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Hola there!

 Dream with me folks... Imagine the coral-sand Seven Mile Beach, snorkeling by the Marriot hotel and scuba diving every day in a place where temperature is always between 22-30 °C (72-86 °F). And now take some office equipment, computers and people in suits and insert them in the picture. Does not compute?

Yet, this place must exist since the Cayman Islands is the location you can find when checking out Forex Element's contact address. And that's the magical institution that we're going to take a closer look at today.

Why magical? First of all, because the Cayman Islands is the place where heavenly pleasures are so close to Hell. Yes, you heard it right - Hell, Grand Cayman is a sightseeing attraction that consists of black rocks where it was once said "This is what Hell must look like." Secondly, there is an air of mystery surrounding the Forex Element company since we couldn't confirm their whereabouts. However, the Cayman Islands - you must admit - sound ridiculously good, don't they?

But enough about beaches and snorkeling and Heaven vs. Hell - we get enough of that on TV. As you have probably already deduced, Forex Element is in the FOReign EXchange market business. Some of you may say that making money in forex market at levels similar to those offered in investment plans is just like working on a beach in the Cayman Islands - too good to be true. And that's true - sorry, mis amigos. Theoretically, it's possible to earn up to 10% daily, but in reality - which sucks, I know, but ever since Matrix was created it should not surprise anybody - it is very unlikely and rarely happens. Even if it does, you can't count on the regularity of refunds. Don't like it? I suggest you watch Matrix again. So, it seems reasonable to invest in plans that have similar refunds to those in the forex market (1-5% with aggressive strategy).

And now let's do what everybody likes doing most - let's dissect Forex Element's webpage in search of flaws. To begin with, I couldn't find a single fault in their articles (and you should know this about me by now - I really tried!). They're original and unique, they seem to be prepared for this page only, which is a huge plus in my books (I know, copy+paste is soooo cool, but let's get real, guys - only in your term papers). What really bugged me was that they apparently do not use a spellchecker, which makes the articles look sloppy. I managed to find so many spelling mistakes that it made me believe that they really work on a beach. With supermodels walking by. Wake up, guys! Moving on... The page is simple and easy to navigate. One could say - too simple. I don't have anything against green and blue and white, but it kind of looks like a Word template with ClipArt buttons. However, even though I managed to mention supermodels, we are not in the "pretty and superficial " business, so they get a pass.

In addition to this, my PI tells me that the domain is registered for another 3 years (expiration date: 08 May 2014 05:40:00) and that's always a good sign. What's more, as you know, what I really care about is the security of transactions and I believe they're on it - they offer a decent level of protection against DDoS attacks which is supposedly provided by the respectable KoDDos service. Also, data transfers are secured by Comodo SSL Certificate with 256 bit encryption and the script was made by Gold Coders and that name alone means something in this business.

Still, you may notice that Forex Element uses HTTPS connection, but at the same time it is not entirely safe, which tells me that the page also has some unsecured content that may be viewed by other users. Somebody should take care of that, because it makes the page look kind of shady and you definitely don't want that. On the other hand, they store some information obtained from the transactions, such as your IP addresses, which may prove that their monitoring of the page is reliable. Last thoughts on security: the program is being monitored not only by us, but also by approximately 20 other well-respected monitors and they are all displaying the "paying" status.

When it comes to opening an account - it's literally AN account since you are allowed to open only one. The repercussions of defying that rule are quite severe, "violating this rule will incur termination of all suspected fraudulent accounts and no refunds will be given" (, so watch out!

There are two different accounts: private and business, but, unfortunately, it's unknown what the difference between them is - maybe that's another magical Element..? Or maybe I'm still distracted by the vision of coral-sand and supermodels? Back to reality again: there are 5 investment plans to choose from. The minimum deposit is $10 and it allows for investing using 3 plans:

103-110% after one day, 116-155% after 5 days, and 133-215% after 10 days. The original deposit, aka The Principal, is non-refundable and the amount of refund depends on the amount of the principal. Regrettably, Forex Element doesn't allow for the option of compounding, however there are 2 other appealing plans that may make up for that. They even sound good: Treasure and Professional Plan. Both offer daily refunds (4-12% a day for 7-14 days) and a refundable deposit. The catch is that first you have to deposit $250 and that the ROI is higher than usually. If you have a problem deciding which plan is for you, Forex Element prepared a calculator that's accessible next to every plan and which may help you assess the possible refunds.

Interested in the referral program? You can find it here and it seems interesting - the amount of your commission is directly linked to the amount of your deposit. The minimum amount is 1% ($10-49 deposit), the maximum is 7% (more than $500 deposit).

Another important thing - they only accept Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, but the deposits are not limited in any way. If you worry about the withdrawal of money, you don't have to - payouts are processed within 24 hours, however I have never waited more than a couple of seconds. The 24-hour service is more that timely withdrawals - I must admit that their support team is doing really good considering the distractions they have to deal with on a daily basis (have I mentioned the models and sandy beaches?!). They react quickly and there are no communication problems regarding the language, etc.. You can contact them via e-mail or phone. I managed to talk to them (yes, I admit, I called just to find out if the sea is audible - you got me!) and they assured me that "[they]'re not a one day program and [they] will do [their] best to bring an excellent investment program to the arena." I will hold you to that, you Cayman sunbathers! And I'm waiting for the invitation to come visit you soon... Even if it really means going to Hell and back.

Stay rich and tanned!

Yours truly,



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