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feonpayHola mis amigos!

As we know, all things come to those who wait. Firstly, you must have missed me and my reviews and here I am. Still don't believe that old saying? Not only have I come back but, since it's been a while, some things have changed. Apparently, nowadays you do not really need money. Did you know that? All you need is love. And feons. Yes, that's right amigos, feons.

To start with, according to Feon Pay, our today's protagonist, "feon is the payment unit of the Feon Pay payment service [...] used for the allocation of the profit among all users of the system" whose course rate is "mathematically calculated due to further development and cross-currency exchange rates" and "changes every morning except weekends". A completely unique idea, Feon Pay combines the concept of community and crowdfunding with Monopoly. At least that is what comes to my mind when I read about a currency that's not a "real world" currency. But what is truly reminiscent of the real world conditions is that when feons grow all the participants get a chunk of the profit, meaning a share of the profit. As "the first crowd investing payment system", this UK-registered company (7 Water Street, Liverpool L2 0RD, company registered under 09780999 on September 16, 2015) wants to create "the largest payment service which is loyal to customers". Community, loyalty, innovation – this is what Feon Pay seems to be about.

What needs to be pointed ofeout is that Feon Pay, while a new idea (and a new website as well, set up on September 10, 2015), relies on the mechanisms that we have all come to know and understand. Referring people, affiliate programs, finding new participants – these are the things we are used to in the online world. Here, however, the lines of loyalty go as deep as 11 levels and "everyone can invite clients and partners and receive bonuses from up to 11 lines" (5% – the first level, 2% – the second level, 1% – the third level and 0.2% for the rest of the lines). Naturally, there's a strict anti-spam policy which every user must follow.

Another feature that will seem familiar? The way the website works. Available in English and Russian, it's extremely straightforward and pleasantly designed, so setting up an account takes a minute. As far as your personal data go, you'll need a username, phone number and e-mail. The terms of service are pretty standard, but make sure you use your real information, a.k.a. "reliable personal details", since "the user of the service assumes a liability to provide the true information about himself on the questions offered in the registration form". What's more, you may get asked to confirm your information (scanned documents will do) and you cannot register more than once. You shouldn't worry about telling the truth since the website is secured with COMODO RSA Extended Validation Secure Server certificate valid until September 16, 2016.

To fund your account, you need at least $1, and you may use Bitcoin, PM, Payeer and a debit card. You can invest as much as $3000 for per one transaction. Withdrawals are handled manually within 48 hours and there's always a fee to consider: 3% for Bitcoin, PM and Payeer, 4% for debit cards and you'll pay over 5% when choosing one of the following: Money-change.biz, Localbitcoins.com, V-obmen.com, or Xmlgold.eu. As far as debits cards go, you can also get a Feon Pay debit card – it takes 25-35 days – that shall be serviced by Heritage Bank Limited registered in Belize, which should cost you $30. You can withdraw your funds Monday to Friday (Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday).

feonpay debitcard

Now that we know what the feons are it's important to know what Feon Pay is about. What I've described so far is actually the first stage of the company's development: finding currency exchangers, ordering the debit cards, making the idea and the system more and more popular, so that those 11 lines get to be open. After about 5-7 months, the company should enter the second stage when the focus will be on acquiring big clients and making sure feons are stable. The final, and objectively the most ambitious stage, will consist of cooperating with important investment funds and getting to IPO. All in all, the earnings are estimated at 40-100% a month and, at this stage, you may receive it "by means of purchasing the internal currency and affiliate program". If you have questions, you may contact a representative in your own country ( https://feonpay.com/support), take a look at their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/feonpayen) or simply make use of the online chat available on the website.

As we have learned from all sorts of ads and songs, not only "all things come to those who wait", but also "good things come to those who wait". I'd like to add to that: interesting things come whether you wait or not. Because human ingenuity is eternal.


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