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Dear readers!

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Cryptoconomist:


Money-Monitor: First of all, let me congratulate you on an awesome website. How long did it take you to create it?

Cryptoconomist: Hello Dear Money-Monitor and our Members,
I am really glad to answer your questions for the interview.
I will try to provide exhaustive information about our Program and our Team.
My name is Eller Otte, I am 31 years old,  with our team we have a great experience in such area as results you can see Cryptoconomist Limited Company. And Yes, I am main Administrator and CEO of  Cryptoconomist Limited Company.
We have been working very hard to provide profitable strategy for long term operation. So, we have prepared a really good Company who still operate for a more than 320 days online. 


Money-Monitor: I just have to ask: why Cryptoconomist? How did you come up with this name?

Cryptoconomist: The main objective of Our  team is to get the highest profits possible from trading on the foreign exchange (Forex) and Cryptocurrency exchange markets. So, our basic activity is Cryptocurrency market, so that’s why we were called our Company in such way. 


Money-Monitor: Speaking of the origins, what made you think of entering such a line of business?

Cryptoconomist: We have had a great experience in such area since 2009 year, for my team it’s a good opportunity to show their professionalism and provide excellent services to investors for a long time. 


Money-Monitor: It has to be said that online money making has gone through some critical changes. What do you make of the current hyip situation? Do you still believe in this business?

Cryptoconomist: We are still operating as usual and yes, we haven’t any idea to stop our work.
So I think we can say that, I still believe that all this time when it is hovering at great levels should be good time to invest for long term perspective. We all know that we have a great company and our experience will help us for our long term portfolio. Have patience and invest in a profitable ways as long as possible. 


Money-Monitor: There is no origin story without the main characters: who are Cryptoconomist's major players?

Cryptoconomist: There are investors who want to earn good profit for long term perspective, we are welcome investors for long term cooperation. 


Money-Monitor: Ever since VH1 introduced Behind the Music, we all want to know what happens when the music is over. Could you tell us something about your working arrangement? What is a typical Cryptoconomister's day?

Cryptoconomist: We are trying to make Cryptoconomist it’s a one of the best investment opportunity in the web.
Marginal Currency Trading and Crypto Currency Trading is one of the riskiest forms of investment available in the financial markets and is only suitable for individuals and institutions who and which have sufficient experience and track of record. However we are trying to provide as best services as possible so we will work as long as we can. 


Money-Monitor: Do you feel that Cryptoconomist is different from all the programs in the business? If so, in what ways are you different?

Cryptoconomist: We are trying to be a first in all. We have great investment plans and still operate within a more than 330 days online, so I think it a good benefit.


Money-Monitor: Speaking of different programs, there aren't that many new ones and those that sprout here and there seem to be destined to fail. Do you, as Cryptoconomist, consider that a disadvantage or just the opposite?

Cryptoconomist: As I said before we have Genuine program who still operate within a more than 330 days online.
We are trying to provide as best services as possible so such long work It’s our long term strategy. Our traders have developed and are using a highly effective trading strategy and special analytical software which supports the decision-making process. The strategy, which employs the arbitrage principles and exploits ineffective and unbalanced market prices, has demonstrated stable positive results over more than a year. Possible risks are tracked continuously and maintained at low levels thanks to formal money management policy enforced throughout the trading staff.
I can tell you that it’s just only beginning of our journey so we will work as long as possible. 


Money-Monitor: I'd say that – judging by the reading materials on your site – Cryptoconomist is a program for those already "in the know". Would that be a correct assessment?

Cryptoconomist: Recently we have good known Program, we have a lot of clients worldwide and our potential still increase day by day.
Also, if you are very new client you can start from our “Get Started” page here:


Money-Monitor: What would you say is the most important piece of information of which a newbie in the online money making business should be aware? 

Cryptoconomist: Yeah, we are talking about some risks from HYIP investment.
First of all you should to invest only to Genuine Companies who still working for a long term.
But, Marginal Currency Trading and CryptoCurrency Trading is one of the riskiest forms of investment available in the financial markets and is only suitable for individuals and institutions who and which have sufficient experience and track of record. We have United Kingdom based company, so we have reserve funds for protect your initial capital from investment risk.
However you should to keep balance and don't invest a lot of money unless you can afford to lose it. 


Money-Monitor: And what are the basics a new Cryptoconomister should know?

Cryptoconomist: As I said before they should to start from our “Get Started” page


Money-Monitor: Let's say that I already have the know-how necessary to become a part of Cryptoconomist experience.  I have signed up for an account and I have just discovered that I can actually do it three times. Why do you allow for such an almost-magical number of accounts?

