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Hola mis amigos,

 there aren't many things I enjoy more than linguistic puns and learning foreign languages. OK, sure, I do enjoy doing nothing more than anything, but that does not count, does it? Coinclub has provided me with a certain yearning for understanding, and now I need to buy a dictionary or something.

According to the extremely informative website Coinclub started as a CoinClub Project in 2001, "a small store for coin collectors". Going from collecting rare coins to dealing with cryptocurrency might seem a bit of a stretch, but a logical one at that. With the birth of bitcoin, Coinclub started to divert its gaze from rare coins into electronic money. Coinclub is located in Russia, where – again, according to the website's creators – the craze for cryptocurrency reached its peak in 2013, which should explain why was registered in 2014. The domain is valid for another year and so is the certificate with which the website has been secured, namely Comodo Domain Validation Secure Server certificate (expiration date: January 1, 2016). There people involved in the project have been doing it for some time: 4 years with cryptocurrency and 7 years with broking. I couldn't find more information on the creators of Coinclub, but I guess their fascination with rare objects is somewhat satisfying when it comes to my general knowledgeability goes. In addition to this, there's also a whole set of documents published on for the curious ones.

As far as the website is concerned, Coinclub seems to be all about informing people about earning money via cryptocurrency. As they point out, it's much safer than other e-money, because it is "not tied to any single issuer and, thus, cannot be locked in any country". However, bear in mind that cryptocurrency is used for earning money only, you'll still get paid in USD. There are plenty more interesting and important facts on the website, but unfortunately my Russian is limited to "tak", "ne" and "spasibo", so I cannot tell you more. What I do know is that there are cute videos for the Russian speakers to watch and some people are eating ice cream and wearing chains, which is always fun. I can live without the videos, but my lack of Russian regrettably prevented me from signing up since the pop up window designed to help people join the program is in Russian even when the rest of the page is more or less translated. But, as you know, mis amigos, sometimes I am a victim of a terrible bad luck, so maybe it only happens to me. Still, I guess it's not only me this time, because certain bits and pieces of the website are also in Russian: the headlines, the suggestion box, and the pop up chats are in Russian, so be sure to brush up on your linguistic know-how, amigos. According to research it furthers our cognitive skills, so there's only an upside to that. Also, the page is full of cute graphics and symbols, which is always aces in my book.

From what I have gathered, Coinclub recommends joining their program to "repay your loans", but it's not a restriction of any kind. There are three major options with Coinclub: mining, trading and investing in start-ups. Depending on your personal preferences and the amount of money you're willing to invest, you can earn 4% by mining or trading daily or 5% daily investing (mining: $10-$300, trading $301-$1000, investing $1001-$10000). You shouldn't worry about your choice that much since every plan lasts 30 days, so it's not a long-term relationship. Still, the deposit is non-refundable. Coinclub accepts deposits in bitcoin, Payeer and Perfect Money, and the payouts usually take up to 24 hours. Naturally, there is also option number four: the three-level affiliate program with which you can earn up to 15% commission combined (2-10% with mining, 1-5% with trading, 1-5% with investing). To earn the commission you may use social networks (Coinclub itself uses Vkontakte, Twitter, YouTube and Odnoklassniki), mailing lists, contextual ads, offline flyers and blogs completely legally.

If you still feel unsure about your profit, use the handy calculator that has been incorporated into Still hesitating? You can contact Coinclub via, a contact form, or phone 8 (800) 100-40-54 or +7 (495) 241-01-25, the first one is free for those calling "from the regions of Russia". Or just learn/brush up on your Russian and there's plenty more to learn from I know I will.


Yours truly,




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