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Hola mis amigos!/

Whenever I review a new program, I start to think about different ways of coming up with names. Some founders go with their initials.

There are those who go with what they think will sell. There are the "innovators" who come up with fantastic-sounding names that end up being a "thing.” Nevertheless, there is also the old school way of naming something after what it is. Just like in the good old days, when you would go to the grocery called "Grocery,” or to a hairdresser called "Hairdresser.” I will leave it as is and I will let you figure out on your own to which group our today's protagonist truly belongs.

EffectCoin is an online platform that deals with cryptocurrency, or, to be exact, with "passive cryptocurrencies.” The program is as straightforward as it gets. It is actually one of the rare occasions when judging a book by its cover is a really good idea, because the website and the content is just as accessible and quick to digest as you would guess by looking at the very first line on the page.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the creators of the program as not much is known about them. I managed to find out the following: .io means the British Indian Ocean Territory; the domain was registered on April 7, 2017 and expires within a year; the page has been secured with COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server certificate issued on April 7, 2018 and also valid for a year.

According to a very elaborate "Press about us" section, EffectCoin is popular in the US, in the UK, and news about the program appeared in the wildest variety of news programs I have ever seen: from Mammoth Times to The Buffalo News. I still have no idea who is responsible for the program, but from all the news published by the aforementioned outlets I gather it's London. The website is available in English, obviously, and in Chinese. Registering takes seconds. The minute you have successfully registered, you are greeted with "Congratatulation! You received 0.0005 BTC bonus on your account!"

I love being congratatulated! Once you are in, the website starts looking better: it is brighter and more colorful. Do not try to replicate the feeling of a fresh account -- you can open only one account. The minimum to withdraw is 0.001BTC. The minimum to invest is 0.01BTC and there is no maximum. You can "earn 1% daily for 30 days (30% monthly)". There is a small calculator of sorts so that you can check how your potential profits change depending on how much you are willing to invest. You can deposit your Bitcoins as many times as you wish -- it takes 72 hours maximum. Compounding is also possible. Obviously, what is necessary is having a Bitcoin wallet. No Bitcoin, no fun, amigos. What is important is that "payment details and email address are saved permanently, and you can only change them by contacting the customer support". Another important part of being an EffectCoiner, if you will, is that there is a "2 Factor Authentication,” meaning that there is "an additional layer of security" implemented to ensure that you really are who you claim you are. Therefore, an EffectCoiner should never leave their house without their phone. On the other hand, "2FA" can be used on multiple devices, so a phone detox is not completely out of question. What should be said is that a display detox might be needed after spending some time on effectcoin.io, because of the never-ending pop-ups informing you about other users' earnings. Unless you are so into social media and whatnot that you are used to being informed about what others do all the time.

Contacting the support team is easy, but it can be done only via Telegram (EffectCoin Official Chat, 236 members) or a ticket system. When I tried to reach EffectCoin's Facebook page, I was greeted with "Sorry, this content isn't available right now.” I do not know, maybe it is just me, amigos... You can, however, follow them on Twitter, Google+ (is anybody still using it?), or Instagram (the also go by the name "Madelyn Humphrey" there for some reason).

If you are into it, you can go with EffectCoin affiliate program that is just as simple as everything else is here: you get 8%-3%-1% commission for referrals. Amigos, I hope by now you have successfully figured out which type of a company it is. The proof is in the pudding, as the old people say. Or maybe it is just me? I know I am old school, but maybe I am just old?

Stay safe!
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