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EpicRoyalFundTo begin with, let me just say that I have nothing against cliques, closed groups and invitation-only parties. Truly. I actually enjoy them whether I am a part of them or not, I swear. I’m all for separating yourselves from other people – as you may guess I’m not a party animal anyway and I’m not much of a people person either.

Besides, I believe that we all live in different groups whether we want to or not, whether we believe that everybody is great and perfect and pink unicorns are an intrinsic part of our lives or we avoid any human contact because it may be contagious. Let’s face it: each of us belongs to some groups and none of us belongs to all of them. That’s just a social fact, amigos, don’t get all upset with me. What I don’t get, however, is creating an online money making service and separating it into two different parts: “Private Website” (you need a "sponsor/guarantor" to enter this one) and “Members Sign-In” (you need to enter “a VALID and REGISTERED email address” here). It’s not that I don’t enjoy the idea, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that its follow-up is, how should I put this without being rude, flawed. Or faulty. Whichever you prefer, EpicRoyal.

When you create two different version of a website there are a couple of things you should consider first. For starters, make sure that the sections do not exclude each other out or are not repetitive. Believe it or not, to enter either of those sub-websites, you need to be “invited”. Moreover, you can access the “Members Sign-In” section from the “Private Website” section, so why bother? To add to this, none of the sub-websites work correctly, that is in a timely manner. It takes up to three minutes (!) to enter either of the pages, which is far too long in today’s world. A movie can be loaded quicker, amigos. What’s more, I don’t care how pretty a website is, it cannot take me 10 minutes to scan through all its sections. Not to mention the fact that it takes a whole lot more to load the implemented PDF documents and you’ll be lucky if you can do it on the first take since the page crashed 4 times before I managed to upload the document. I truly try to be objective, amigos, but someone is just trying to irritate me, I guess.

As I mentioned before, I really like all the elitist stuff: the clubs, the clothes, the vodkas, let them all eat cake, or something. That’s why EpicRoyal’s policy does not annoy me in any way: “an offshore private wealth club for Investors who value their time and money. We have come a long way from being a small "closed" investment club for less than 50 local investors to becoming the Passive Income Foundation for thousands of Members around the World”. I can respect that. To be more precise, EpicRoyal used to be Ericson Private Investment Club (2006) and Royal Caribbean Investment Group (2008), but the two companies have recently merged to form the casino-like-sounding EpicRoyal. To be even more precise, EpicRoyal is a company registered in Panama with its headquarters in Stockholm, or at least that's what a whois search leaves us with (to be precise: EPIC 688577 Panama S.A., Jeffrey Ericson, Engelbrektsgatan 23, Stockholm). The domain, epicroyal.com, was created on September 19, 2012 and expires within 3 years. Still, the SSL certificate, Thawte DV SLL, will not last as long – it was bought on 10/16/2012 and lasts only a year. As mentioned in their "About Us" message, EpicRoyal used to be a "closed" and "inclusive" club for "investors mainly from Northern and Western Europe".

Having so much experience, one may claim, paid off with regard to the way the “Private Website” is full of original reading materials. Still, one again you need to “download and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to access the restricted information and materials”, so no true research (familiarizing oneself with registration documents included) can be done before agreeing on their terms, which doesn’t seem fair or smart at all. In addition to this, becoming a member is not a piece of cake. First of all, “a candidate for EPIC Membership must be sponsored by a current Member and seconded by another Member”. What’s more, the whole process is a lengthy one since they “will get back to you within 24 hours once your Application is verified and approved”. That’s not all: you need to sign a non-disclosure agreement as well... Secondly, you need to be patient since – in my case at least – the page may, for instance, crash five times while you are trying to register. Thirdly, there are four types of membership to consider (they do not offer investment plans, but “a variety of Investment Contracts to choose from, plus several Membership options to best suit your investment profile and individual needs”): Newcomer, Member, Sponsor and Guarantor.

The only “free” one is Newcomer, with payouts once per month and 8-130% rate of interest for 7-60 calendar days (the principal is returned upon maturity). Also, when you are a Newcomer, you may get 8% for referrals. Members enjoy the same interest from plans and referrals with unlimited payouts, but have to pay $10 a month to participate. Sponsors have to pay $50 a month, get 10-170% and 10% referral commission, while Guarantors ($100 a month) get 12-200% and 12% commission on each investment contract. To be honest, that’s all a regular person can find out regarding the plans when using the “Private Website”, where the FAQ section lacks some crucial, well, frequently asked questions, in my humble opinion, but maybe the members aren’t that intrusive, who knows... But, then, the “Back Office FAQ” (https://www.epicroyal.com/members/faqs.php) isn’t that bad, so let’s look at the bright side of life.

What one can learn about EpicRoyal is the way to deposit money (Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrust Pay, EgoPay as well as bank wires), how much money one needs to invest (at least $10), the minimum to withdraw ($0.01) and the fact that payouts may take up to 48 hours (and Mon-Fri only), which is considerably long, but – on the other hand – if we were to judge it by the time it takes to load epicroyal.com, it should be a month, so 48 hours is not that bad, right? Plus, it may be due to the fact that each deposit/withdrawal is handled separately and manually. Still, at least we get to know who to contact in case you have some questions, that is Jeffrey Ericson (+46 812 410 505). Beware, though: the ticket system is members only as well. Actually, when you think about it, it’s kind of a vicious circle: in order to find out more about the program you want to join, you need to join the program. Upon even further consideration – isn’t it true with all the elite programs? Irony, amigos. Gotta love it.



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