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Hola mis amigos!

Have you ever had the experience of going to a room and completely forgetting why on earth you went there in the first place? You must have.

I don’t believe there is one person in the world that has never been so stupidly forgetful. What’s more, there is now a scientific proof that I’m right in not believing in the superiority of others. Yes, amigos, this highly important topic of forgetfulness that dawns on you upon entering a new room has been studied by some great minds, surely in lieu of inventing a cancer vaccine. Or some new super food that would eradicate poverty and hunger. But, hey, at least now I get to know that there’s something called "the boundary effect" and it’s not that I’m slow or narcoleptic, it just means that I’ve reached the maximum capacity of my poor brain. And why am I writing all this, amigos? Have I maybe also reached the maximum capacity of being a rational person, you ask? Nope. I’ve simply being given the opportunity of reviewing

OK, let me explain by starting at the very beginning. First of all, GAMEBET ESPORTS INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS LTD is a company registered in the UK (company number: 10649645) that "uses the funds for betting on eSports matches through online sportsbooks and later shares these profits […] with their members". According to the "News" section the company was launched on April 1, 2017. What we do know, apart from this date, is that the domain was registered on February 28, 2017 and it expires in 2022. Also, the website was secured with GeoTrust EV SSL certificate on March 30, 2017 and will remain secured this way until March 31, 2018. What we also know is that the company does not shy away from naming names, that is hiding any names from the domain documentation, which does not happen as often as it should. From the domain-associated documents we get to find out that the domain was registered by Jacob Pickering and the address given was 22 Wenlock Road, N1 7GU London. This gaming program accepts Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Advcash, and Payeer, but bear in mind that while deposits from Perfect Money, Advcash or Payeer are processed instantly, Bitcoin users have to go through "3 confirmations". Withdrawals, however, are handled instantly. Withdrawals start at $0.45 and the maximum for "daily instant withdrawal" is $500 per user.

If you want to start betting with GameBet, you need at least $10. There are five levels to choose from. Yes, levels, you geeks, after all we are in the gaming world. As usually, the levels depend on how much money you’re willing to spend and how much money you want to earn. This time the program does not measure your levels of commitment, as all plans last 30 days. With Level I, you can invest $10-$999 and earn 135% (4.5% daily). Level II means 5% daily (150% ROI) if you invest $1000-$1,999. Level III gives you 5.2% daily (156% ROI) if you let go of $2,000-$4,999 of your savings. Level IV requires at least $5,000 and goes as high as $9,999, but offers 5.4% daily (162% ROI). The highest level, V, promises 6% (180%) if you go in with $10,000 to $25,000. I know I’ve said that there are five plans, but actually there are also some bonus offers for those to whom 30 days of commitment seems like eternity. Hold onto your hats, my fellowship of the geekness, there are three additional plans called "League of Legends" (115% after 7 days, investment $100-$2,000), DOTA2 Plan (135% after 14 days, investment $250-$5,000) and "CounterStrike Plan" (180% after 28 days, investment $500-$10,000). If this does not explain the plans well enough, you can always use their cute little calculator. Also remember that the "daily" types of plans mean 24 hour delivery of your earnings, while "after…days" plans mean receiving earnings after a certain time, as specified in the plan.

I know I’ve promised to explain my brain capacity-related experience, but let me just go over the necessary steps first, amigos. Habits die hard. Signing up with GameBet is easy, but please put your glasses on as the captcha-type of question is written in very small letters, and I felt as if blindness was an option. The dashboard is intuitive and there are four language versions of the website (English, Polish, German, Russian, Chinese) to help you along. Once you’re in, you can also refer to GameBet, using their "multi-level referral program of 5%-2%-1%". As I have been getting sick of the representatives programs that all sound alike, I’m very happy that GameBet has not yet implemented one.

And now we have officially entered my line of ramblings, amigos, for it is the website itself that thoroughly confused my poor brain and restricted my capacity. The very first time I have entered this gaming community, I hate to admit this, amigos, but I have always been proud of my honesty, so here it goes — the first time I thought that I must have put an "x" before the address. The website kind of looks like those X-rated pages that pop up from time to time, encouraging you to click. Don’t pretend that you don’t know what I mean, amigos. And now, I hope, you know where my "boundary effect" happened. I went from a normal room looking for a page to review and entered a completely unexpected room, therefore forgetting about my initial goal. And I didn’t even need a doorway to achieve this level of confusion.

Coming back to my lovely story, despite my initial shock I did not reach out to GameBet to make sure I am in the right place, for I am a humble person and I never want to impose on helpful people. But in case you ever need to use their services, GameBet’s support system comprises a regular ticket system ( and a pop up chat (I need to point out, however, that my pop up box was in Chinese - I am guessing — despite the fact that the page itself was in English. But thank you for overestimating my language skills, GameBet!). GameBet also uses Telegram and Facebook ( You can also watch their videos ( to get to know the offer better. But, beware; once you live a page, any page, so this one included, it may not be easy to come back. Watch out for the doorways, amigos! Boundary effects may affect you as well. None of us are immune…


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