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Hola mis amigos!

If there’s one thing you should surely be aware of at this point it is my obsession with impressions. And I don’t mean that in the Monet vs Manet kind of way. I mean that in the everyday process of being a judgmental person.

I’m guessing most of you are familiar with this. I mean, let’s be honest, we all fall for first impressions and then pretend that they do not matter that much. As you might have noticed, I go with my hunches and after years of doing these reviews I actually go with my hunches more and more instead of relying on some fancy methods of prediction and what-not. If a page is well organized, it usually means that the program is well done as well. If a page is obnoxiously complicated, it more often than not, means that you should ran away screaming, because they have no idea what they are doing. Pretty much the same rules apply to colors, graphics and Frequently Asked Questions. I don’t have the stats on this, but I think I tend to be right in most cases. But I’m also getting suspicious that the programs are now aware of my inklings and adjust their pages to my liking. OK, now that I have written this and read it out loud I’ve suddenly realized that I have watched Terminator way too many times and that I am now paranoid like every person who has seen Scandal at least once should be. But, putting my apparent mental issues aside, let’s go with my impressions one more time when reviewing our today’s protagonist, that is biksbit/Biksbit/BIKSBIT/BiksBit.

No, I have not forgotten how spelling works, I’m just not entirely sure which name is the proper one as they all appear on the official website. I think I’ll go with Biksbit LTD, as it sounds the most official. Biksbit LTD is a private limited company registered in the UK under 10050213 with headquarters at 11 Dunston Rd, London SW11 5QU. According to the certificate of incorporation made available online, it was certified on March 8, 2016. The domain was registered on March 7, 2016 and remains valid until March 7, 2018. If you need more dates, here they go: COMODO RSA Extended Validation Secure Server certificate was bought on January 30, 2017 and is valid for a year. Still want more dates and numbers? From the "About Us" section, you may learn that the company has been operating, in one way or another, for "the past 11 years".


But what do they do exactly, you ask? Let me answer using their own words, "BiksBit LTD is a production and technology company whose main activity is the production, processing and sales of gemstones". So, they "[extract], [process] and [sell] its production in the form of precious stones both to the representatives of the jewelry industry, and to the industrial representatives of various industries. It should be noted that industrial use of gemstones, rubies in particular, is a far more beneficial way of earning income for Biksbit". I know that the very word "gemstones" makes you think of Neverwinter Nights or Diablo, or whatever the name of the game that wasted most of your youth and good skin, but this time it’s about actual gemstones. Worry not, "[i]n order to begin working with Biksbit, you do not need to be a gemologist or a specialist in international investment". So your game-related knowledge might actually be enough to start investing with Biksbit LTD.

Signing up is easy, especially since the website is available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Polish. What made me anxious was the fact that once I’ve signed up, my name appeared as "Last deposit", even though I have not made any deposits yet. To fund your Biksbit wallet, you need a Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payza, or AdvancedCash account. Investments start with $10, withdrawals at $1, fees-free. When making a deposit, you’re to select one of the plans and I’ll mention them in the order of appearance:


PRO 2.16% for 25 calendar days if you invest $10.00-$500.00 – principal back

EMERALD 2.36% daily for 45 calendar days if you invest $2000.00-$40000.00 – principal back

SAPPHIRE 2.80% daily for 65 days if you invest $1000.00-$50000.00 – principal back

RUBY 300% after 30 business days if you invest $1000.00-$50000.00 – principal included

DIAMOND 700% after 60 business days if you invest $750.00-$40000.00 – principal included

IMPERIAL 1600% after 90 business days if you invest $500.00-$30000.00 – principal included

GRANDIDIER 450% after 18 business days if you invest $5000.00-$50000.00 – principal included

RED DIAMOND 1100% after 37 business days if you invest $2500.00-$40000.00 – principal included



You can calculate your profit when viewing details of a given plan. At the moment, there’s a "promotion" happening (10 hours left as of now, as I’m writing this) and you get bonuses from +3% to +20% that go with distinct plans. The origins of the promotion are wrapped in a mystery, but there it is. To sum up, if you want to spend as little as possible, there’s PRO, but if you want to get your profits as quickly as possible, there’s Grandidier with 18 business days or PRO with 25 calendar days. By the way, if you think that I knew what a "GRANDIDIER" is, you’re sorely mistaken, amigos, I asked my uncle Google and now I think it’s an African baobab. If baobabs are precious stones then I have to go back to primary school and get educated one more time. And make it count this time.

When investing, bear in mind that withdrawals may take up to 36 hours and that "the Customer can only receive a refund of his initial deposit after the period of investment plan expiry. The just made investment can't be refunded to Customer’s personal cabinet under any circumstances". They must have had some bad experiences with refunds, because Biksbit LTD also says that "If the Customer decides to forcibly reverse his payment regardless the current Refund Policy with their reversible payment processors, such as Payza, their Biksbit Investment Company account will be immediately suspended". Speaking of being schooled, amigos, right?

Since I have made a point of mentioning first impressions, you might think that I have lost my train of thought or something as I have not said a word about that when reviewing Biksbit LTD. Amigos, I appreciate your concern, but I'm just also a suspense aficionado, if you will. So let me just mention that the customer service is really comprehensive: you can call them (+442036082903), e-mail them (, send them a ticket using their contact form ( or use the live chat. They are also active on Facebook, VK, Twitter, or Google+, although it bugs me that their links to the social media are actually sharing suggestions. As of now, Biksbit LTD does not have any representatives that you might contact to complain about this, or ask any positive questions, obviously, as well. There's, however, an affiliate system in place, and you may earn 10%-2%-1%-1% for referring to Biksbit LTD.

Monet or Manet, mis amigos? Going with your gut or just judging the book by its cover? As a fan of simplicity, I think you know the answer to this, amigos. Is Biksbit a simple website? Is it well thought through? Is it colorful enough/not too much? Let me break this down in a clear-cut pros and cons list.


No, gracias.

- It is a cumbersome experience. The page is overloaded with moving pictures and graphics (Is the bee watching me? Or the flowers? Why are they moving?!). I had to use print screen to actually learn the details about the plans.

- The content could use some editing. It's hard to browse through the "About Us" section, for instance. I know that reading is good for you, believe me, but it's not exactly a new Rushdie novel.

- Too many plans. It's like shopping in a Disneyland candy store and nobody needs 10 types of marshmallows.


Si, por favor!

- Low – and often refundable – principal.

- No hidden fees.

- Comprehensive support system.

- The apparent effort that went into making this website.

All in all, amigos, always go with your gut.

Stay safe,



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Big thanks for on time payment!
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