Cryptoconomist: Because if you have a family who need to use your Computer to make another account.
You can create 3 (three) separate accounts from your computer and your IP address and one account for your family. If we find more accounts used through the same IP address, we can suspend your account temporarily.
All account should to have different ewallet and email data. 


Money-Monitor: It seems to me that our business has changed in the way we perceive the principal: starting with $1 or $5 used to be the norm and now every program, including yours, wants at least $10. How did you come up with this amount of money?

Cryptoconomist: The minimum amount for deposit is $10
It’s our Investment policy. 


Money-Monitor: The way I see it, within your 8 investment plans you offer three major options: there are 3 options for those who enjoy daily profits, 2 for those who are willing to wait and the rest is for the risk-takers. Or is there something I've missed?

Cryptoconomist: We have many compensative packages so Investors can choose from a variety of investment packages to invest their funds for different periods of time and receive the best revenue at low risks. We firmly believe that “every client is unique & every investment plan has to be unique”.
There are three investment plans with daily basis percentage and start from $10 with “Standard  Daily Plan” where you can get 2.3% Daily within a 20 days (Initial capital will back at the end of investment term) and up to Expert Daily Plan where you can get 2.8% Daily within a 55 Days (Initial capital will back at the end of investment term)
Also we have investment plans with better percentage where percentage of your earnings is depending from the amount of deposit, They are calling Cryptocumulation Plans where you can getfrom 1500% After 45 Days up to 7000% After 100 Business Days (Your initial capital is include to your profit)
We don’t forget about our VIP investors who want to invest a large amount of deposit,
Our fist VIP Plan where you can get 600% After 12 Business Days and second VIP plan where you can get 1500% After 25 Business Days. It’s really great opportunity where you can get a good profit with minimal risk.
You can use our profit calculator for calculate your profit. 


Money-Monitor: Could you tell me which option has been the most popular one so far?

Cryptoconomist: The most popular investment plan with daily earnings 2.3% Daily for 20 days and 2.5% Daily for 35 Days.
Also we have a lot of investors who have been starting invest to our “After 60 Days” and “After 100 Days” plan. 


Money-Monitor: And which country has provided you with the most business so far?

Cryptoconomist: If you check our Alexa rate stats you will see that Russia is most popular Country for our Program.
Also we have many investors from India, Ukraine, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, Thailand, Canada and many others. 


Money-Monitor: I have to ask about the security of your website. I know you've the ever-popular Comodo Extended Validation Secure Server certificate. Could you tell me more about the way the site is secured?

Cryptoconomist: We have Genuine Company with Real Registration, so you can check full information about our Company in official Company House website here:

Full details about our Company you can find here:

We are still working from 04 July, 2014 year so, so the genuine Cryptoconomist Limited website use EV SSL encryption and has green address bar that confirms that the presented content is the genuine and legitimate.


Money-Monitor: From your website I gather that you reside in the UK, but you also have an office in Panama City. Or is it just a kind of correspondence address?

Cryptoconomist: Yeah, we have additional office in Panama City,
We are going to add more offices worldwide in June. 


Money-Monitor: Any plans for a non-virtual office in the future?

Cryptoconomist: As I said before we have non-virtual office in Panama and London, we are going to add more offices in popular Business places like Hong-Kong, Dubai, Singapore.


Money-Monitor: Many programs leave their clients with a poor ticket system and think that constitutes the client support. On the other hand, you provide your users with a phone support, an email and a live chat. How many of your workers are involved in this process?

Cryptoconomist: First of all we just added international phone support for our England office, so you can make a call to our call center via +44 203 5142722 (8:00AM - 7:00PM GMT), Also do not forget that we have Live Chat system for our clients (Available 24 hours per day)
Another good way to contact us via Facebook, you can see that we have a lot of followers and active investors who have joined us from Facebook.

Within a few weeks we will add “Representative System” so you will find representative in your Country or who can talk in your Language.
Be sure that Cryptoconomist  become popular so it’s a good step to make our Company closer to clients.


Money-Monitor: As we all know, it's hard to exist in the web without a solid social media policy. My question is: what's your long-term social media policy? And what's your take on businesses conducting their client support via Facebook or Twitter? Are you doing that?

Cryptoconomist: We have a great part for pour Facebook and Twitter support,
You can join our Facebook group here:

And find our page here:


Money-Monitor: And now my favorite question: if everything goes as planned, where are you in 5 years from now? 

Cryptoconomist: This is a very good questions, I am trying to provide as best services as possible and get good positive experience for a long term.
So, I see my own like big international trust management firm who can work for a really long term.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via your proposal for developing our Company Let’s make Cryptoconomist better together :)
Best wishes to all investors. 


Any questions? Contact us!
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