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Hola mis amigos!

In amidst all the natural and unnatural disasters, it’s good to know that some things are still normal. What is unnerving is that it's the online money making business, to which the term "normal" rarely applies.

Imagine we're living in a world in which the so-called "normalcy" is more often found online than offline. Have you ever thought that would be the case?

Our protagonist, "the high-yield investment project Bitcoin5", is normal. What I mean by that is that this is a program that tells you how it is, without any unnecessary embellishments or hype. Bitcoin5's website even looks like what you expect it would: it's simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate and there are no additional tricks at play. The reading material is clear, you get to find out what you need about Bitcoin in general. Since it's 2017 and we have Internet access we all -- more or less -- know the basics, so we don't need hundreds of words or pages devoted to this issue. Unless you've been living under a rock somewhere. Obviously.

What is missing is more information on the company itself. Yes, I know that we get just bits and pieces in those stories anyway, but still -- it's nice to know who stores your money. I managed to find out the following: the company is called "Bitcoin5 Limited"; the domain was created on March 28, 2017, and it expires on March 28, 2018; its .io domain suggests the British Indian Ocean Territory. The website is secured with GeoTrust Inc. SSL G4 certificate issued on April 19, 2017, and valid until April 20, 2018. According to the website, the company's headquarters are in Manchester (1 Lowry Plaza, Salford, Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, M50 3UB) and the official launch of the page happened on August 4, 2017 ("THE BITCOIN5 PROJECT HAS BEEN LAUNCHED!"). Moreover, there are two names to associate with this project, that is "Marcia Jenkins, a UMass Doctor of Economics", and "Jason Schriver, [...] the head of the technical department".


Signing up is extremely fast -- it took me literally 3 seconds, as they don't require any sensitive information. It's so easy that you might be tempted to get more than one account. Do not do it. There's one account per person and if you break this rule, all your accounts will be deactivated. The user's dashboard is intuitive and shows you all you need to know. Making a deposit obviously requires Bitcoin and creating a Bitcoin wallet. The minimum amount to deposit is set at 0.005 Bitcoin and there is no maximum. Your principal is non-returnable and since the payments are handled manually, withdrawing (min. 0.002 Bitcoin) minimum takes up to 48 hours.

Now that you have all the fundamental pieces of information, you may start wondering -- how does it work exactly? Let me explain: you enter the program for a 20-day period. Your balance increases by 1% every day. When it's 5% and the 20-day cycle is over, you may withdraw your deposit ("Total net income to that date will equal 54.45% of the amount of the initial deposit"). To fully understand the process try playing with the "calculator" that's on the homepage.

At the moment, there are 1141 users who invested $15897.12 and received $2749.73. If you want to find out more about the program, you can use the standard contact form (, e-mail (, Telegram, or the ticket system ( There are no social media to go to and all the special treatment and love you may receive is Bitcoin5's referral program. It's twofold: there is a basic and advanced program. The basic one is 3-leveled and gives you 1%-2%-8%. The advanced referral program requires "300 active level 1 referrals" and offers 5 levels that pay 1%, 3% or 12%.

Mis amigos, as promised: Bitcoin is your expected high-yield investment project. There are no clowns jumping from behind, no hidden rules or intricate plans. What you see is what you get. Normal is the watchword.

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