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Hola mis amigos!

OK, so there’s Internet and there’s the INTERNET. And I’ve just discovered my own INTERNET frontier: As you probably know, I’ve been around the block and not much can shock me, but this one is unorthodox, mis amigos.

It starts getting unusual the very moment you enter the website. You don’t just get a red and blue pill. There are three pills to choose from (Website, Account, Telegram) and no prompts as to which you should choose. Not to mention the fact that the program speaks directly to you. Yes. Directly. To You. It’s (I don’t know the sex, and I don't want to be presumptuous) asking, "Do you know me?". I am going to wait with the answer until I finish my review…

The program uses the Telegram messenger ("I’m a financial Telegram bot based project providing an opportunity for investors looking for high profits") to make sure that you can have it with/on you "wherever you are" and that "your smartphone will never be the same". So if you used to think that you can't be addicted to earning online, think again, I guess.

If you go with the first choice, that is "Website", you’ll be redirected to a very simple and very scary page with a cyborg/robot/not-human-being looking right in your face. You’ll also get the full name, Decentralized Investment Management. What is disturbing, apart from the icy eyes of the robot/not-human-being, is that it keeps on addressing you directly and keeps on talking about itself. I truly can’t stop thinking about Arnold S. for some reason… Especially since I have noticed the "no human factors required" phrase in "Our Advantages" section.

Anyway, the website — with a domain created on November 17, 2016 which is valid for ten years — is very simple, original and easy to browse, once you get use to the robot's way of thinking. Also, it has been secured with a COMODO ECC Domain Validation Secure Server certificate valid until August 7, 2017. The architects of comprise "a group of traders, Bitcoin and web developers who joined the cryptocurrency world in 2012". Their passion, besides being heavily into Terminator which I totally respect, seems to be "creating the missing link between the old and the new economy", and this building bridges idea seems to be the leitmotif of the program.

When it comes to the payment options, is all about the major league: Bitcoin, Payeer and Perfect Money. PM and Payeer deposits are handled right way, but Bitcoin "requires for 1 confirmation from blockchain network". You can use the site or Telegram bot to deposit funds. Withdrawing might seem tricky as there’s no "withdraw" button, but it’s because — as you may have intuitively deduced — the payment has been automated: "an autonomous system which automatically sends to your payout account the daily interest and referrals commissions" (it looks even cooler in your Telegram window "All the payments and commissions are automatically sent to your set payment method"). I hope the system’s autonomy ends there, if you remember Terminator well… However, this self-governing approach has its benefits — there’s no "traditional" registration process, so you can "create disposable accounts at anytime".

Now that you know the behind-the-scenes and all that, it would be great to tell you why you may actually want to take part in this adventure. There’s just one plan: "Earn 3% daily forever". You need to deposit at least $10 or 0.01 Bitcoin. You don’t get your principal back, there’s no compounding, no hidden plan-inside-a-plan-inside-a-plan. That’s that. Once you download/activate Telegram, you will have the opportunity to invest from there and it’s one of the easiest ways I’ve ever seen.

Despite being highly unconventional, still cares about referrals, so you can become a partner and get your 5% commission. The novelty is that you don’t even have to be an owner of an "active" account to do so. If you have any problems, you can send them an e-mail (I’m loving the captcha element included in the ticket system — confirming that "I am not a robot" has never been brimming with irony this much). Also, deducing from their social media presence, I can now tell you that robot is tweeting ( and running a Facebook profile ( Naturally, you can also contact the robot using Telegram.

It’s a brave new world out there, mis amigos. I still can't answer the robot/cyborg/non-human question ("Do you know me?") as I don't feel like we know each other, but at least we are sort of acquaintances now. Is that a proper term when you kind of know a robot?

And yes, I know that I’ve beaten Terminator into our heads, but I'm truly tempted to say hasta la vista instead of my usual parting line. So there it is.


Hasta la vista,



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