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Most HYIP’s use different type of e-currency as there way of accepting funds from investors. Nowadays Liberty Reserve is the most used e-currency but there are also other e-currency such as Perfect Money, Alertpay and many other. E-currency has become a very popular way of exchanging money online. It is also used by various merchandise websites as payment method.  

To invest in hyips you should have an e-currency account, preferably Liberty Reserve, because Liberty Reserve is the most popular e-currency used for hyips. Once you have a Liberty Reserve account you have to research all of the hyip programs to find the ones that are the most stable and reliable, which usually means avoiding any program paying 300% in 3 days, because you know that are one of game sites and will not last for very long. There are very few programs based on real trading. The most reliable ones are sites offering a much lower daily ROI percentage and the term is longer than 10 days.

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