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Hola mis amigos!

 It’s been a while since I last bestowed my knowledge on you, but - as you probably know (I hope, otherwise you’re in real trouble and you should remove yourself from your computer desk ASAP) - it’s summer and I’m trying to get some tan. Tan, remember that concept?

It happens when you get out of your house and spend some time outside, aka in the Real World. Where the sun and all other stuff is. Sounds somewhat familiar? Anyway, I was trying to look more like a normal person, not a zombie, but, (un)fortunately, the Internet found me. Who likes normal people anyhow? So, here I am writing about money and investments again. Missed me?

Felmina Alliance Inc. is a new (one month online) Panamanian-based (to be exact, they supposedly reside at: 50th Street, Global Plaza Tower, 19th Floor, Suite H. Suite H? I’d LOVE that for my office!) investment company which deals with trading customers’ money via different investment methods in order to provide them with returns that are said to be "well above the market" (http://www.felmina.com/faq.php "About Us," "What does your company do?"). You know me, the phrase "returns well above the market" immediately caught my interest. I realize that they are registered in Panama because of the taxes, but still I believe that the tropical Panamanian climate must have something to do with their website. Firstly, it’s - for want of a better word - breezy.

Yes, truly breezy. Blue and white and silver, reminds me of a hot day spent in an air conditioned hotel room on a tropical island. Don’t know why exactly (Suite H, maybe?), but I’m no psychoanalyst and I’d better not take too close a look into the darkness of my soul. Anyway, I really like their easy-breezy website and I already feel much more relaxed. So relaxed, in fact, that registering sounds like a challenge right now. But here comes the second advantage of their page - it’s extremely user-friendly. If we were in primary school, I would give it an A with a star and a wand. And a crown. It’s super easy to navigate and I especially love their introductory page (http://www.felmina.com/gettingstarted.php).

You know those pages whose administrators try to be so cool and funky that they put a whole huge presentation on "How to register," and it’s all beautiful and sparkly, but in the end you still don’t know what to do? That is not the case. I don't know about you, but a set of simple instructions is more to my liking. The page has, however, one feature that gives me an uneasy feeling, namely the logo, "aa".

AA, really? Why would you do that? I hope it’s a sort of inside joke. Their texts, however, are original, which makes me feel like they are serious about what they do. And judging by their "About us" part, they mean business. "Many people believe that investment is an activity that is well out of their reach. Our team is dedicated to fix this misunderstanding" (http://www.felmina.com/about.php). As you can see, they promote simplicity on every level, which is always a plus in my book - investing is a difficult decision anyway, so why make it even more complicated?

Browsing through Felmina’s page, you can find a well-prepared FAQ section. I bet there is at least one philosopher on their team, since they undoubtedly try to answer every possible question. Maybe besides the "Why do I exist?" one, but, honestly, who cares as long as they make you a lot of money? Speaking of money, you don’t have to pay any to register but in order to start investing you have to make the initial deposit of $20 to $5.000.000, depending on which investment plan you choose. They offer the following three different, long-term plans:

Plan 1: the interest of 1.0% per business day is paid on all account principals from $20.00 to $999.99.

Plan 2: the interest of 1.25% per business day is paid on all account principals from $1.000.00 to $4.999.99.

Plan 3: the interest of 1.6% per business day is paid on all account principals from $5.000.00 and above.

The fixed interest rate is not too appealing for a HYIP, but at least it seems feasible, so it’s a fifty-fifty. Also, anytime you feel like changing something, instead of buying a new car or finding a new girlfriend, you can change your investment plan free of charge. What’s more, if you’re feeling lucky you can open as many accounts as possible (funny thing: if you are one of those people who tend to forget their passwords, beware! They have the most absurd security question ever: "What is your library card number?" I mean, OH MY GOD. You think I remember THAT one if I can’t even remember a simple password?! Honestly, thank you for the faith you have in me!) You can also withdraw your earned interest any time you want (the minimum withdrawal amount is $0.30 for e-currencies and $500 for bank wire transfers) and it will be done within 24 hours. However, Felmina Alliance honors a "lock-in" investment period of 180 business days (here it’s Monday to Friday except for US public holidays), counting from the day of your initial deposit, during which you are not allowed to withdraw the account principal amount. You don’t have to write down the date, because you can check it any time you want - simply log in and you have the access to all the data needed: from your current account principal, through current compounding rate to the investment lock-in period (days elapsed and days remaining). What’s more, there is also a detailed history of transactions available.

Depositing your money also seems quite easy and the minimum deposit is $20 for e-currency deposits and $500.00 for bank wire transfers. You can always make additional deposits and there is no limit to that.

If you feel like playing a game (and who doesn’t?!), try using their calculator to find out how much money you might make. All you have to do is put your principal amount, the number of days you wish to stay with Felmina Alliance, the compounding rate and voila! you’re set with a handy table of your dream results. Seriously, it’s easier than installing Super Mario Bros. on your PC. Yeah, right, like you’ve never done that... Now, stop imagining Mario in his short shorts and think about what’s important here: payment methods.

They use the largest payment processor, Liberty Reserve, the member of the renowned Global Digital Currency Association. However, Felmina Alliance claims that you’re allowed to "use all available payment methods to deposit funds into your account with us. There are no limitations in this regard." I don’t know if you feel the same, but I love having no limitations... There are limitations in other regard, however, meaning that when you choose the compounding option that’s available here, it’s default setting is 100%, and that means that you won’t be able to withdraw your earnings since they’ll be accumulated on your account’s principal amount. Naturally, you may change it if you want.

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t get into the details. And it’s good that I do, because they all add some strong points to Felmina Alliance’s offer. Felmina Alliance Inc. (or “aa,” I guess..?) uses a custom script, a dedicated hosting service, and the connections are encrypted with COMODO SLL Certificate 256-bit encryption. Although there is a small iframe that is not encrypted, which may cause minor problems with some browsers, there is nothing to worry about since it turns out it’s just the Yahoo search engine implemented in the webpage. Moreover, there is an interesting security feature - when you register you are to give a 6-symbol combination Security Code which will be later added to every e-mail you receive from the company. This anti-phishing policy is quite simple and, at the same time, seems really efficient, so kudos for originality, FA’s administrators (I openly refuse using the “aa” abbreviation...)!

Speaking of which, I was meaning to ask them personally about the “aa” thing, but the support team was too nice and it all got me confused (nice people working on the help desk? Is the world coming to an end?!). There are actually three ways to contact them: via e-mail (support@felmina.com), phone (+1 646 918 5168, every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST) or using the live chat. I got an immediate hold of them using a phone line and a chatline, which is a huge plus. However, I’m still waiting for an e-mail answer concerning copies of their legal documents so, mis amigos, wait for an update!


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