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Hola mis amigos!

When writing a review of a program I always try to, first and foremost, get all my facts straight and do the necessary research.

After taking all the notes, immersing myself into the creator's mind and all that, I browse through the website as any regular user would. I try to get the feel of the program, of the website, of the idea. As you know, I am also a fan of frequently asked questions, which usually tell me more than the cute pictures and IP address search. Only after completing all these steps do I sit down to pen my review, amigos, and I must say this time it was a little bit different.

Brows & CO is a NY-based company registered under no. 079120147 in the Seychelles (Tenancy 10, Marina House, Eden Island, Mahe, Seychelles). I could go on and on about the sandy beaches and drinks and the warm breeze from the sea, but we all know that in our business Republic of Seychelles is nothing more than a convenient place to set up a company. Not that they don't have the beaches, the drinks and the breeze, it's just not the time and place to discuss them, amigos.

The geography might have been quite confusing here since Brows & CO are actually located in New York (U.S., New York, NY, 10004, 33 Whitehall Street, Suite 1702) and the website displays pictures of the Gherkin, some bridges, the Eiffel Tower, and so on, but it's probably because of its international scope of business. Speaking of the website, it's extremely well-designed, pleasant to look at and international-user-friendly by which I mean that there are three language versions available: English, Russian and German. Setting up an account takes less than 5 minutes, but they do require your full name and phone number.

The domain was registered not a long time ago, in July 2013 and expires in 2020. As long as I'm throwing all the dates at you, here's another one: the SSL certificate issued by Thawte is valid from September 4, 2013 to September 4, 2014. My usual favorite part, FAQ, is decent and answers most of the crucial questions. According to the FAQ, "BROWS & CO company is a public private investment fund based on private and institutional investors voluntary confidential funds transfer in order to generate income. The main purpose of BROWS & CO is to bring maximum profit for its investors". In case you want more information regarding the company itself, you may find it in the "About Company" section which should give you more insight into the workings of Brows & CO, e.g. the fact that the company "was founded in 2006 and had a status of private foundations" until 2013 when "in circumstances of tightening financial regulation in UK, the heads of BROWS & CO decided to restructure the company and open a public fund".

To add to this, Brows & CO is apparently "licensed at SIBA (Seychelles International Business Authority) as a Public Fund" (Brows & CO Corporation: Register Number SIBA/A/18/1028). We also get to know the company's Rietumu bank account, which is a rare piece of information, and we may find that the guy behind the scenes is Richard Marc Labrosse, born in 1984. What is harder to come by, however, is some hard data that could be easily verified, which seems to be a norm these days. Still, there are no less than 6 different certificates published on the website, so you may investigate as long as you need. But wait: if you actually feel like investigating, you will be really pleased in a moment.

Brows & CO offers some interestingly normal investment options: you can earn 0.2%-1.2% a day starting with a $50 or $5000 returnable deposit (important note: you can even withdraw your funds "without commission while maintaining profit before closing date of the deposit") payable via Perfect Money, EgoPay, BitCoin and bank wire. The only catch: if you want to invest more than $2000 you're supposed to use the bank wire option only.

In truth, the plans are not that complicated and the offer stays pretty much the same, but one may get confused at the very beginning because of all the… Difficult-sounding words. As I've mentioned in the introduction, my regular routine was somehow broken by Brows & CO since the last time I've heard the phrase "hedge fund" was when I watched a movie about gold-diggers and their prey. True story, amigos. I don't feel as ashamed of myself as you'd assume, because it's there, in the very name, amigos: "sophisticated alternative investment". See? Hedge fund equals "sophisticated", so I don't have to feel like a complete layman now. Having brushed up my financial know-how, I can tell you that Brows & CO simply operates in hedge funds (8 options) and private equity, which means European Real Estate Debt Funds. Let's start with the private equity part, available "since 2007", which lasts at least one year and is the most pricey of all the plans (minimal deposit of $5000).

The yield is fixed at 0.86% per day, the accrual of the profit is done on trading days. The second option, hedge funds, are a bit more complicated: you can choose to invest in Developed Markets, such as: Ultra Nasdaq Biotech, World Energy Fund, Asian Real Estate Securities Fund, Dow Jones STOXX 600, or Emerging Markets, namely: Africa Index Fund, Shariah Equity Fund, Indian Subcontinent Fund, Indonesia Equity Fund.

Each plan has its own "description of strategy, geographical focus, fund inception date, duration, rate of return, refund of the deposit, withdrawal, deposit requirements" and if you have a hidden investigational tendency, you'll have plenty to do taking in all the charts and trends and what-not throughout the past months. All earnings are calculated once a day, from Monday to Friday at 23:59 UTC. Since it's done manually, the payouts may take up to two days.

The support system is not as developed as one would hope: you can either call Brows & CO (+18882762011, +13156366444) or e-mail them at, or use a standard contact form.

Naturally, you can also visit them in New York. Or be adventurous and go for a swim in the Seychelles if you want, but that's just for the breeze, amigos. Are the waves calling you? If only that was a part of my reviewing process…


Yours truly,



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