know somebody who's already in and that to become a member you need to be "referred" by someone.

What is a referral [...] ? A Referral is an investor who joined Investionality at your reference. Then, we read that they require an "upline," because [they'd] like to keep this a member-know-members club [and they] like to know who [they're] dealing with (Why do we require an upline?).

 What's tricky here is that they seem to have combined registering with the referral program and pay [...] investors a commission for recruiting other people and making them into investing members for Investionality. But then we read that [i]t’s not absolutely necessary to join into the referral program, though every member is automatically signed up for it and may choose to refer someone at any time they’d like. Also, [o]nce you have invested, you are then a part of the member-know-members club and can start making profit right away.

Am I having a blonde day or is it not that obvious what exactly a potential investor should do in order to become a member? Even if it's not my day, I believe that something this crucial it should be spelled with huge letters so that everybody understands. Even blondes and even blondes on their blonde days.

When it comes to actually earning money the rules imposed by Investionality are quite straightforward. To begin with, they make money by investing in various business endeavors: "real estate, REITs and apartment/property flipping to land/property developments or even micro-financing in developing countries", and the best part is that they invest 24/7 ([a]ll earnings are calendar-based, meaning you earn 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

They guarantee a daily profit of at least 0.8% with a maximum profit of 1.6% depending on actual profits from [their] system, the lock-in period is 180 days, the minimum, refundable deposit is $25 and they accept PerfectMoney and Liberty Reserve. The minimum investment equals the principal and the maximum investment is $25000. What's important is that there is only one account per person and they are really strict about that (if your family member would like to join and is using the same computer you have to contact them first). Also, the option of compounding is available.

What else do you need to know... First of all, Investionality seems to have a decent support center which solely relies on a ticket system. Personally, I don't like calling support lines because, more often than not, people who work there seem utterly unprepared, so a ticket system is a solution to my problem. Secondly, Investionality seems to have a handle on the security issues – only recently they survived a DDoS attack thanks to their hosting partner, KoDDos. Thirdly, data transfers are secured by Comodo SSL Certificate with 256 bit encryption. Finally, they have a twitter account, which means that you should be able to check their status on a day-to-day, or even hour-to-hour, basis.

All in all, Investionality has a lot of potential and by nipping and tucking their page here and there they may be really successful. After all, [t]he door of opportunity is wide open if you are prepared. May Dr. Phil be with you, mis amigos!

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